140713- 030s
I’ve been to Sweden a couple of times this summer. My Dutch friend Chantal visited me and we went on a 4 day trip to Gothenburg. We took the train, it took 4 hours. I had booked us a room at a lovely boat hotel, a tiny bit outside the city center, but close to the central station.

On the second day in Gothenburg, we visited Trägårdsföreningen. It’s a park full of flowers, trees, a lovely cafe, a big restaurant with an outdoor area and green grass big enough to host conerts. We saw them build a stage, so I think a concert was just around the corner. As you can see, the sun was shining and it was a lovely summer day. All the different flowers / plants were amazing. I love walking in gardens like this one.

On  our last day in Gothenburg we had to leave the hotel before noon. The train didn’t leave before 18.00, so we had quite some time to kill. We decided to spend the hours in the park, since we had our luggage with us and didn’t want to walk around with it. And after all, it was sunday, so not many shops were open and we didn’t want to spend much money. We spent the hours sitting in the park, reading, watching people going by us rating their outfits (socks in sandals is a BIG NO NO!) and eating a lovely lunch at the cafe. Chantie had a lovely salad and I had a yummy ham/cheese sandwich.

We took lots of photos in the garden. At least I did. Here are the photos I liked the most.

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There will come more photos from Sweden and Gothenburg later. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some in a few days.

Spring has sprung (visiting the Botanical Garden)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything now. It’s the story of my blog life, sadly. I either forget to blog or don’t have anything to blog about. Yesterday I knew the weather would be nice, so I decided to take my camarea out for a walk. I need to take more photos with my lovely D7, in stead of just play around with my phone and Instagram.

Spring is here and wanted to capture it. It so beautiful to see things come to life; trees starts to get green / blossom, flowers pop up and the world looks brighter. I decided to go to the Botanical Garden. I’ve been there before this time a year, and it’s beautiful there!

I left for the Botanical Garden right after work ended. Since I’ve recently decided to become more ‘sporty’ I walked all the way. It’s not far and I thought I could take some photographes on my way. This is what I captured:

These are the photographes from the Botanical Garden:

I’m still getting used to my new camera. I try, I fail and I learn. It hasn’t really sunk in how big my photos are now (in pixels and MB) – not until yesterday at least. While photographing, I suddenly get a message saying that my memory card is full. My memory card isn’t the biggest, I know that (1 GB), but with my other camera I could take a lot more photos than I can now. Now it takes less than 200 photos to fill up my card. I was like ‘but, but, but… I’m not finished here! aarrrghhh!!!’ I had to go through my photos and delete the ones I thought wouldn’t make the cut, based on the tiny LCD screen on my camera, to make room for a few new ones. Not ideal. I was pretty annoyed and

As I left the Botanical Garden I made two promises to myself: 1) Buy a bigger memory card 2) Go back to the Botanical Garden and shoot more.

I haven’t bought a new memory card yet. My plan is to do that this weekend. I do have been back at the Botanical Garden, I went there today too. Today I’d brought an extra memory card, just in case.

There is too many photos to fit them all into one blog post. So todays photos, you’ll get them later.

Stay tuned!

Operation: Balcony


I don’t have green fingers, but aparently I got green feet! ;)

It is time to get my balcony in order. The summer is on its way and I want my balcony to be nice and clean by the time I’m gonna have my first breakfast out there.

A week ago I cleaned it. It was quite a job. Lots of dirt had found its way to my balcony. Since i’m living at the top floor (5th) I don’t have any roof over my balcony to protect it.

balcony dip

This is how it looks now. There is a few things I need to get rid of. Like the leftovers from my kitchen, which I should’ve tossed away almost two years ago. haha.  I also have to put on the table cloth (vax-cloth) back on. It’s a bit discolored since I had it out there all last summer with the sun shining on it for a looong time. If I find something on sale I might buy a new one.

First I need some plants. My plan was to sow some seeds in the balcony-pots. But I haven’t found any seeds yet. The didn’t have it where I bought it last year. I talked to Lisbeth there the other day (she got green fingers) and she said it might be too late to sow things now. Maybe i need to buy actual plants in stead? I dunno.

I do have one flower, which are from last years seed. One single one who thought it would be nice to come up this year :)

2009-05-21 007

I’m gonna go to a plant-store or two this weekend. Will have mum with me. She’s a lot of help. And if I really wonders about something I can call the ‘flower-phone hotline’ which is Lisbeth. I hope I can find some good buys. Lots of flowers which doesn’t cost much. Flowers are expensive.

I’m also gonna look for a  huge pot for my green plant. All I got now is the brown plastic pot it came in and that’s not very nice. But those huge pots are so expensive! I dread using much money on a pot. But I guess I should do it… if I want my balcony to look good. Oh well… we’ll see.

To summarize things, I’m gonna make a list (you know how I love lists) of what needs to be done.

  • buy flowers or seeds
  • look for some strawberry plants
  • look for a huge pot for the plant
  • get rid of the kitchen leftover
  • make dad pick up his stepladder which is on my balcony now
  • try to find a new cheap vax table cloth.

I think that’s it. I have to write this down in my awesome notebook, so that I have it when I need to look at it.

Tic, toc. I have to end now. Have to rush downtown to meet Ellen. Movie-time! YAY!

No more posts.