Flowerpower: planting on my balcony

When spring arrives, one of the things I’m looking forward to is to plant flowers on my balcony. It is always fun to do that. I don’t have green hands in particular, but still I love it. What I do have, on the other hand, is green pants and suitable to use when planting.

I decided not to put flowers in my flower boxes hanging outside the balcony. Instead I bought a new zink bucket and borrowed a small zink bucket from my mum. In addition I have two small flower pots that I bought at IKEA last year. All in all, enough flowers for me.

When I was done with the flowers I remembered I had to take out my furniture as well. I had totally forgotten! When I came down in the basement to find the furniture, I got a surprise. I had also forgotten that I’d bought new furniture last year – they were not brown and old anymore, but white and new. That made me really happy.

I was really satisfied when the furniture was out on the balcony, the table cloth was laid out and the flower pots where set in place.

Of course I wanted to document the planting. I love flowers and I love photographing, so it was only natural.

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Flower Power

We’re almost half through May. The nights are not cold anymore and it’s time to plant. My plastic flower boxes were not in a good shape. I hadn’t taken good enough care of them. After a short inspection a little more than a week ago, I found out I needed new ones if I wanted to plant anything this year. I thought they would cost a lot and I wasn’t sure if I would put money in flower boxes and flowers this year.

Last weekend when I saw my friend Linda and shared my thoughts, she told me I NEEDED to have flowers on my balcony. “You are going to spend time on your balcony, yes?” Before I got the chance to answer she continued: “You need flowers”. And when thinking about it, I realised that I do need flowers. What would my balcony be without flowers? Boring! Last sunday I went to the garden center with Linda and I bought two flower boxes. It didn’t cost much at all to my big surprise. No flowers were bought.

When I left wor today, I went downtown. There is a square downtown where they sell lots of flowers. They have all kinds of flowers and I wanted to fill my boxes. It was very hard to pick what to buy.  Very, I tell you. I love so many types of flowers. I walked around for quite some time before managed to decide on what to buy. One of the seller, a female, she asked me twice if I was ready to pay.

I bought a pack with ten lobelias (picture above). I always buy them. They are pretty and good to fill up the boxes with.

This is a new flower to me. Never had it before. It’s English Pelargonia. Tiny flowers. Oh, so pretty. And the colors are awesome.

Dianthus. One of my favourite flowers. Pretty!

Empty plastic flower pots on top my outdoor table.

Dirty hands. That’s what you get when planting.

Flowes need water. This is my watering can from IKEA. It’s an elephant and the trunk pours out water.

This is how it turned out.You see the flower boxes from both sides. Pretty flowers. Im happy with my work and can’t wait to spend hot summer days on my balcony. It’s not big (almost 6 m2), but it works great for my purpose; breakfasts in the sun, reading in my chair and tanning.

The one, last thing I need now is a flower on my table. I think I will go for violas. I love, love, love violas!

Planting (pt. 1)

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This is just a quick update. I should’ve been in bed an hour ago. My eyes are sore and my head is a bit wozzy. But you know how it goes…

The picture above shows how today this weekend has been; both sunny and cloudy. The summer is not quite here yet. When the sun goes away, it drops some degrees and it gets a bit chilly. Especially if you sit still on the terracce.

Yesterday I bought flowers for my pots. I don’t know the names of them in english and I’m too lasy to look it up. I don’t even have any pictures of them yet. There wasn’t any sun on my balcony when I planted them two hours ago, so I thought I’d wait. I’ll show you pictures of them tomorrow or something.

I helped mum plant her flowers yesterday. These are some of them.

2009-05-24 126

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Ah. I love ‘dutch pots’. You see the top of it there. I have one big at my balcony which I have some sort of tree in (from IKEA). Haha, yes, even my trees comes from IKEA!!

And today we went to the graveyard with my aunt Juliane to plant on the graves we’re looking after there. It’s a lot! You know my grandparents on both sides, an uncle, dads¬†thre aunts & one uncle, some great grandparents etc. We were there for an hour I guess.

Planting pt. 2 will come tomorrow (hopefully).

PS. Lily Allens new album It’s Not Me, It’s You, is great and will sure be a summerhit in my livingroom. Ah I love that woman. Fuck You & Never Gonna Happen are my faves right now.

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