Whoa! That was awesome!

So yesterday was the day when Ellen and I went to see The September When.  Ellen met me at home at 4 o’clock and we had dinner together. I had planned to pop a bottle of wine, but I was out on friday drinking, so I didn’t feel like drinking again. We were both quite tired and sank down in the sofa after the dinner was consumed. I was a bit worried since we both were so tired, but it didn’t turn out to be a problem.


First this DJ from the US, Jason  Forrest performed. He was just crazy! Not my kind of music at all. It was hard, agressive and explosive in a way. His dance-moves, if we can call it that, was like an octopus on extacy! Still, it was fun to watch. At least I think so. I think Ellen thinks less of it than I am. When he ended, he said see you later. None of us put anything into that.

Then this chick-group, Katzenjammer, came on. They are so cool live! I’ve seen them once before. I actually think they are better live than on a cd in your own livingroom. They have so much energy and they all alternate on singing on playing the instruments.

The real stars, the reason we came, was of course the September When. I’ve never seen them live before. I started to like them at the end of their careere, so that’s the reason.

I didn’t know what to expect from them and I had no idea if it would be great or not. I hadn’t listened to their old stuff in a loooong time, maybe 10 years, so I knew their might be some songs I wouldn’t remember.

They played some songs from their new album and I think they chose the right songs. The picked all the great ones like Don’t Call the Cops, Judas Kiss (it might be it) and We Want the Truth, Bubba. From their old stuff they chose hits like, Cries Like a Baby, Can I Trust You and Mama Won’t Tell You No Lie. Of course, they also played Bullet Me, one of their monster hits. The crazy DJ came on stage to play with them. I was a bit worried, but it turned out to be awesome. That version of Bullet was just great. The crowed exploded and I was so genually happy I was jumping up and down like a crazy! It was the best song up to then.

Not long after, they played a song called the Garden Party. I had forgot about that song. And, oh dear, it blew my mind. It was beautiful. I think that was the best song of the entire show. The lightshow were cool and it was close to perfect.

They had of couse an encore. Well, they had two actually. The last time they came in, Morten Abel (the lead singer) said to the crowd: I had ordered a cab. That was so funny! They played 1.5 hours or so. They could’ve played longer, I wish they had!

If I should put my finger on something negative… hmm.. it must be that when Morten Abel talks to the crowd, it’s hard to understand what he says. He had a different dialect, but it’s not hard to understand. It’s just that it seems like he “swallows words” when he talks. He’s mumbling a bit. And I was a bit bummed that there were no merchandice to buy. I always check out if there is any cool t-shirt to buy. They had nothing! Only the special guests had merchs. Blah.

And at last, something that not to do with the band or the show. The prices on the drinks were ridicoulus! Ellen wanted to buy a bottle of water, but it costed 38 NOK. That’s like twice the price (or more) in the regular store! We did NOT buy anything!

I was a happy camper going home, singing on Can I Trust You on the tram :)

Score: 5.5/6.

Birthday card and music

I got little to report from today. I had a busy day at the office. Lots of work came my way. I’m not really complaining. It just became a little overwhelming at first. haha. A colleague dumped 45 jobs in my inbox. And my boss gave me things to do yesterday afternoon. I didn’t finish as I said I would, but I will continue tomorrow. Well, it’s better to have too much to do than to little.

050109-12I finished Linda’s birthday-card. This is how it turned out!I’ll be writing on the blue circle.

I’m quite happy about it. I’ve never used circles before. My friend Sissel’s Christmas-card gave me the inspiration.

I made the circles with a very cool circle-cutter. It’s amazing and an very handy tool! Every card-making people should have one!


After I’d finished the card, I organized my cardboard and papers. I found things I didn’t remember I had. Ahem… I won’t be needing any new cardboard soon I think. If I’m gonna buy something, it has to be something birthday-related. But I don’t really need that either!

Oh! I found out something awesome last week! The September When is going to hold a concert in Oslo in March. I think it’s the 6th. Today I asked Ellen if she wanted to go. I wasn’t sure if she knew the September When that well and wanted to go. But to my big surprise, she said she’d been meaning to ask me if I wanted to go, but she had forgot. Hah :) So we’re going. I’m gonna buy the tickets as soon as my salery comes. That will be on the 10th.

While searching for the TSW tickets, I realised that I had forgot that Oasis is coming this month. I wanna see them badly! But I have no one to go with so far. Mabye I can trick Ellen to come? Hmmm. I can try at least. I should listen to their new album. I’ve only listened to it once or twice.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. So much music, so little time.

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