Brushing up

My friend Chantie is painting her kitchen / hall these days. Knowing she’s brushing up her apartment, makes me wanna do something with mine.

Yesterday I went shopping. I went to a store called Søstrene Grene (the Grene Sisters). I was looking for a box I could store coffee in. I didn’t find that, but I found a pretty awesome shower curtain as you can see in the picture above.

It matches my walls in the bathroom. The only downside with it, is that it’s 20 cm too short. I didn’t think of the length when I bought it. The one I had up is 20 cm longer and goes almost all the way down to the floor. This one doesn’t and it looks a bit stupid. But the print on it is so cool, that I’ve decided to ignore it.

My flickr-buddy Shanon has a lot of mirrors in her house. Mirrors are cool and I would like to buy one myself. Mirrors are great for taking self portraits. Esp. when you don’t have a remote control and have to rely on the built-in timer in camera or a mirror.

This mirror is from IKEA and it’s beautiful. I want to buy it and place it somewhere. The problem is, I have no clue where to put it. In my bedroom I already have enough mirros. My wardrobe doors are mirrors and they are 236 cm high and 150 cm wide in total. And my walls are covered too.

I could of course put it in the livingroom, but I’m not sure where it would fit. i could place it over my dining table, but would that look OK or just stupid?

Looking at that picture, it makes me wanna get rid of that door and make and make a wall. That door, it is the most stupidest placed door ever. It leeds to my bedroom. But you can access the bedroom from the hall as well. What were they thinking, the ones who built this building in 1936?

If I can make a wall there, I could place a mirror there. I think I have to hold on to that thought about gettin rid of the door. Make it a summer project would be a good idea. With that I don’t mean I’ll do the job myself. Oh no. But I can hire someone to do it while I have vacation. Then I don’t have to take hours off work and can watch someone do it.

This reminds me of another summer project I got; tile my balcony. I did it with the balcony I had on my last apartment and I would really like this one to be tiled too. That would not only make it look prettier, but it’s also would be easier to clean!

One problem is that I would like the tiles to be dark. Like dark grey, close to black. But dark tiles get hot. And I would like to be able to walk on the balcony without buring my feet. heh. So I have to pick some other color I think. It should match the brick wall too. It’s brick-red or what it’s called.

I called dad today and asked if he wanted to help out with the tiles. He would. Good, because I wouldn’t know how to do it myself. It’s only 6 m2, so it’s not that big. My last balcony was twice the size.

To end this post, I’ll post a link to Pur Norsk: a norwegian Design store. It got some awesome pieces there. Too bad it’s so very expensive there. But one can dream, right?

No more posts.