…and we have more bikes!

This weekend has been cold, really cold. On friday I went to a town two hours away from Oslo. It’s called Elverum. I got a friend living there and went to visit her for the weekend. When I came there friday evening, it was about -18 C outside (0 Fahrenheit). Saturday the temp. was stable on -18 C., but this morning when I got up, Bjørg’s husband told me the temp. had dropped to -24 C. (about -11 Fahrenheit). That is friggen cold. Thank god it wasn’t as cold as that when I arrived Oslo today. It was ‘only’ -15 C (5 Fahrenheit). Have any of you experienced this cold weather?

It has been perfect winter weather to photograph in. Yesterday we were out on a hourlong walking trip. It was so nice, even though it was cold outside. You only need warm enough clothes, and then you’ll be good to go. I took some photos while walking. You couldn’t walk outside and not capture that lovely winter day. I have used my camera today too. First on my way back from Elverum. I took photos from the bus.

When I arrived Oslo today and I walked out of the Bus Terminal, I saw a pretty bike. I knew I had to photograph it and in the next second I found out I wanted to go hunting for bikes. As you know, I can’t get enough of bikes! On my adventure, an old guy spotted me standing on top of a concrete brick trying to photograph some stairs. He was going down those stairs and blocked my photo opportunety. When he saw me, he stopped and stared at me. I turned around to photgprah something else, because I could sense the guy wasn’t happy. After a short while, I turned around again and took a glance at him – he was still there. Then he pierced his eyes into me and yelled ‘YOU’RE A SPY’! Then he walked away… I had to bite my lip not to laugh ;) Have you ever experienced such things being out photographing?

After nearly two hours outside, I came back with quite some bike photographes. I  had to search extra hard, since it’s wintertime and there isn’t as many bikes outside as in the summer. On my walk, I saw some bikes I’ve seen many times before. Some bikes are definitely abandonned.

Here are what I found today:

130113- 130s 130113- 167s 130113- 178s 130113- 196s 130113- 210s 130113- 213s 130113- 220s 130113- 237s 130113- 239s 130113- 251s 130113- 257s 130113- 296s 130113- 311s 130113- 313s 130113- 324s

Next time I will come with the winter photographes from this weekend.

Stay tuned! :)



Let’s start the year with bikes

060113- 149s

I ended 2012 and started 2013 photographing some of the things I love the most; bikes! It wasn’t planned by me, it just happened. Well, the photo trips were planned, but not that bikes would be my focus. It’s not a big surprise though, since I love bikes. I’m thinking that I have to make a book full of bike photographes some time. Well, I have that thought about many things, ‘that needs to become a book’. So far not many ideas has turned into books.

Maybe these photos one day will end  up in a photo book. In the meantime, you’ll just have to watch them here.

060113- 190s 060113- 189s 060113- 186s 060113- 154s 060113- 148s 060113- 077s 060113- 072s 060113- 071s 060113- 042s 060113- 040s 060113- 033s
This is the first post of 2013. Lets hope there will be many more in the year to come. That is my plan at least.

My next plan, photo wise, is to finish my book with 2012 photos. I started on it right after I finished the book of 2011 photos. Sadly I didn’t take that many photos the last months of 2012, so there won’t be that much to add. Anyways, it has to be finished and sent off to be produced. I make my books over at Blurb.com. I can highly recommend it! The quality of the books you get is very high. My uncle got a book with photos from Christmas and he loved it.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything here. I have to say I haven’t been using my camera much lately. There has been other things that have been more important. I’ve made lot of handmade Christmas cards and gift tags. I think I’ve made 40 Christmas cards and maybe 30 gift tags. That has taken a lot of time. There has also gone by quite some time buying Christmas gifts.

I haven’t completely forgotten about my camera. A few photograph has been made with a wintery/Christmassy theme. So here is a selection of random shots.

I have planned to go on a photowalk next saturday, if the weather allowes it. I might take my camera out one of the next days, since I’m off work and have lots of free time.

Next year I’m planning to be back, stronger than ever. Hopefully I’ll update more often than I’ve done these past months. Until next time: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

151212- 034s 151212- 037s 151212- 059s 151212- 080s 151212- 087s151212- 194 dip151212- 102s151212- 067s
151212- 133s151212- 134s 151212- 167s151212- 179s 151212- 063 dip201212- 004s 201212- 022s 201212- 027s 201212- 043s 201212- 050s 201212- 056s

Emil and the 50 mm lense

On saturday I had my nephew Emil over for a sleepover. Since he moved out of time, I don’t get to pick him up from kindergarten and make him dinner , like I used to. For a while I did that almost once a week. I thought it was time for some aunt-and-Emil time again.

Always when I have Emil over for a visit, I bring out my camera. He doesn’t seem to mind having me around taking photos of him. This time I wanted to use the 50 mm  lens to its fullest and photographed mostly at F/1.4 and F/1.6. I haven’t done that in a while. It was very fun shooting with that aperture. All that yummy light that comes into the photo. It was two sunny days as well, so that also helped.

Here are quite a few of the photos from the 24 hrs I spent with Emil.

On sunday we went sledding, quite early. We walked to the valley and arrived around 09.30. It was sunny and we had a lot of fun. I sat in the back of the sled and Emil sat in the front. A lot of snow swirled around Emil when we were going downhill. He had to borrow my scarf to prevent getting too much snow in his face. On our second last ride we rode so fast that his face was all covered in snow when we stopped. We had some tears, but it didn’t take long before he was all smiling again, ready for his next ride.

Having fun with Lego. That’s my fave thing to play with Emil. I love building houses, garages, cars and what not. Emil was very concentrated when we play with the lego. At one point, when I was photographing him, he said to me: ‘I’m not smiling now aunt, because I’m playing’. Which meant that he was so concentrated he couldn’t smile even if I wanted to take a photo of him. That was fine by me, I don’t always need a smile to make a good photograph.

From one of our meals. We ate bread with cheese and drank lots of milk.

We’re watching the Lion King; one of his obsessions of late. Emil actually asked me ‘Auntie, can’t you take a photo of me watching the Lion King?’ How could I say no to that?

We did have a paint session. Oh how I love the second last photo, if I may say that. Emil’s expression is great and the way he looks at the table … aah.


Phototrip: winter edition

I’m spending the sunday at Lierfoss and took the oportunety to go out and photograph. The sun was missing, the sky was one big cloud, but that didn’t stop me; everything is better than darkness.

As so many times before I got looks when I was out photographing. People in cars looked strangly at me. One guy stared really hard. I bet he was wondering what the heck I was doing, standing at the sidewalk looking up, aiming some tree tops with my camera. At first I sighed, then I smiled and continued. I am well aware of that I might look weird some times when I photograph; I can stand on my knees , I can bend to one side, I can look up with my camera, I can point the camera on my shoes, I can the camera at a glass wall – shooting the relection of me… A lot of people don’t get what I’m doing and therefore they stare at me wondering what I’m doing. I know they are thinking that and more than often I feel like staring back asking them if they need any help, asking if they’ve never seen a camera before… anything to make them uncomfortable/embarrased. I never do it though, at least not talk to them. I sigh quietly  and ocationally stare back.

Anyway… this post wasn’t going to be a rant about people not understanding why I photograph or how I do it. It was supposed to be a post about the love for snow, winter, trees and forrest, because I love all those things. There is something pretty about snow coated trees or entire landscapes covered in snow.

Here’s some shot from today:

No, it’s not a snowstorm; it’s just the work of a snow blower.

Photo trip: Christmas edition

When I got up this morning, the sun was shining and the weather looked so good. I knew I had to put on my boots and go on a photo trip. Christmas is just around the corner and there is still some Christmas gifts to be bought. Normally the shops are not open on sundays, but the three sundays before Christmas all stores are normally open between 14.00 and 18.00. I had one gift I wanted to buy today. I also wanted to buy some Christmas cake.

I went downtown around noon. That let me have some time before the shops opened to go around the city photograph. I wanted to take advantage of the lovely light outside; that’s why I left two hours before the shops opened. As you can see on the photo above, the light was oh so lovely.

This phototrip is Christmas inspired. It’s December and soon the 24th, so there is no way around it. I can’t get away from the bicycles though; they are here and there and I can’t not photograph them, especially not the pretty old ones. You’ll see some in this post as well. The bikes I found today had all beautiful colors. Two of them where green, which is my favorite color, and one had this beautiful blue color.

As you can see, I captured a little bit of everything. I even got a photo of Tawakkul Karman from Yemen, who is one of the winner of this years Nobel’s Piece Prize. She, the two other winners came out of the Parliament Building when I passed it.

Walking around the city hunting for scenes/things to photograph is really fun. Getting home, connecting your camera to the laptop, transfer the photos and take the first look, is also really fun. It’s also quite exciting. Some photos you thought would be great might not be it and some photos surprise you by being great. I really like the post processing. It is fun to take an ok photo and make it great just by doing some post prosessing. Or doing some magic like my sister said, when she asked me to process the phots they’re using for this years Christmas card.

Everyday life: neighbourhood walking

I had to go to get some groceries today. When it’s sunday, most stores are closed. But Bunnpris is open seven days a week, so I went there. It takes me a few minutes to get there. I decided to bring my camera.  The weather wasn’t the best (cloudy, no sun what so ever), but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

On the backside of the building where I live.

Taken through a window.

Snowy road. There is, sadly, not enough money to get rid of the snow. I guess we have to wait until it melts away…

It’s car standing there; not only covered by the blue sheet, but a lot of snow too.

Do you fancy a pita filled with kebab? Only 39 NOK.

Snowy stairs.

Today’s news, waiting to be read. The situation in Libya is on the front.

Somone is selling their apartment.

Bike seat covered in snow. It’s close to impossible to ride a bike these days. Still, I see some people pushing the bike through the snow. When I see such people my thoughts swings between impressed and amazed.

Tree brances. A maze.

Snowy ground filled with stones to prevent us from falling.

Local kiosk / grocerystore. They have the essencial stuff, but are very expensive. They are open on sunday’s and that’s good. Also nice to have if you’re missing that one thing and don’t wanna go all the way to the regular grocerystore. Sinsen Dagligvare has saved me more than once.

Tire tracks in the snow. All white and yummy.

Not snow, but paper. Makes a nice pattern.

Royal mail. The old logo for the Norwegian Postal service. It’s pretty. The cracks in the horn, makes this interesting.

Next saturday Ellen and I, we’re going on a photo trip. So I will have a new blog post up next weekend devoted to our explorations. In the meantime, I might devote a blog post to my scrapping. Wait and see!




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