Bits and bobs from Oslo pt. II


The past two months, I’ve been out photographing in  Oslo. There hasn’t been anything in particular I’ve been aiming to shoot, I have just wanted to shoot things I that catches my eyes and I find pretty / interesting. I’ve also wanted to spend more time with my 35mm lens, so that have been my primary lens when I’ve been out photographing. I’ve been walking around different parts of time, both the center of Oslo and the west side.

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Lofoten – the midnight sun


Last week, on friday afternoon, I went on a mini vacation to Lofoten. My dear friend Linda’s boyfriend Glenn is from Lofoten. They were there on vacation and I came to visit. I had the pleasure to stay at Glenn’s parents house during my 5 days stay and it couldn’t have been better or more welcoming.

Lofoten is an archipelago and is known for a distinctive scenery with mountains and peaks, open ocean and sheltered bays, beaches and vast untouched lands. It offers surfing, cycling and many rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities.

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Colorful Oslo III


The fascination for colorful buildings haven’t stopped yet and when you walk around Oslo you’ll see many of them. You just have to go to places that’s not in the middle of Oslo, stay away from the parade street Karl Johan’s gate and the streets where the shops are located. If you avoid the inner city, there are many of beautiful building with different colors.

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Colorful Oslo II

IMG_0087 dip

June has really graced us with great weather here in Oslo. For days now it has been warm and sunny. Early this week the temp was close to 30C; it has cooled off a little bit now and today I think it was 23C.

I put on a summer dress this morning, ready to embrace the city. First on my to-do list was to run some errands downtown and I had planned to meet up with my friend Ellen. We stopped by a few stores, bought a few things, walked around time, devoured an icecream each and sat under a tree and played a geography quiz on her phone. After three hours together we parted, she had another meeting.

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Winter wonderland

251214- 312

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a very long time. I started this blogpost A YEAR AGO and I forgot to post it. That’s how things have been… I had planned to post some other photos from a photo walk a week ago. But since I hadn’t posted the photos below, I’ll post them later.

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Easter is just around the corner. I’m not a Christian so to me Easter doesn’t evolve around Jesus being cruzified, getting up from the dead and travel to heaven. To me Easter is time off the office, eating eggs, watching criminal series on the TV, eating candy and be with friends.

This Easter I’m not going to be in Norway. I’m travelling to see Chantie (and Cisca), which will be awesome! So I won’t be able to see any of my other friends that I could’ve seen this Easter.

Not long ago I came up with the idea to create and send some Easter cards to some of my friends. I’ve never done that before, but one time have to be the first, right? I doubt I’ll make this a tradition, but since I’m going away I thought it could be nice. It’s always nice to get a card in the mail, right? I think so at least. I love to get written cards and letters. It’s so much better than getting an e-mail or something posted on your facebook wall.

So the past weeks I’ve created some cards. Four to be exact.

Each card says ‘Happy Easter’.

I bought a lot of different yellow and green cardboard for these cards. Too much. I haven’t used half of it. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll get it used some other time. The rabbit is from a clear-stamp set I bought  few weeks ago. I first bought the clear stamp set (called Friends in the forrest) for my friend Sissel’s birthday. When she had her scrapping birthdayparty I borrowed it and liked it so much I had to buy it myself. I find that rabbit very cute and it fits as a Easter Rabbit.

In addition to the card I’m gonna put candy like pictured above in the envolope. Just to ‘spice it up’ a bit.

Sending a little surprise card to a few friends is something everybody should do once in a while. It doesn’t take that much time and I’m pretty sure it would mean a lot to the recciver. You don’t even have to make the card as I did, you can buy one.

Now go send someone a card! ;)

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