It is funny how one thing can lead to another  and in the end you are somehwere else than when you started.

Yesterday night, I was reading an online newspaper. Then I came across a review of the Gaslight Anthems new cd American Slang, which is due next wednesday. It got great reviews. 5 out of 6. The reviewer called them ‘the sons of Springsteen’.  So I decide to see if any other Norwegian newspaper have revided their new album yet. Only one could I find.

Then I decide to check some international music magazines. First I check Pitchfork, but can’t find any. So I move on to Rolling Stone. At the front page, and the head news, I find out that they are streaming their new album from their site! I forget all about the reviews and go straight to the place where they are streaming and hit play!

Out of pure excitment I have to tweet about it. Not only do I tweet, I also find the Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon (lead singer) on twitter and follow them. In one of the bands tweet, they write that Mr. Fallon has started to blog. Out of curiosity I find his blog and read a bit in his blog.

Inspired by one of this new song, which I’m not sure of who was at the moment, and something he writes on his blog, I got an idea for a poem. And it doesn’t take long before the poem is ready!

I haven’t written a poem in a while and was a bit surprised that a poem arised out of the blue. Well… music inspire me a lot when it comes to writing poems.

The poem sort of has two meanings; I leave it up to you to figure out what it can be. I’ll post the poem on my poem-blog too.

Blinded by the stars

Aren’t we all
chasing that dream.

Trying to find the perfect picture
like the guys on the screen.

Aren’t we all
chasing that hit.

Unaware that we are,
we are missing it.

It’s not about the hits
or everything great.

It’s from the ordinary things
we should create.

Creative kick

I’ve been quite creative these three last days. I started on wednesday when I decided to fix some rubber stamps I bought around easter. I bought some unmountanted rubber stamp and I needed some foam-thing to stick on the back, so I can use it on a acryllick block. I fixed one on wednesday, some yesterday and the rest today.


I wanted to test out one of the stamps. You press it on paper and then you paint it inside. I’ve never done that before, I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I ended up making a whole card.


I must say I’m happy about how it turned out. It’s not bad for a first atempt. The text says ‘a little sailor on life’s big ocean’, a quote I got from mum.

Sitting there watching the card, I started to make a poem up in my head. I wrote down what I thought of and suddenly I had a whole poem! It took me like three minutes to make it. It has never happened this fast before. It’s in Norwegian, but I’ve tried my best to translate it. It wont sound as nice, since I lost the rhymeing when I translated it though.

The sailor

You are a small sailor
on life’s vast oceans.
You’ll meet good moments
but also challenges and requirements.

With wisdom and love
on the great journey,
you are ready to meet
the big, big world.

Remember that your aunt,
always will be near you.
And be part of the voyage
in all kinds of weathers

This poem is going to be inside the card. And the card is for my nephew. My sister and brother in-law won’t baptize him, but in stead they will  have a ‘name-ceremony’ to celebrate him and his name.

As a gift for Emil, I’ve bought this tiny blue backpack (12 liters) and one even cuter lunchbox. It’s a Postman Pat lunchbox. I used to love Postman Pat! He was so cool. I remember when I was 6, I got a greeting on my birthday on the radio from grandma and grandpa. And I got to hear the Postman Pat theme-song! I was in heaven. Now I hope to pass on some Postman Pat love to my nephew!

Back to the card. I would love to have a rubber stamp that says made by Kjersti or something in that alley. When I give away card I want them and others who sees it to know it’s handmade by me. I’ve been thinking of buying such a rubber stamp for ages now, but never gotten around to it. Not until today!

madebystamp I went on ebay and found a really cute rubber stamp made by loongchai74. It’s 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm.  This stamp is soooo cute. I love it already, even though I don’t got it yet.  I hope it will be sent soon! It was cheap too! I’m very happy about this new stamp. I’m gonna use it on every card I’m making.

I’m gonna go use one of the other stamps now. The bbq-chef stamp. It fits my dad so I’m gonna make him an early birthday card. His birthday is in late October… it’s no harm to be finsihed early, is it? ;)

A poem for the annoyed ones

A poem for the annoyed ones ;)

When everything seems dull and grey
and you are so very annoyed.
What if all you ate were hay,
and were a three legged horse named Lloyd?

And your farmer was a evil man,
who only wanted to be cruel.
And your only friend was Diane
a perverse and grumpy mule.

And your house was an old shack,
that always was covered in dirt.
And Diane was always on crack.
when she tried her best to flirt.

Things can be bad of course,
but they can also be worse.
Thank god you’re not a three legged horse,
or that Diane who is very perverse.

I wrote this for a friend today who had a bad yesterday. It makes almost no sense, I know that. But it was funny to write and I thought she needed a laugh! As I said, I had fun writing it. I love writing things like this. Silly poems on rhyme.

Are we human or are we dancer?

Sometimes I listen to songs that touches me so deep and makes me so happy that it can feel like a crush! Yeah, it sounds strange, but that’s the way I’m built. Sometimes songs hit me so hard!

I have a crush right now!

The Killers are out with a new single now, called Human. I heard it for the first time some weeks ago. I thought it was good, but I only heard it a few times. Then it faded away and I started listening to something else.

Last week I saw the Killers preforming at the European Music Awards and they had a kick-ass light show. And they played of course Human. i was breathtaken by the light-show. On friday at work, I searched up the  video from the EMA on youtube and listened to it over and over again. While I worked of course. I think I must’ve played it 20 times at least.

By now, I know almost all the lyrics by heart. There are some lyrics added to the EMA version, that’s not on the single version though. It’s not been a goal to learn the lyrics. That’s something I used to have as a goal when i was 15 ;) But I always sing a long when I listen to music and some lyrics are easier to learn that others. And when you listen to the same song 5 times in a row, it’s easier to learn it too. haha.

In this Human-haze, I managed to write a poem. Another way to let my creativity out. I haven’t written anything in ages and it felt good to get something down on paper.

Music always inspire me to write poems. So most of my poems has a relationship to music, somehow. It can be a subject, a mood or just a single word. In the past, Alanis Morisette, has influenced my poems a lot.  This time it was Human and the second last word in the song, brittle. The way he sung that word, it hit me in some way. I needed to find out the meaing to this lovely-sounding word.

Brittle means easy shattered / broken. Not long after i learned that, my head was spinning and not long after I had a poem ready. Beautiful, sad but simple was Chantie’s review of it :)

My Brittle Heart

I’m aching
on the edge of breaking
my brittle heart

cut the strings
your pulling stings
my brittle heart

say goodbye
just let me go
my brittle heart

Now I’m gonna take a few mins to figure out how I’m gonna use this creative brain today. I’m still in my pj and living out the lazy-sunday concept ;)

I’ll be back, soon!

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