Untraditional wedding card

Today I’ve made a new wedding card. And sort of by accident, it didn’t turn out pink. I wanted to test out a new rubber stamp and some of the new Promaker pens I bought yesteday. So I started with the color yellow and followed up by the color blue; not really thinking it’s not standard wedding colors.

When I had finsihed coloring the picture my instant thought was ‘the dress is not pink!’ But it didn’t take long before I made up my mind and decided not to care. A wedding card doesn’t always have to be white and pink, does it? I think not. What do you think?

I ended up going for a yellow/blue theme with a hint of brown.

The text says ‘real love last forever’.

I decided to decorate an envolope as well. And I went for the same color-theme, yellow/blue.

The text says ‘to the wedding couple’ The bird-stamp is new. When I saw it in the store yesterday, I knew that it would look smashing on envolopes. It’s a pretty bird and so is the flowers and ornaments.

Now I’m inspired to do another wedding card. First I think I have to clean up a bit in my scrapping mess. The dining table is completely covered and things are a bit messy.


I’m attending a wedding in August. It’s one of my cousins who are getting married. So I needed a card. Two actually, since my parents are going too and they would like a card as well. Maybe I’ll make three and give one to my sister as well?

Yesterday I went Bikuben, a scrapping store, to buy some new paper and other stuff; mostly wedding things. I was there for almost an hour!

Last week when I was looking at rubber stamps with a wedding theme, I came across a blog and a beautiful wedding card. I bought the rubber stamp she had used on her card. This is the card she had made.

I decided to make one myself, but not the exact same card. I wanted to take the idea and make my own version of it. Just copy it woun’t be fair to her or fun for me. Well… to be honest; I wouldn’t be able to make the exact card either. Her coloring skills are amazing and I wouldn’t be able to do it her way.

Anyway, this is what I ended up with.

I’m getting better in using acceories; the flowers, pearls, butterflies, hearts etc. My cards used to be quite simple and without all that. I’m now trying to use more of it. It’s not easy, but I’m slowly getting there. Looking on blos for inspiration helps.

Now I’m gonna sit down and try to figure out how my next card is going to look like. I think I’ll use the same rubber stamp. Don’t have much options since I’m a little low on wedding stamps.

Look online for new ones? Yes, I think so!

the big pink

When I say the big pink, I think of a few things:

  • the group the big pink and it’s song Dominos. It’s awesome and you can watch it here.Their first album, where this song is from, I’ve recently downloaded. From the little I’ve heard of it, it’s good. It needs a few more listenings before I can make up my mind about it. But anyway, Dominos rocks!
  • this wedding card I’ve made. It’s for my cousin who is getting married tomorrow. I’m not invited, but that’s ok. I got to make a pink wedding card, so I’m happy.

  • the pink part of a wall I photographed today. It’s a big grafitti of some sort and it has two shades of pink. I photographed both shades, because I could see a diptych in my head when I passed the wall. Yep, that’s how my mind works! I just see things in my head that I think will turn out cool. Most times it does, thankfully.

  • I ‘upgraded’ the wall diptych abit. I was looking through my photos and found this lovely, lovely shot of Chantie and Cisca. The color on their clothes matched. And when you got Photoscape, you can do cool things like this.

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