Since I’ve discovered, I’ve had the idea of creating a book with some of my photos. No wait, I’ve had that idea for a long, long time, but it’s only now I’ve found a way to do it. So… am I in the middle of making a photobook? Uhm… no!
Why not?
It’s the same thing as always, I can’t decide what pictures I’m gonna put in this book. Or more… what theme the book shall have. Should it be a collection of my finest photos? Or a black and white book? Or a book that contains just buildings or just cats? That is the big question. And when that question has to be answered other questions pop up.
Why should I really make this book? What purpose would it serve to make this book?
Those questions also needs to be answered in order to find a theme. The ultimate purpose would be to sell it, but I know that’s a bit far out. I don’t see any of my pictures that great that they would sell actually. Not a big book in a big scale. My portfolio isn’t that big. I do have 519 pictures presented at flickr, but not nearly everyone is something I think belongs to a printed book.
So, why?
So I can give it away as a present to familiy or friends? Well… not sure what purpose that would serve other than promote myself. Do I have any pictures they would like to see in a book? 
I guess so I could place it in my book shelf and let people who visit me, look at it. And because I would think it is cool with a book with my own pictures. Because it would be cool. Real cool. But is that reason a good enough reason to make a book? Or is it just waste of money?
Writing all this, all there is left is a lot of questions that needs to be answered. And right now I don’t have those answeres.

So what is the best strategy if I’m gonna pursue this idea? Should I just sit down and try to answer all these questions right away or in the near future and then go out and shoot acording to my answers? Or shall ignore the questions at the moment, but in stead go out and shoot and hope that the questions will be answered in the process?

Hmm… Can I sleep on that?

No more posts.