Photo trip: the Garden City

The sign says trail.

Yesterday was so sunny. The air was warmer than it normally is this time a year. It was a perfecct day for a photo trip. My friend Ellen and I, we first went to a place outside the city center called Lambertseter. We’re got this inside joke about that place and I wanted to see how it was like up there. We took a few photos, but didn’t stay too long because it was a pretty boring place; not a place for the great photographes. The photo above is from Lambertseter.

A friend of mine asked me on twitter when I written I’d been out on a photo trip: phototrip for what? I replied it wasn’t for anything special. Told him I’d just walked around town taking pictures of all things interesting. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I go out, with not much of a plan, and capture all things interesting / beautiful.

After leaving Lambertseter, we took the subway all the way to Ullevål. There we visited Ullevål Hageby; a residential area and garden city. It was intended for the working class, as an attempt to create healthy housing with more space, and with a small garden attached to each house. But when the apartments were sold, it was the middle class people who ended up buying the houses.  Today the area has among the highest prices in the city and is the biggest garden city in Norway. You can read a little bit more about the garden city here.

Ullevål Hageby reminds me of Monopoly. In the Norwegian edition of the game, Ullevål Hageby is the most expensive property to buy, alongside Rådhusplassen (the area outside the City Hall).

Here are some photographes from the garden city and areas close by:

This road is called Fairytail street. What an awesome name of a street. I wouldn’t mind living there.

I did take quite some photos of bikes yesterday too. You know, I never come home from a photo trip without at least one bike shot. Yesterday I came home with more than one, and I’m gonna show you them later.



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