Sthlm <3 (again)

oldtownIt’s kind of strange. About a year ago, the 24th of June to be exact,  I wrote about how much I love Stockholm and how badly I want to go back in this blog. You can read about it here.

At work today, I got a task from my boss. We have two boxes that we’re gonna ship to Sweden and he wanted me to check how much it would cost. The adress to the loaction wasn’t complete, so I had to search for the exact adress. I thought it was Stockholm, but had to be 100% sure. I was right.

Instantly when I found out the city was Stockholm, I got the same feeling I had a year ago. There is this special feeling inside me. It’s hard to explain exactly how it is.

Ah! I really, really wish I could go back to Stockholm soon. Even if it only was for a weekend. I checked for prices and it’s not that expensive to go. You can get a ticket for under 1000 NOK; that is taxes and luggage included.

Well… to go to Stockholm I would need three things:

  1. time off
  2. money
  3. someone who is willing to travel with me

I think nr. 3 is covered. Ellen wants to go back too I think. Nr. 1 & 2 is not covered.

Maybe I should ask Ellen if we should plan a trip next year? We could start save money now. Or I could ask Chantie. But I doubt we will be able to go there together in the near future….

Well… I can dream, can’t I? :)

A subway dream

Yesterday, on my way home from the cinema, I had a weird happening on the subway. I don’t take the subway very often. I mostly go by bus or the tram.

So I was sitting in one of the new subway-carriages, under the city of Oslo. The subway was far from full and I’m reading in my book about U2.  Suddenly I got this feeling I was sitting on a subway in one of the big European cities like London or Paris. I also started to think about Stockholm. I closed my eyes for a few seconds pretending I was somewhere else.

It didn’t take long though before reality caught up with me and I was forced out in the snow which looked and felt a lot like slush yesterday.

That feeling made me think. It made me wanna go  away for a while to some place outside Oslo and Norway. What if I could just drop whatevery I have in my hands right now and just go away for a week or two? I would love to go to Berlin. I’ve wanted to visit that city for a long time now. I’m pretty sure there are some awesome shops there and I think there would be a lot of cool places to photograph there too.

I would also want to go back to Dublin. There’s no subway in Dublin, but it’s not the subway I come for. It’s all the cool bars, all the different colored doors, the great shops, the green lungs  and the double-deckers that drives you around the city.  It’s such a long time since I was there. Ten years, no 11 years to be exact. Hey, make it 12. haha. I’m bad at counting, it seems. I was there in ’97. Things may have changed in 11 years and if I go back, it would be like discovering it all over again.  

Stockholm is also a city I want to come back to. Badly! Next time I’m going on vacation (that is not the Netherlands!) I would have a hard time chosing between going somewhere new or back to Stockholm. I would love to do both. Sthlm is a city that has a special place in my heart. It may sound weird, but it’s true.

I am going on a mini-vacation in the end of April, start of May. But that is to Alkmaar to visit Chantie. And that’s different. Alkmaar is like my home away from Norway. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been there. Let me think… I think it’s six times. I know Alkmaar and all about its greatness. There’s nothing new and exiting about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy/exited to go to Alkmaar. But it’s not like when you go to somewhere new place. You don’t get the new-place-exitment. It’s more of a happy-sigh-i’m-back-feeling.

Well, this time it will actually be a little new-place-exitiment, since Chantie has moved and now live in her very own apartment a few minutes outside the citycenter of Alkmaar. And if I’m going to Pink-Pop in Landgraaf, south in the Netherlands in late May, it will be something new too.  But that festival would be something totally else. It would be a different kind of vacation. It will be awesome, but something else. By the way, only two weeks left until the ticketsale is on :S The 7th. It’s gonna be a nerve-wrecking day!!

Next year I hope I can go to either Berlin, Stockholm or Dublin. Maybe I’ll work on the idea of getting Chantie to Stockholm with me?! I so, so, so, so want that to happen. Drag her in front of Strandvägen 39 and pose for a picture. LOL!

I understand what I mean and hopefully you do to!

I heart Sthlm

After a trip downtown to buy a cardigan, a stop at the post office to pick up my three new Håkan Nesser books, dinner, reading the newspapers and some icream, I wanted to watch some TV. I flicked through the channels and stopped on SVT1. What did I find? The premiere of Allsång på Skansen!

Oh boy! Oh boy! oh boy!

Did that bring back some memories? Oh yes it did. Tons of memories hit me straight in the face. About a year ago, actually a year ago tomorrow to be accurate, me and Ellen went on a five-day trip to Stockholm. What a trip!

I fell in love with Stockholm instantly! Everything was so great! I had the most wonderful time in Stockholm with Ellen. We had so much fun. Five days may sound much, but it wasn’t. It was just what

we needed to explore this beautiful city.

Stockholm is a city loaded with great things. Lots of great museums. We visited the Wasa museum, an art-museum among other things. We alos went to two aquariums where they had lots of cool fishes. We even spotted Nemo and Dori ;)

There were sightseeing in Djurgården by boat, which was very nice.

Junibacken (the world of Astrid Lindgrens characteres) got a visit. We had a lovely time with all the kids. The crazy Per-fan (that’s me) visited Mr. Gessle’s front door at Strandvägen 39.

 We ate at some great restaurants, shopped at some supercool stores, had a great time at Gröna Lund where we rode some great carousells, ate some magnificent pizza and watched Timbuktu live! Overall we had a great time in Stockholm.

There is something about Stockholm. It hit me right in the heart. Somehow I just completely fell in love with that city. I get all happy when i think about it and see pictures I’ve taken.

There is something about that town that blew me away. The friendly people, the great places to eat, the shopping oportuneties, Sergels Torg (which is the picture above), the aquariums, Skansen….

Looking at Allsång på Skansen, made me think of all this. It makes me wanna go back there! Like… soon! I wanna have a five day trip to Sthlm again.

I wish I could take Chantie to Sthlm. That would be awesome. i know we would have so much fun over there. I know Chantie is more of a Gothenburg-woman, but I’m sure I can lure her into a trip to Sthlm.  I’m gonna try at least! hihi ;)

Oh and btw, Håkan Hellstrøm and Miss Li was on the opening show. Håkan is cool as always. Miss Li, she’s sort of new and up-coming. Her performans was great! I loved it. Didn’t the get name of the song, but I will sure check her out. I already got some songs by her, but i haven’t really listend to them. Only one or two a few times a while ago.

Sthlm <3 *happy sigh*

Ps. Here are some pics from Sthlm.

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