A trip with the veteran tram

Today a friend of me and I, we went downtown to ride with the vetran tram. It goes one sunday each month. The tram takes a route that takes around 45 minutes around the city (Jernbanetorget, Aker Brygge, Solli Plass, Frogner, Majorstua, Homansbyen, Stortorvet).  I knew it would be a charming tour riding that old tram and a lovely thing to do on a sunday, but also a equally big factor that led me to go on that trip was that I could take photos.And hey, it was bonus that it didn’t cost anything; the entire trip was for free.

We hopped on at Stortorvet, the last stop. A man, apparently very interested in trams, could tell us that tram was buildt in 1913, that the seating inside was original and that it once costed 25 øre for a ticket. Now it costs 110 times more for a ticket. There were 12 routes in Oslo, now it’s only six routes. He knew also exact when the tram was leaving and where it went. He was a true tram enthusiast.

Online I found out some other facts about the tram as well: It was operating / on duty until 1968. It has 24 seatings and 28 people can stand in it. The trailer (the wagon behind the main wagon) has also room for 52 people so, it would be 104 in total.

You can rent the tram for weddings, birthday or other events.

Here are a few photos from todays trip:

To the left: the front of tram number 70, going to Majorstua (an area at the west side of Oslo). To the right: the trailer/second wagon where you could stand outside the tram if you liked. We did for a short while and took the three following photos. The side of the tram, while being in motion. We got a lot of wind in our hair. The tracks were curvy the short while we were standing there, so it was a bit hard to take photos and hold the camera still.

Reflection of me. You can see a tiny bit of my friend to my right also. And then we have a passanger and one of the conductors.

Peeking in from the outside. The interiour was gorgeous; very old fashioned and stylish I think.

The two conductors; the one to the left was driving and the one to the right was anouncing the next stop.

Some details from operating the tram (stearing, breaking, speed etc).

Don’t disturb the driver!

Smoking and spitting is forbidden!

Hold on! The leather strap is to hold when you’re standing in the tram. The thin line above the leather strap, you pull if you want to get off the tram at the next station. When you pull it, the conductor/driver hears a ‘ding’.

Two trams. To the left: what we now concider an old tram. To the right: the really old tram.


A trip to the forrest

On sunday, me and mum, took our annual trip into the forrest to pick berries. The cranberries, which we picked last year, isn’t ready yet, so we went to pick raspberries.  A man, who died years ago, had some raspberry bushes, and they have spread. So a few of the bushes are still on that property and the rest is in the outskrits of the forrest.

I’m not sure who owns the property now, but nobody seems to care about the raspberries. So mum and I went there. We, as always when we’re there, keep a low profile – just in case. Our voices are not loud, but we quite low. And we keep our heads up in case someone shows up. I doubt anyone has anything to say, but as I said – just in case.

It was a hot sunday. But since it had rained a lot the last weeks, we wore our rubber boots. The boots doesn’t only protect us from the water, but also from snakes. You don’t want to meet a snake in your summer shoes. I almost melted away we walked through the opne landscape. A part of the forrest is gone, so we had to walk a little while ‘out in the open’ as you can see in the top picture. As soon as we came into the forrest, it cooled down.

On our way we found some wild strawberries. They were tiny. I had high hopes for the, but they didn’t taste any good. I think if they had been eaten some weeks earlier, they would’ve tasted better. Because wild straberries normally taste good!

Even though they didn’t taste good, they fit perfectly in my hand – ready to be photographed. You can see my mum in the upper left corner. She doesn’t like to be photographed, so I don’t have any photos of her. The one I took of her and I, got really blury! Gah!

We camped here. This is right by the raspberrie bushes. We had a lot of fun, even though it was hard to find the really big berries. The low voice we kept, made room for lots of “what?”, “say it again” and funny mistakes. Mistakes that only will be funny in Norwegian.

I ate some berries while picking, but managed to put more in my jar than in my mouth.

We filled three of these and one of the round plastic box shown below.

When we came home, we put all the berries on trays so we could get rid of worms, leafs and other things.

Some of the berries will be eaten with currants and vanilla cream, some will be raspberry jam and lots will be frozen (whole berries) to be used later.

If the weather allows it and we bot have time, we will go once more; this time to pick cranberries. My weekend schedule for august are a bit full (spending time in Oslo this weekend, A-HA concert next saturday with Linda who probably will spend the night, one of my cousins wedding in two weeks), but maybe we can arrange something in September. Lets hope so!

I love berries


Mum and I, we have this anual trip to pick berries. There is this big forrest about 100 meter from my parents house and we own a part of it. Yesterday mum went up in the forrest to pick berries. Craneberries to be spestific. Not in our part in the forrest, but in a area about 15-20 mins up in the forrest near a tiny, tiny lake. A lake where I sometimes went swimming with my friend Linda as a kid without permission.

It’s a nice walk, even thought it goes up, up and up  the first 15 mins. Then it’s to the left with the lake on the left side of you. You pass a tiny dam and walk a few minutes more. Then you’re there.

We took a break right after we came to place to start looking for berries. Mum had some coffee and a tiny cookie and I had water and chocolate.

It’s really nice to be out in the woods. It’s so quiet. The only thing we heard was the wind blowing and some birds singing. And of course a few people; one family on a sunday walk, a girl running and old man we knew who had been out picking blueberries.


Of course I brought my camera. How could I not? Here is some shots from the trip.



310809 mosaic

I guess we were out in the woods for a couple of hours. Not sure actually, I didn’t pay attention to the clock. While being up in the woods, mym and I , we talked about everything and nothing. It was really cosy!

When we came home we looked over all the cranberries. After that we made jam of some of it.


Recap: The Alkmaar trip.

Yes I know, I’ve been bad at blogging lately. Not sure why…  I feel I should tell about the great trip to see Chantie, but I’m not really in the mood to do a lot of typing. So… I’ll give you the highlights.

  • on wednesday we went shopping in Amsterdam. Visited Bershka. Didn’t buy anything there!! Saw a really great red leather jacket, but it was too expensive.  We went up in a Paris-wheel which was HIGH! I got a bit scared and Chantie laughed. I was such a wuzz.
  • thursday was Queens Day. Cisca came over, something Chantie had forgotten so we almost went to the town without here. haha. Queens Day was fun, nothing like anything I’ve experienced before. Alkmaar was crowded!! I drank a lot of cheap wine which tasted great! Got drunk, ate really good spring rolls and a sandwich at Subway, took some silly pictures, ate the most delish piece of chicken I’ve ever tasted on our way home at 18.30 ish.
  • Friday Cisca, me and Chantie went to look for the Tulips. Cisca had seen some on her way to Chantie. We met some cute sheeps on our way. The tulips were almost gone, but Cisca and I took some pics. After Cisca went home, Chantie and I went shopping in Alkmaar. Then we went home, made dinner and watched TV and looked at videos at youtube for a long time.
  • Saturday we went to Gent to see Per and his crew. Took the train to Haarlem where we met Cisca. Went to meet Martin, a friend of Cis and Chant. Drove to Gent, met some (crazy) fans outside the concert hall, waited forever, had a great concert and got my t-shirt signed by Per after the show. Woho. He were signing stuff and I wanted my T signed. Then we went back to Cisca’s place and crashed there for the night.
  • Sunday we took the train home to Alkmaar. We bought some groceries (dinner) on the way home, but still we managed to stop my Burger King for a fat, greasy XXL Burger. YUM! Sunday was the official slut-day. We slutted around, watching two movies; the Queen which was great and the Freedom Writers which was very interesting!
  • Monday I was heading home. I helped Chantie with a budget and got her ebaying kickstarted after A LOT OF hassle! Super-mega-big sigh! I bought cheese for mum and beer for dad. Again, we ate a greasy, fat XXL Burger, this time at the air-port. Took the 20.35 flight home.

Yeah…. I think that was it. I had a really fun time, like I always have around my sweet tulip!

No more posts.