Autumn, a rainfull saturday

Yesterday I babysat my two nephews at my sisters house. My sister was working late and my brother in-law was having dinner with some colleagues. I decided to stay the night, since they would be home late and getting home from their house is a bit of a hassle late at night. My sister was going back to work today and I could ride with her back to Oslo. Very practical. Before we left my brother in-law, Geir, and one my nephews, Emil, went to get groceries. They was late because first Geir forgot his wallet and when they came back to the grocerystore to pay, he had trouble with both is creditcards.

We were a bit late so my sister couldn’t drive me all the way home. That was ok because I needed to stop by the grocerystore to get some dinner. She dropped me off near the grocerystore and I went in a bought a bag full of groceries. It was raining outside and I was carrying my big Addidas bag, the grocerybag and a purse. I also had my umbrella. It didn’t stop me from thinking I needed to pop out my camera and take a photo of this pedestrian crossing covered in leafs.

First I took a few photos of that, then I turned around and photographed something else. One thing lead to another and suddenly I had a mini photowalk. The rain was pouring down and my hands were tied, but I couldn’t help myself. It was so much fun and I saw things to photograph where ever I turned. I took a lot of photos, but didn’t walk very far. All the photos were taken on my way home, within 300 meter ish.

The photos was taken with my trusted 50 mm lense. This time all my photos taken with f/1.4. You get so much yummy bokeh when you shoot like that.

I love when something like this happen out of nowhere. If I hadn’t needed grocerie and we hadn’t been late, Hanne would’ve driven me all the way home and none of these photos would’ve been taken. I’m happy I didn’t give in because of the rain, but stayed outside photographing.

Summer project + other projects

Over 2/3 of my summer project is done. I have now 26 days left. I have to say I’m quite proud of what I have achived so far. There hasn’t been many days when I have complained or wished to end it. Even on the rainy days I’ve managed to get some good shots. Like I said in my last post, rain doesn’t limit you. Rain can be beautiful.

I wanted two diptyches every week. I don’t think I’ve managed that, but it’s not a big deal. As long as I’ve managed to take a photo a day throughout the whole summer, I’m happy.

Having a photoproject going, is a good way to keep the photography alive. You improve with every new shot you take. And improvement is good.

I’ve been thinking of what to do when this project is over. Will I start a new one or will I go back to just shoot whenever I feel like it? I think I want to start a new one. But what? And how often? One thing I’m sure of, it won’t be a 365-project. I’ve tried that once, and it was hard. I could of course just do a no-themed 365; just take a photo each day. But I would like a theme.

I have a few ideas though:

  • 52 self portraits (one each week)
  • 52 sundays (or another day, just take a photo one particular day. The photo must say something about that day)
  • 52 monochrome photos (one each week)
  • 52 food shots (one each week)
  • 30 days of food (one each day for a month)
  • 30 days of monochrome photos (one each day)
  • 30 days of Oslo (one each day. Requires me being in Oslo for month, not going anywhere)

Is there any other good ideas out there? Don’t be shy, bring it to me!

There is no rush to decide. First I have to finish the project I’m doing now.

Today I decided to walk the last part of my way home from work. It was raining. My shoes were almost soaked just by walking ten steps from the busstop. So when already was wet stepping out of bus number 20, there was no use in waiting for the next one. If I walked home, I could take some rainy photos.

Here are a few more shots from today.

Seeing the two last photos together, I see that the colors match. Not sure if they match in a diptych, but the colors looks great together.

Rain, rain, rain & some more rain!

Today has been an utterly grey day. It’s been raining more or less all day. There has been a few time the sky has closed its floodgates.


For me it has been a slow day. Rainy days like this usually makes me bake something. But I’ve been baking two days this week (bread on monday and chocolate cake on tueday), so I figured out I rather do something else. Thinking back on this day, I really don’t how this day has gone by so fast. It feels like I haven’t really done anything. I watched TV, read in a really, really sad book which made me cry big tears, been to the grocerystore where I said hello to a girl I went to junior high school with, talked to my uncle, eaten tomato soup and chatted with Chantie on msn.

Time has passed fast while the rain has poured down. If you overlook that my dad & uncles crops is on its way to drown, rain is not bad. It’s just a little boring when it rains so much and for so long; an entire day!

I had not much inspiration for taking any photos for my summer project today. This morning I really wondered what I should shoot. I thought it would have to be something inside because of the weather. When I made tomato soup I thought I’d take some picture of that. I took photos of the soup, but when the floodgates opened up for real, I thought I’d rather take some rainy photos and make one of them the photo of the day. The rain represent this very day.

These rainy shots reminds of this diptych I made about a year ago; then reasons to not feel down even if it rains. In addition to the ten reasons I can add a reason to not feel down; you don’t have to water your outdoor plants! The rain will take care of that for you.

It’s a rainy day and I’m baking bread

It’s been a grey day today. It’s been raining most of the day; not heavy, but drizzling. There hasn’t been any weather to do things outside; not to be outside at all actually.

This morning, when I woke up, I realised I had to find some indoor activities to occupied myself. I decided it would be nice to bake something. I thought about chocolate cake and bread. To bake any of those two things, I needed to go to the grocery store. In fact, I needed to go to the grocery store just to get breakfast! There was nothing I could eat!

Since I don’t have my own car, here at  my parents house, I went up to my uncle to borrow his. We had an agreement; I could borrow his car whenever I wanted while I was home. So I took his car to the grocery store and bought a lot of food. And after I’d finished the shopping, eaten dinner, watched some TV, returned the car and had a nice chat with my uncle, I started on baking the bread.

Cheese slicer. Norwegian invention! Handy little thing.

Yummy bread with goat cheese. This is a norwegian speciality. Oh so yummy! I love when it melts on the bread.

 Nom, nom, nom, nom!

The rest of the day passed with my watching (some crap) on TV, watch my fave Norwegian football team (LSK) lose against my second fave Norwegian football team (Hønefoss BK) 2-3, texting football messages with my dad who is in Nice on vacation, talk to Chantie about heartbreaks and finally deciding when she’s coming over to see me. Flight tickets were booked this evening. YEAH BABY! I’ve also watch an ep. of NCIS LA and cried when an agent died in today’s episode.

Right now I’m listening to Scouting for Girls on Spotify. Their album Everybody Wants To Be On TV is lovely. Don’t remember how I came across it; I think I read something about them in the newspaper actually. I decided to check them out and I’m happy I did!

Now it’s time to go to bed. Lets hope tomorrow will be rainfree. Or else I might have to bake again…

A rainy day

Today has been a grey and rainy day. It won’t go down in the history books as one of the most eventfull or memorable day, that’s for sure! It has been raining a lot today. I was lucky that the hour I was out on my combined getting-groceries and getting-todays-shot trip, it didn’t rain much. Just a few drops here and there.

I wasn’t very optimistic to get a good shot today. But when I came home and looked at my 105 photos from todays trip, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Far from everyone is worth keeping, but that’s not what I aim for either.

When I’m out shooting, I take up to 10 shots of the same subject, just to make sure I get one shot I really like. So while I have 105 photos, I may only have 20 different subjects.

This diptych ended up as the photo of the day. Rain is a part of the summer, so I have to include that into the project as well. Everything is not sunshine, you know.

Another diptych. I’m hooked on that these days. Sometimes I use a photo that can stand alone perfectly; like the one to the left. But sometimes I have photos that I  wouldn’t feel comfortable with letting stand alone; like the one to the right. So then I either don’t do anything with it or like now, use it in a diptych. I’m not convinced it’s a perfect match, but I’m going to leave it up here.

Beautiful oil-spill. The colors are lovely.

I’ve been wanting to photograph this manhole cover for a while now. I saw it a while ago when Ellen I were out walking. I didn’t get a chance to photograph it then, but it’s been in the back of my mind every since. Today I finally got a chance to capture it! You don’t see it from this photo, but this cover is square unlike most which is round. I liked that.

And then I’m gonna end with a typical flower-square-bokeh shot. I love daisies and couldn’t pass them on my way to the grocerystore.

A few good things from today:

  • ate some delish icecream
  • picked up the tiles I’d ordered.
  • saw mum open her birthday present two days early. She was happy!
  • got a good walk
  • got a few decent photos and did the photo of the day

Now I’m gonna get myself something to eat and watch USA play against England in the World Cup. Let’s hope England win this!

No more posts.