Food project and new projects

The food project is finally over. I posted the last photo of a chopped up zucchini the 15th of May. It has been a fun project to do. Some letters have been harder than others; like Q, U and X. But with a little bit of creativity, I managed to pull it off. It took me longer than  planed. Way longer. I thought I would finish it in less than two months. It took me eight!

When doing such a project, there is always some photos you’re more satisfied with than others. I have a few that I really like.

B = blueberries. I don’t like blueberries myself, but they are pretty to photograph. When I was younger blue was my fave color. Now it’s green.

N = noodles. I rarely make noodles. These noodles comes from Mr. Lee. What I like here is the different focus in the two photos.

E = eggs. I love, love, love, love eggs. They can be cooked either well done or medium. Scrambled eggs with chives, a little bit of salt and some pepper is yummy. Fried egg  is great with bacon. Fried on both sides. It doesn’t matter if the yolk is broker or not. Omelette is also great. I photographed an home made omelette for the letter O.

Now it’s time to think about new photo projects. I like to have a project going. I started a new project today. It’s called memories. I will take photos of things / places etc that evoke a memory. And then I will write a little not that’s attached to the photo, to explain myself. I made set on flickr with my photos. So far it only contains two photos; one I took this weekend and a old photo that I found out fitted in my set. In the end, if I get enough photos, I might make a book out of it.

But this project isn’t something I will work on every day. I will work on it whenever I find something to photograph. So in addition to that project, I will have to come up with another one. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure yet what to do. Hopefully I will decide soon.

Summer project + other projects

Over 2/3 of my summer project is done. I have now 26 days left. I have to say I’m quite proud of what I have achived so far. There hasn’t been many days when I have complained or wished to end it. Even on the rainy days I’ve managed to get some good shots. Like I said in my last post, rain doesn’t limit you. Rain can be beautiful.

I wanted two diptyches every week. I don’t think I’ve managed that, but it’s not a big deal. As long as I’ve managed to take a photo a day throughout the whole summer, I’m happy.

Having a photoproject going, is a good way to keep the photography alive. You improve with every new shot you take. And improvement is good.

I’ve been thinking of what to do when this project is over. Will I start a new one or will I go back to just shoot whenever I feel like it? I think I want to start a new one. But what? And how often? One thing I’m sure of, it won’t be a 365-project. I’ve tried that once, and it was hard. I could of course just do a no-themed 365; just take a photo each day. But I would like a theme.

I have a few ideas though:

  • 52 self portraits (one each week)
  • 52 sundays (or another day, just take a photo one particular day. The photo must say something about that day)
  • 52 monochrome photos (one each week)
  • 52 food shots (one each week)
  • 30 days of food (one each day for a month)
  • 30 days of monochrome photos (one each day)
  • 30 days of Oslo (one each day. Requires me being in Oslo for month, not going anywhere)

Is there any other good ideas out there? Don’t be shy, bring it to me!

There is no rush to decide. First I have to finish the project I’m doing now.

Today I decided to walk the last part of my way home from work. It was raining. My shoes were almost soaked just by walking ten steps from the busstop. So when already was wet stepping out of bus number 20, there was no use in waiting for the next one. If I walked home, I could take some rainy photos.

Here are a few more shots from today.

Seeing the two last photos together, I see that the colors match. Not sure if they match in a diptych, but the colors looks great together.

No more posts.