It is funny how one thing can lead to another  and in the end you are somehwere else than when you started.

Yesterday night, I was reading an online newspaper. Then I came across a review of the Gaslight Anthems new cd American Slang, which is due next wednesday. It got great reviews. 5 out of 6. The reviewer called them ‘the sons of Springsteen’.  So I decide to see if any other Norwegian newspaper have revided their new album yet. Only one could I find.

Then I decide to check some international music magazines. First I check Pitchfork, but can’t find any. So I move on to Rolling Stone. At the front page, and the head news, I find out that they are streaming their new album from their site! I forget all about the reviews and go straight to the place where they are streaming and hit play!

Out of pure excitment I have to tweet about it. Not only do I tweet, I also find the Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon (lead singer) on twitter and follow them. In one of the bands tweet, they write that Mr. Fallon has started to blog. Out of curiosity I find his blog and read a bit in his blog.

Inspired by one of this new song, which I’m not sure of who was at the moment, and something he writes on his blog, I got an idea for a poem. And it doesn’t take long before the poem is ready!

I haven’t written a poem in a while and was a bit surprised that a poem arised out of the blue. Well… music inspire me a lot when it comes to writing poems.

The poem sort of has two meanings; I leave it up to you to figure out what it can be. I’ll post the poem on my poem-blog too.

Blinded by the stars

Aren’t we all
chasing that dream.

Trying to find the perfect picture
like the guys on the screen.

Aren’t we all
chasing that hit.

Unaware that we are,
we are missing it.

It’s not about the hits
or everything great.

It’s from the ordinary things
we should create.

New music, old music and some in between

I can’t get over the fact that Michael Jackson is dead! I was quite shocked when I read about it yesterday morning on text-tv. I went like WTF??? And since then it was been all over the news all the time. It seems like we can’t get enough of it.  Well, it is understandable; he was the king of pop no mather how waco he was. He was a genius music-wise. Just a little odd as a person. I’m not gonna speculate in what he did or didn’t do, but just state that he was a pop-icon! Even though his death is shocking, I’m not like that norwegian guy I read about who had been fan since he could walk and now had cried for two days. Awww, poor guy! I can partly understand him. Had it been Mr. Springsteen who had died, I might have cried for two days myself… who knows…?

I have to say that I’m glad that I got caught by the music / concert-bug in a quite early age and that led to me and my friend Linda go seeing MJ play at Valle Hovin (Oslo) on his HIStory tour in ’97.  We didn’t want to see him because we were raelly big fans. It was just because he was big,  famous and had great hits. Apart from being a great concert, what I remember mostly was that he went around on stage saying ‘I love you’ and ‘don’t listen to the press’ a lot of times with his squeaky voice.

One musical person had died, others have been born. Who I’m about to talk about, isn’t knew. They have released two albums since ’07, but they are new to me.

I read about the Gaslight Anthems in the newspaper here the other day. And they said that they were influenced by Springsteen. They were Bruce punk-rock-ish. I remembered then, what I read in the Bruce interview in Q; Bruce had them on their Ipod. How could I not check them out. So I go to youtube and find some songs.

Man, they were great! I instantly fell in a song called Here’s looking at you, Kid. Ah.  It is so beautiful. So, so beautiful!

So, now I’ve downloaded the two albums they have created; the ’59 sound and Sink or Swin.  They are both worth listening too. I can recommend High Lonesome, Meet me by the Rivers Edge, Old White Lincoln to name a few.

So… now I just wait for them to come to Oslo and have a concert. I will so be there! I’ll be first in line to get tickets. If I don’t find out after the concert is over that is…

My newsletters from is now back on track by the way. A woman replied back the next day telling me that ‘it was strange and something must have happened’ Apparently I got deleted from the mailing list by accident or something. Oh well… nothing to do about that now. Can’t cry over spilled milk, isn’t that what people say? I’m on it again, that’s all that matters now.

I don’t really let it bother me anymore that I missed the Killers. I got all their music on my computer and has been listening to it at work and a little bit today.

Talking about music… I have to check my mp3 player and upload it with some new music and maybe delete some old shit. I think all songs of Mr. Gessle is gone and that’s good, because I got a bit fed up by him.

You see, I’m meeting Ellen tomorrow at 15-ish. We’re going to a park to chill; listen music, play rummy and Uno and eat hambugers that we heat up on the disposable grill I bought today. I’m a bit worried I’ll melt away in the heat, but I hope it will be a bit cloudy. Today it’s been like 27/28 C+ and it’s gonna be that tomorrow too, if not 29C+. Phew! It would be best to lay naked in the park, but I don’t think that would end so swell!

My concern now, is how to be able to sleep. It’s so hot in my bedroom. Sigh. I wonder if I should go lay on the balcony for the night! I’ve done it before and it’s quite nice.

No more posts.