The door is open again

Like I’ve said before, I’m taking up my door project. Karin pointed out in a comment on one of my posts that a book with doors of Oslo would be great as a coffee table book. I have to agree with her. So know I’m on the look out for the best doors of Oslo. I want the doors that stands out; the special ones; the ones that people points at and say ‘hey, that was a great door’.

Yesterday when I was out photographing, I also photographed doors. Here are a selection of the best doors that I found yesterday.

If you’re not satisfied and want to see more doors, go look at my door set on flickr. You’ll get 201 doors there. I hope that will satisfy your door kick.

More doors to come in the future. Stay tuned.

Food project and new projects

The food project is finally over. I posted the last photo of a chopped up zucchini the 15th of May. It has been a fun project to do. Some letters have been harder than others; like Q, U and X. But with a little bit of creativity, I managed to pull it off. It took me longer than  planed. Way longer. I thought I would finish it in less than two months. It took me eight!

When doing such a project, there is always some photos you’re more satisfied with than others. I have a few that I really like.

B = blueberries. I don’t like blueberries myself, but they are pretty to photograph. When I was younger blue was my fave color. Now it’s green.

N = noodles. I rarely make noodles. These noodles comes from Mr. Lee. What I like here is the different focus in the two photos.

E = eggs. I love, love, love, love eggs. They can be cooked either well done or medium. Scrambled eggs with chives, a little bit of salt and some pepper is yummy. Fried egg  is great with bacon. Fried on both sides. It doesn’t matter if the yolk is broker or not. Omelette is also great. I photographed an home made omelette for the letter O.

Now it’s time to think about new photo projects. I like to have a project going. I started a new project today. It’s called memories. I will take photos of things / places etc that evoke a memory. And then I will write a little not that’s attached to the photo, to explain myself. I made set on flickr with my photos. So far it only contains two photos; one I took this weekend and a old photo that I found out fitted in my set. In the end, if I get enough photos, I might make a book out of it.

But this project isn’t something I will work on every day. I will work on it whenever I find something to photograph. So in addition to that project, I will have to come up with another one. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure yet what to do. Hopefully I will decide soon.

C = chocolate cookies

I’m moving on with my food ABC photo project. For the letter C I chose chocolate cookies. These cookies is so yummy. I had a hard time to choose what photo to use for my project. I had several to choose from. So here are a few outtakes.

Tower of yummyness.

It’s hard not to eat the subject…. nom, nom, nom.


Aim. Focus. Click!

It’s been 16 days since I wrote about my door-project. Lots of things can happen in 16 days, so I thought it was time to give an update again.

I’ve had some serious trouble  / dobuts about this project since last time. Last week I wasn’t feeling well and all I wanted was to get fast home to my dear read IKEA sofa. And this week I’ve had dasy I’ve been too busy to chase cool doors.

“Oh dear, how long am I going to keep up this madness?” The thought has entered my mind. More than once. Some days have been a struggle to get a decent pictures. I’ve shot a few in the morning and that’s not easy since it’s quite dark outside when I go to w0rk.

I have been fed up concidered quitting, but I’m still here. Still shooting one door each day. There is something inside me refusing to let go of this project. It’s kinda weird to say it, but there will be something missing in my life if i quit. What am I going to chase if it’s not the doors? It will be weird not to look for doors anymore.

And honestly. 124 doors isn’t enough. I need 150 at least. If not 200… I’m gonna do this project and I will pull off that last picture as you squeeze out the last drop of a lemon. I want as many photos as possible.

Writing this… I write like I know I’m gonna quit before it’s over the right way (when the 365th shot is taken). And that makes me bah. Because I do not want to drop out!

I think I need a change. I need to stop focusing on the bad stuff, on the limits and what’s gonna kill this project. I need to focus on the good stuff. And believe me, there is still good stuff out there! Like…

  1. the sun is still shining some days.
  2. It’s been minimum with rain and clouds so far this autumn.
  3. I re-discovered an area (Vålerenga) where there is a good bunch of cool doors to shoot. It only takes me about 15 minutes longer to get home.

Chantie said to me here the other day that I got 1/3 done already. That made me happy. Really happy. 124 doors have been shot. 241 left to shoot. Tomorrow is a new day and a new door is waiting for me.

Watch out doors! I’m on a mission. You’re about to be shot!

30 doors down


I’ve made it to 30 doors. A whole month! That is quite cool I have to say! Now I only need 70 more to make that book I’ve been planing to do and 335 more to the whole thing is finished.

I know I will have to twist my brain around in a few weeks, because I haven’t got that many doors spotted out. I have two streets near work, that I told you about earlier, that I can shoot from. But when those are up, I have to go elsewhere to search. It would mean that I can’t go straight home, but I have to go some place else.

You think 365 doors will be fairly easy, but I don’t think so. It’s not just 365 doors, it’s 365 interesting doors. I don’t wanna have280 boring doors. Who will follow my project on flickr then? Nobody! I should, now that I have some vacation (still some days left), go looking for some nice streets around the area where I live. I want to have many more doors on the list I keep for doors to shoot.

It was nice to be home for a week. I wanted to only shoot doors that you only find in the countryside, so I only shot doors on our property or the nearby. There were enough doors to shoot, but still it wasn’t very easy. What’s the reason for that? The weather!

It bloody rained almost all days! So it was hard some days to get out and take a shot. Even if you only are gonna shot a door, you still want sunlight. And I didn’t have much of that! Well, it all went well in the end and I’m satisified with the result I got. I’m looking forward to the 30 next doors!


Since I discovered well over a year ago, I’ve wanted to make a photobook.  But I’ve never come around to actually make one. My indecisiveness has always gotten me. What kind of photobook should I make? I’ve dwelled with this topic for a long time. The furtherest I got was to start on a book called which I named ‘not color’ and I added one picture in blac and white. I never got around to do more.

Now I’m there again. I want to make a photobook. But this time I actually have an idea. Can you believe that? I actually have an idea! I just get standing ovations just because of that. Hah.

My 365 doors project sure deserves a book. Think about how cool it would be to have a huge book with 365 different doors in it. I came up with the idea yesterday and it didn’t take long time to decide how I wanted the book to be. I see it like this:

  • intro: me telling about the project. How it came to life, how I did it etc.
  • either one or two doors on on page. I would prefer one, but then the book would cost too much!
  • naming the street and maybe say something about the door / about taking the picture
  • after a milestone (like after 50 doors, 100 doors etc) I will write a little bit about how it’s going.
  • black pages (or maybe white), but most likel

Oh, I have such a clear vision of how I want this to be.  And In my head it looks really good.

Well… all this grant that I actually will finish this project. I need at least more doors than I have now. I think the limits go at 100 doors. That is some over three months of doors and something that can be done. Less than 100 doors is not something to make a book about.

I started on the book yesterday. Of course I had to upload the latest blurb-version which too so long and almost made my computer crash. Yu can’t use itunes and blurb on the same time, god forbid! *rolls eyes* Sigh!  But anway, I uploaded all the door pictures I had (14 yesterday) and put one on each page. That looks the best. After I found out how much it would cost to print a book with over 365 pages I came up with the idea to put two doors on some pages. You know, I would have to pay about 72 euro (tax and shipping not included) to print the book! Whoa! That’s quite a lot of money!

My plan from now on is to upload one more page to the book each day. And do that at the same time I upload it to flickr. Then I won’t be so behind and have to do a lot of work all at once. I think that is a smart way to do it.

I’m already quite excited about this book! I think this will be an incentiv to go on and keep up the project. I’m not nearly bored / fed up of it yet. But who knows what will happened in a month or so?

Right now I’m on full force towards 365 doors! Only 351 to go……

Project update: the perfect street!

Hey, I haven’t melted away! I’m still here! Just barely though. Last night I slept half the night out on the balcony! Yep, you heard right – on the balcony. Tonight all night will be spent there. I know I complain on the heat, but I can’t help it. It’s too friggen hot.  It has been close to 30C+ today. My apartment is still a sauna.

After I left work today I had to go to my sisters house and water her plants. She’s on vacation and left me in charge of the plants. I didn’t go all weekend so it was well needed that I went today.

I was quite bummed because the door I had planned to take a picture of on my way to my sisters apartment wasn’t longer an option. There was this steel fence outside the door and it kept it impossible to get a good shot without getting that fence too. And the fence would ruin the picture.

But! Luckily I found another door. And oh boy.  Sweet Jesus and ten hail Marys! I found this street with lots of great doors. I know I’ll be covered for another week now! YAY! It’s close to work and I can walk that way on my way home. It will be a small detour, but I need my walking, right? It’s a win-win situation.

You wouldn’t know how excited I was when I went down that street! It was like Christmas Eve all over again! haha.

I’ll be home at Lierfoss from friday or saturday. It will be interesting to find doors out on the contry side. I know a few doors on our property I can photograph. It’s good we have a barn,two  garages, two houses, a storehouse on pilars and more. I doubt I will have any problems finding a door to photograph.

I think it’s too cold to ahem… what am I writing? too cold? whaha. I mean too warm to write anymore. You see, I’m already over-heated.

Emil three months and project one week

2009-06-21 038Emil is three months today. Mum told me here the other day that they had been invited by Hanne to go see him. Hanne didn’t invite me, but I invited myself! Hah! She was happy that I would come and said there was chocolate cake in the fridge. Yum!

I bought Emil a little gift on saturday; three pair of blueish socks and a blue sweather with a singing dog on it. Übercute!!! It was on sale too. Even better. My sister loved it! Even Geir thought the sweater was cool and he’s not that interested in the clothes. Mum had gone crazy and bought lots of things!

How could I not make a card for Emil? He only turned three months, but I was in the mood to make a card so I did. It’s simple but cute in my opinion.

The 365 doors project is going swell. Today was a very good day. I had found two doors before I came to work. I took a few pictures of them, because I wasn’t sure how much time I would have after work ended. I also found a door on my way to see Emil. And on my way home I found two more doors.

It’s a bit funny, but it was the last door I found that I used. I’ve written down the street names to the doors I haven’t posted on the project yet. I can’t risk forget where I shot it. If you know me, my memory is like Dorian in Finding Nemo, extremely bad. So I have to write down everything! I have it written down in my übercool notebook that I carry around all the time.

Tomorrow I guess I’ll find a completely new door. I’m going on a photowalk with Ellen after work. We haven’t decided where to go, only that we’re gonna meet up outside Grønlands Basar at Grønland. It’s close to where she works and I can easily get there by bus. The bus leaves right outside my office. How smart!

No more posts.