Lofoten – the midnight sun


Last week, on friday afternoon, I went on a mini vacation to Lofoten. My dear friend Linda’s boyfriend Glenn is from Lofoten. They were there on vacation and I came to visit. I had the pleasure to stay at Glenn’s parents house during my 5 days stay and it couldn’t have been better or more welcoming.

Lofoten is an archipelago and is known for a distinctive scenery with mountains and peaks, open ocean and sheltered bays, beaches and vast untouched lands. It offers surfing, cycling and many rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities.

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Winter wonderland

251214- 312

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a very long time. I started this blogpost A YEAR AGO and I forgot to post it. That’s how things have been… I had planned to post some other photos from a photo walk a week ago. But since I hadn’t posted the photos below, I’ll post them later.

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Shopping & more

I went shopping with Linda today. She is a great shopping-buddy. We are a like a lot and likes the same stores, so it’s easy to go shopping with her.

Today I finally found myself a leather jacket. And without looking for it. I’ve been looking all fall for a leather jacket. Well not all, but I’ve been looking for a long time without finding any. They have either been ugly or two small. I just stumbled upon this while looking at Risøe; a clothing store I never really go into. I’m glad I did today.

Chantie wanted to see pics of the jacket so I had to set up a little photoshoot in the bathroom. haha. I placed the camera on top of the counter and put on the 15 sec timer. I took a few shots. And since Samson was half sleeping in the sink, I decided to include him in a shot or two. He didn’t really want to, but I forced him. haha.

I bought quite a few things on our shopping spree. The jacket was the biggest item. On H&M I bought a wine-red skirt with flower prints and a black tights. I also bought a baking tin with a lid and a handles on it. Super to carry around cake in it. What more? A candle holder, tea-lights in red and purple, some Christmas Ornaments (thre tiny angels in glass) and some scrapbook things.

The best thing? Everything was on sale! Woho. I love sale. Love, love, love it!

I’m gonna go look for some more things on sale this weekend maybe. Depends on how the weekend turns out. Not sure how long Lisbeth is staying. She’s coming on thursday for New Years Eve and it’s not decided how long she’ll be staying.

About New Years Eve. I’m sitting here with a list in front of me. A list of things I need to do tomorrow. Things to buy and fix. I need to clean the apartment! The grocerylist is getting bigger and bigger. And tonight I found out I need some glasses of some sort I can serve icecream and berries in. I will have to go downtown Oslo to look for that tomorrow.

I also need to unpack all my stuff that I’m bringing from Lierfoss. All my clothes, the Christmas gifts and the new stuff I bought today. By the way, I got a quite some nice Christmas gifts; a purple dressing gown, the whole Beck-serie (24 films), two books, Christmas ornaments, a black vase, gift certificate on H&M, a frying pan (much needed) and a scarf . And probably some more things that I’ve already forgotten.

I fear that tomorrow will be a bit stressfull. I hope not!

*breath in, breath out*

Winter wonderland

Omg. Today’s weather has been so gorgeous. The sky was blue and it was sunny. Because of that it was also cold. It was around – 10 degrees C. Now it’s -17 degrees. Brrr! It’s nice to be inside with the fire on and listening to Bob Dylan’s new Christmas CD. That CD is awesome! I love, love it!

So today I’ve been out taking pictures. I had to because of the weather. When you got as beautiful weather as I’ve had today you can’t stay inside. Even if it’s cold.  I brought both my lenses, but only used my 18-125 mm. I took 127 shots in total. For the past hours I’ve been going through all of them and processed 1/10 of them. Most of them ended up as square photos, my fave format.





Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s past midnight and everybody has gone to bed but me. I should be going to bed myself, but I wanted to blog  a bit before I close my eyes.

The Christmas holiday is finally here.  Everybody is home for Christmas; me, my sister, her husband and my nephew.  And Samson (the cat) is around. It’s happy times. The tree is decorated. In fact, the whole house is decorated. Every little santa or angel is carefully put on its place. We try to put the ornaments at the same plasce as last year, but if we don’t remember, we just find a new place.

Tomorrow, or today actually since it’s past midnight, is the ‘big day’. I’m really looking forward to it. Things will be a bit different this year since Emil is here. But that’s ok. We will still do the same things, it will just be at different times. We will open some of Emil’s presents before he’s gone to bed. It will be around 15.00. the plan is to have the Christmas dinner after Emil is put to bed, so I guess it will be around 19.00, 19.30. After dinner and desert we will open our presents.

This year I might not go to church which is a bit sad. I’m not a Christian, but I like to go to church at Christmas Eve; just to see people you know and sing traditional Christmas songs. Linda is working, and she used to be my partner in crime. Dad said he could go, but if we’re gonna open presents around that time, we won’t be able to go to curch as well.  Oh… I’ll live.

I’m getting sleepier and sleepier. My face is a constant yawn. I think someone is telling me it’s time for bed. I better listen!

Merry Christmas reader(s)! ;)

Oh ps. I’m concidering changing the layout on this blog again… ahem… I know. But I have some ideas of what to do. Not sure if they will work though. I have to check if I can find a layout that appeals to me. It’s not many, let me tell you. *sigh*


Tuesday thoughts

All evening I’ve been wanting to blog. Now it’s 23.20 and I have some time and what happen? I don’t know what to blog about! The only thing I have is the picture above which I wanted to use. I made that diptych today. The ornament at the bottom I bought on sale today. It’s a bit too glittery & too big for me. I wouldn’t put it on a tree, but it works well just to photograph. And that’s why I bought it!

It’s no news I buy things just to photograh them, is there? This thing were 50% off. That’s my defense. Case closed.

I sit here smiling because the holiday kicks in very soon. Only one more day to work. A piece of cake. It’s always nice to work the last day before the a holiday sets in. Well…. unless you have shitload of things to do then. I don’t. I have things that need to be done and some things I would like to have done beofore I leave tomorrow, so it will be far from a lazy day. But it won’t be superhectic at least.

My bag is packed and all the Christmas gifts that are going to Lierfoss is collected in three plastic bags. I think I have managed to bring all the stuff I need for some days at Lierfoss. The most important stuff is my photo equipment and my cellphone charger. If I got that, I’m saved!

Of course I think I brought too much clothes. No news there! I always do that. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Earlier this evening, when I was planning what to put into that bag, I thought about how long I was going to stay. My thoughts started to swirl around my mind and it hit me that I have a lot of free time I have no idea what to do with it or where to be.

I know I’ll be home until sunday at least. Maybe  I’ll stay home until tuesday morning too. While I’m home there is one thing I have to do and that’s visit Linda. Other than that, I have no plans. I’m not sure when she’s avaliable.

On sunday I think my sister and Geir is having a dinner party I’m attending. I’m not sure yet, but I think so. If so, that’s in Oslo. If I’ve already seen Linda before that, I think I’ll just stay in Oslo after that the dinner is finished. I do have some things to do here too.

I need to prepare New Years. My apartment needs a cleanup. And I need to test out that starter I talked about yesterday.

Ellen and I, we talked about get together one day too. Or at least one evening, since she working in between Christmas and New Year. Maybe we can go see a movie? I would really like to see It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. I have to say, I sort of hate Steve Martin and his movies, but I’ve seen the trailer to this movie and I laughed. And I’ve seen the movieposter and seeing Alec Baldwin and his content smile, makes me wanna see it even more. Yes, it sounds weird that Baldwin’s smile makes me wanna see the movie even more, but it does…

It’s getting late and I know I should’ve been in bed long time ago. But I’m sort of in a ‘i-dont-care-about-the-time-mood’, which can be a bit scary.

I better end this, because I just come to think of the fact that I should upload todays door. And I haven’t figured out which picture to use either.

Hasta la Vista baby. I’ll be back!

Give away & get together

Today, after I left work, I went downtown to see my friend Sissel to exchange gifts. We met at her office, I had to come in because she wasn’t finished with what she was doing.  After a little while, we left the office and went to eat at Kjøkken & Bar. They have great food there and a good atmosphere. Only downside today was that it took long to get the menu and the drinks we ordered. I ate some beef and lovely creamy potatoes. Sissel ate cod which looked very yummy.

We sat there for one hour and a half or so chatting about this and that while eating. Sissel had some dessert, I passed. I was still full from the dinner.

We exchanged gifts and admired each othres christmas card which both were handmade of course.

When I came home I wrapped some gifts. Everyone, but three, is wrapped one. One needs to be finished (Emil’s Christmas stocking) and the two others I’m not going to wrap until I’ve shown it to my parents. It’s the two calendars I made. I thought my parents would like to see the one they are giving to my uncle before I wrap it.

I need some gift tags on all gifts. I have to make them tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll have time tonight. I got other things to do, like hang up some laundry (yay… ahem…) and maybe start to think of what clothes to bring home for the Christmas holiday.

I’ve planned New Years today. I managed to do that in between of my working. Lisbeth emailed me and asked what we were going to do, because she thought we had talked about spending it together. And she was right, we had. I quickly emailed Ellen to lay out Lisbeth’s and my ideas.

What is going to happen is that we’re spending New Year at my place. Ellen is bringing some firework-thingies, her good mood and some alcohol! Three great things. Lisbeth said she could bring a roast (moose) she had in the freezer.

So, what am I bringing to the table? I was thinking I should make some starters for us. I got some cool ideas, but not sure if they will work. I was thinking some white bread, smoked salmon with eggs and leek onion. The eggs a bit like a omelette, fried in the pan. But I want the shape the piece of egg into a stare or a heart. Will this work? I will have to try.

Spending New Year in Oslo will be fun. If the weather is good, we will be able to see the fireworks from my balcony. We won’t be able to fire anything ourself, since it’s forbidden. But Oslo have a few places where they shoot up fireworks from. Professi0nal people.

Guess who’s gonna be ready to get the perfect firework shot?

I ♥ baking

I love to bake. But you all knew that already didn’t you? Today I’ve had a baking-evening with Ellen. We were going to bake Christmas-cookies. I don’t like that many Christmas cakes. The only two I like I don’t know how to make. These, which is called Serina cakes, I made for mum. She has enough to bake already so I thought it was nice to bake some for her. I always bake these before Christmas.

The recipie:

150 gram butter
1 1/3 deciliter of sugar
1 egg
4 deciliter flour
1 tea spoon vanila sugar
1 tea spoon baking powder

Stirr the butter and sugar until it’s “white”. Add the egg. Mix the dry ingredients and add it to the dough.

Make round little balls. Place them on a plate. Push them down with a fork. Brush the top of the cookies with albumen and sprinkle sugar (pearl sugar) and chopped up almonds on top.

In the oven for 10 – 20 minutes (depends on the size of the cookies) at 190 degrees celcius.

Ellen baked some cookies I don’t remember the name of. It is traditional Christmas cookies. We had a lot of fun baking. I was ready way before her, since I had made the pastry days before, so I helped out Ellen with her cookies.

After baking for a few hours, we made dinner – pasta. Yum! It was delish. We watched Nanny 911 and half of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  I had chocolate for dessert after Ellen left. When I think about it, I’m still eating chocolate.

Photo in mosaic

One of my pictures are featured on frau heuberg’s blog. It’s picture number 12 in the mosaic, the one I called ‘dear Santa’.

I never really get my pictures published, weather it’s online or elsewhere. It has happened a few times, I can count it on one hand. So when I reccived a flickr mail from Frau Heuberg, saying they had used one of my pics, I got happy :)

Dear Santa

I know I’ve been fairly good / nice this year and I hope you have seen that too. So here is my wishes for this Christmas. I know it’s long, and I don’t expect to get everything I want.  But I thought it would be nice to have lots to choose between ;)

  • Canon Photoprinter
  • Macro lense
  • Books by Håkan Nesser
  • Scrapbooking things like rubber stamps, pattern paper, die cuts etc.
  • Pens from Promarker
  • Dressing gown
  • shower curtain in a light color
  • the Killers CD+DVD. Live from Royal Albert Hall
  • long sleeves in different colors (black, white, seablue)
  • socks
  • Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales by Clarence Clemons
  • lamp for my bedroom (roof-lamp)
  • PC speakers
  • thin scarfs in various colors.
  • rings
  • Perfume: Poison by Dior
  • DVDS: Man on the Moon, Philadelphia, the Polar Express

That’s about it. Oh I forgot one thing. I really, really, really  want snow on Christmas Eve!

Holiday greetings,

Kjersti :+)

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