On the move

Last weekend when I visited my friend Bjørg, I took the bus. And I brought my wide angle lens so I could try it out that weekend. I didn’t get much chance to test it while I was there, but I had good use of it on my way home.

It’s a two-hour drive home. I sat in the back of the bus, using seats on both sides of the aisle. There were few people on the bus, so it was no problem.

It’s not easy to take pictures from a moving bus; everything passes so fast. In a split second the motif can be gone. Still, I got a few photos I would like to share here. The nature is beautiful and these photos represent a piece of Norway during winter sunday in the middle of Januar.

Look at the white trees and that sky! Isn’t it pretty?

More pretty sky. It looks like cotton candy.

Winter lanscape.

Follow the lines.

Snowy curvy roads.

Trees on a line.
A chruch.

I hope for sunny weather this weekend. Im going home to Lierfoss saturday evening, because I’m meeting a friend on saturday. And I’m going to go out shooting. I have two missions; 1) take some photos that I can give my aunt for her 70th birthday 2) take tree photos I can put together and send in to the open call for entries over at words to shoot by. The word is place and my plan is to shoot something from the place I grew up. I have 1/3 of an idea, alas one photo figured out. If I’m lucky, I’ll be picked.

Stay tuned for more winter shots!

Postcard from the Opera House

When I came to the bus terminal, after visitng my friend Bjørg in Elverum this weekend, I decided to go to the Opera House to and take some pictures with my new wide angle lens. I been at the Opera House before, during the summer, but I thought it would be fun to see the opera during winter and the lovely light that was outside.

It takes a little time to get used to the wide angle lens. It’s not everywhere it fits to use it, since it’s so wide! I see that it’s perfect for landscape photos, but I would say it’s good for shooting grand buildings too.

Here are a new take on the Opera House:

On my way to the top. Walking on the roof.

On the roof. Beautiful skies.

‘The white box’. Still on the roof.

In between.


Lots of glass. You can see me to the left.

Wooden woman. Me waving to the camera.

The entrence.

Inside. It’s beautiful. Look at all the light coming in. And all the wood!

Three floors. All wood. Very pretty!

More pretty wood. And lines in all angles.

Cool wall.

I have more new photos taken with the wide angle lens. Those are not from the Opera House, but from my two-hours bustrip back from Elverum today. Yes, I took a lot of photos from the bus. I will post them soon, maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned!



Wide angle love

Last weekend I went to a photo fair. I saw a lot of great photographes. I hadn’t really planned to buy anything; just look. But when you see all the equipment you instantly get in a shopping mood. And since I had got a raise a few days earlier, I felt I could spend some money. First I thought about buying a photo-printer. Canon had a huge stand and they had lots of printers. I decided which one to buy and went to FotoVideo to pay for it. While standing in line I looked in the fair-magazine. They had wide angle lenses on sale! 10% off.

A colleague of mine talked to me about lenses last week, when we were out drinking beer, and he suggested that a wide angle should be my next lens. When it was my turn I quickly changed my mind, pointed at the Sigma 10-20 mm lens F4,0-5,6 and said I want that. He went to find it, but came back with no lens. They were sold out at the moment. A new shipment would arrive 1,5 hrs later. I hadn’t time to wait that long. Luckily I could buy it online for the same price until Sunday night. So that’s what I did. Later that evening I went online and bought it. On monday I  picked it up! YAY!

I have only tested it a few times. The sun/light is absent when I come home from work, so it’s not easy to use it. I tested it one morning on my way to work and I’ve tested it by shooting my living-room. Tonight I took out my tripod, put on my jacket and hat, went out on the balcony and tested it for some night shots of Oslo. I had an idea of taking photos in focus and out of focus.

This is what I ended up with:

To bokeh or not to bokeh? I say a little bit of both!

Part one of the diptych.

Part two of the diptych.

So this is my view from the balcony. It’s pretty in daylight, but also pretty when it’s dark outside too.

A bit darker. Lots of bokeh-love!

I have plans to use this lens a lot more in the coming weeks. This weekend I’m visiting a friend in a city two hours away. Probably won’t be able to use it so much when I’m there, but on my way home on sunday I’ll try to take some  photos from the bus. Next weekend I might spend a day in my hometown Lierfoss and if so, I’ll definitely will take it with me on a walk. And the first weekend in Februar I might go on a photowalk with my friend Ellen. So hopefully there will be lots of new photos up on flickr or my blog where my wide angle lens is used.

I think the next thing on my wishlist is a tele-lens. Like a 200 or 300 mm lense. Or wait… what’s really next on my wishlist is a Polaroid camera. But they’re not easy to find. I could by one online (ebay etc), but I’m a bit skeptic; there is a chance you’ll get ripped off. But I guess, if the seller got good reviews the chances are slim.

Well, before all these new camera/lens wishes, I think I’ll end up buying a photoprinter. I really need one of those. But I have no idea what I want. Should it include a scanner? Does it have to be 5 seperate ink-cartrigde? I’ve heard that’s the best. I should go talk to someone who’s a pro.

Right now, I’m going to go talk to my bed! No wait… I have to talk to Flickr first… What else is new?

No more posts.