Work, fish and veggies

Today I had a good day at work. I think, knowing that there is few days left before I take a 6 days vacation, makes me supermotivated to work. Last week was a bit slow and when G*Star wasn’t there wednesday and friday, it all became a bit blah.

I’m these last days trying to end a lot things. I definitely won’t start on big, new assignments these last days. I need to finish all the things I’ve started and reduce my job-list to a minimum.  I think I got 25 jobs in my job-list right now. About 8 -10 is high priority. I need to get them done by wednesday.

A new guy started today. He’s gonna be a sales leader, along with Pål. His name is Kashif, but we he goes by the funky name Kash. He seems like a great guy, very open and talkative (in a good way).

It’s quite exiting times at the office now. We’re rebuliding the office, where the administration, sales and support are. The nerds in building K, doesn’t get a renovation. Not yet at least. This means I’ll be moving to another office with the support-team. I’m looking forward to that. It’s not that i don’t like it where I am now, but it will be fun moving too. And there are gonna be some other significant changes with the office that will make it much better! This rebuilding is gonna start in July I think! Can’t wait until it’s finished.

After I came home today, nothing exciting has happened. I’ve mostly been relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. I even fell asleep during a programme, around  19.30. It proves I need more sleep. Doesn’t look good since the clock is now 22.39.

The most exciting thing this evening was my dinner. I walked by a grocerystore and I saw an ad for mackerel on sale. I just had to go in and buy some. That is, hands down, the best fish ever! I just LOVE it.

250509 dip

Cauliflower and fish. Yum! That is two ingredients which will bring joy to the dinner! Cauliflower is the best veggie to eat (beside carrots).

I had never gutted a fish before, but I sort of new what to do, since I’ve watched others do it. You take off the tale and the head. Then take away the fins. And then you cut it open and take out the guts. As a last thing you take out the bones, which can be a bit tricky.

250509 dip 1

This is what I didn’t eat and what I actually eat. Since I’ve never done this before, I had to call my mum to get one question answered. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna peel of the skin of the fish before I fried it. Mum said no and I sighed in relief. If I had to do that, there wouldn’t be much fish left when I had been done. haha. I dipped the fish in a flour mix containing salt and pepper and then I fried it in a pan until the skin-side was crispy. I didn’t take any pics of the whole dinner plate. That’s because I was too busy eating!

While making dinner I arranged a dinner-date with Ellen on wednesday. I thought it would be nice to see her before I go on vacation. She’s going on vacation too on sunday and will be away for a week.

I better turn off Bruce on iTunes, turn off this computer and go to bed. It’s getting late and I’m dead tired. Sore eyes, wozzy head and all that jazz. Huzzah!


It’s Monday and a new week has arrived. I really hope this week will be better than last week – the suicide week. Last week was horrible. I went back to work on Monday, after two weeks in heaven. And I went back to work super tired, with sore throat, aching body, upset belly and what not… The cold and my period came crashing on me at the same time. Hallelujah!


The cold hasn’t let go and I feel like I’m running on 70% energy here. I just hope I’ll feel better at the end of the week, when Hanne is getting married. I will need to be 100 % on Saturday, since I’m going to take a lot of pictures and held a speech for Hanne.


I have a feeling this week will be loaded with things to do. It will be quit busy actually. There are still things that aren’t finished regarding the wedding.


Hanne’s speech, it’s not finished yet. I need to finish it and start practise on it. I should know it by heart. And I’m not nearly there yet. I will have the whole speech written down words by words in case I miss out on something. My nerves haven’t set in yet, saturday is too far away yet I think. But on Friday I think they will kick in!


I promised Hanne to make a chocolate cake for her wedding. The cake is done, but not the decorations. I will decorate it on Friday together with mum. We have some cakes to decorate. But before I can decorate I have to find something to decorate it with. I want to make it spectacular. I’ve been looking at decorating stuff, but haven’t decided what to go for.


I still have no purse and jacket to go with my dress! I’ve asked a friend of mine if she has something to borrow me. I haven’t got her reply yet. If she has something, I will have to go home to Lierfoss one of the days this week to check it out. Not sure when that will be. And if she doesn’t have anything, I have to go look once more. I’ve seen some purses, but I don’t want to pay 300 NOK for a purse I only will use a few times. It is lots of other things I would like to spend my money on.


I have also agreed on going to the cinema with Ellen this week. We’re going to see Once, an Irish movie. We haven’t decided when yet. It has to be before Friday, because my weekend is fully booked.


And in addition to that, I have things to do at home, like clean my whole apartment, take out all my bags full of paper and deliver it for recycling, change my bed, wrap Hanne & and Geir’s present, write the card, laundry x many times and maybe some other things I can’t remember right now.


Oh and I would like to find that last picture I’m going to give mum, that she will hang up in the livingroom next to the four others they have. It would be nice if I could get that developed this week, because she’s been asking about it for a long time now. I have to do that when I come home today; find the picture I want to use, adjust it in PS if needed, and send it to photo-store by email. They’ll have it ready within 24 hours. :)


I have go do some grocery shopping today too. I have to make a list at the end of this work-day and do the shopping today. If I’m smart, I don’t have to go to the grocerystore anymore this week. But then I have to remember all the things I need… fat chance! I always forget something!


Sigh. When I come home I need to have a close look and see if I can find my other memory card, size 1 GB. I need that for the wedding. I already have one, but I need another one. I asked Hanne if she had one I could borrow. She directed me to Geir. He said they had a different kind and didn’t think that would work with my camera. He was right. So now I have to buy myself another one if I can’t find it. Let’s hope I’ll find it. Ahh. I think I know where it is – in the other camera!


It’s time to wrap things up. I shouldn’t be blogging while I’m at work. Got tons of work to do, so need to get going.


Hey ho, let’s go! Good thing I got some music to listen to while working. Now it’s Ulf Lundell. He’s great!



A new direction?

I talked to my boss this morning. I told her I might not have enough work to do when I come home from my vacation. It will be the 9th of July. I know July is slow and I’ve experienced less work coming my way that time a year. Everybody got there vacation at that time. We, as in Norway, have joint vacation three weeks in July. Nobody wants new internet connection then. There is also less other things to do. And I’m almost done with the things I had plan to do in July. I’m very up to date with my work and that’s a nice thing.

My boss told me there wouldn’t be any problem. She had things for me to do. We have clients without contracts that we need to fix. And she said something else too….

We have a lot of clients on ADSL with a low speed. We want to upgrade them / give them more speed. And of course make them pay more, I guess. Depends on what they pay now of course. Bente Iren wanted me to try out that job. That means I’ll sort of be a sales-woman. Oh god. I’ve never seen myself as a sales woman.

But others have, believe it or not. My colleague Trine, she thinks I will do great. She has acutally mentioned it to Bente Iren. And I guess that’s why Bente Iren wants to give it a try. Bente Iren mentioned it a while ago and I just laughed and said no to it. I wouldn’t fit for sale.

But who knows… Maybe I’ll do great? Uhm… don’t think so. To be honest, I have no idea where Trine got her hunch from. What does she see in me that makes me a sales woman? I simply can’t see it.

Well, I said to Bente Iren I’ll give it a try. To try won’t hurt. The worst thing that can happen, is that I fail. And I won’t lie down and cry because of it. That’s because I have so low expectations. It will be more like ‘see, I didn’t make it’, than ‘ oh no, I suck – let me sit here and sob for a while’. ;)

Uhm… I’m not getting paid to blog, so I better start do some real work. First thing I’m gonna do is to clean my desk. It’s important to have a clean desk when you start wokring. It makes things easier and it’s more inviting to work.

I’m gonna pick up on that email Chantie once sent me about being positive. There’s no use in just whine. Whining won’t get you anywhere in the long run.

Hey ho, lets go :)



Sometimes things at work are just shitty. Like today. I had to deal with the usual – me being tired, bored and grumpy because i was out of chocolate. if that only had been it.

Not only do I have to work with stupid clients, I also have to deal with stupid colleagues too. Sigh.

First we have the incompetent clients. The clients that has doesn’t understand shit and call us when there is problems. I shouldn’t be surprised they’re so incompetent, and I’m not, i’m just so annoyed because of them. They are the worst to help, becuse they don’t understand basic things. Like when i ask them to turn off and then on the modem, they are not sure where the modem is and what it look like. “Oh we have so many boxes here, I’m not sure what’s what…” I feel like banging my head in the wall every time I hear someone say that.

And if I’m lucky enough to figure out what’s the problem, I most likely have to get help from one of my colleagues to decide what to do next. I always talk to D (lets call him D). And some times D is not very helpfull. Often there is things he doesn’t want to do, and asks me to do it. He hates to talk to clients and often makes me do it, even though it would be more efficient if he did it himself. I get frustratied and annoyed. And often i don’t want to argue, so i do it.

D is.. what should i say? He doesn’t care for this job. It’s just something he has to do to earn money. it feels like it at least. And he doesn’t do what’s best for the customer, but what’s best for himself.  That’s really annoying, becuase I’m the one who has to talk to the client. Sigh.

I’ve talked to my boss about it and she said i have to tell her if it gets out of hand. I told her i deal with it and talk back. But I know I’m not as tuff as I should be. We need some set of rules. Who’s doing what when etc. I have to talk to her again in August when the summer holidays are over for both of us.

And then we have the re-sellers. We have one re-seller that bugs the shit out of me. The rule is that we have contact with them. And the re-seller has contact with his clients. We don’t have contact with his clients! Period. But he wants it otherwise.

Like today, I asked him a question because we needed some information to try to solve his probelm. I emailed him. Then he emaied me back and asked if I could ask D to contact the client himself,  because then there wouldn’t be so many conversation back and forth between them all.  I was ready to explode when I saw the email. I had to email him back that we would not call his client. That was not our job. I also told him he was the one to have contact with his client, not us. I told him I understood that it was more hassle when i had to contact him, he had to contact his client and then back again the same way, but that’s just how it sometimes when you’re a re-seller. He did not email me back after that…. Mybe he emailed D. I don’t know.  God knows… i didn’t really care earlier today.

It’s ok that he tries to be a smart-ass and wants it the easy way once. But I shouldn’t be needing to tell him over and over and over.  I thought grown up people would understand and follow the rules, but I was mistaken… I don’t know why he even tries. He must know me by now, I’m not going to bend over and kiss his feet. Oh god no.

I really, really, really hope tomorrow will be better than today. I know I can do at least one thing to make things better. When I’m finsihed here, I’m gonna make a note saying chocolate and hang it on the door, so I can by some chocolate for tomorrow.

The next thing I’m gonna do is to go to bed now, so i won’t be ten past dead tomorrow.

No more posts.