When I visited the Medieval Park on saturday and stood by the water surface I saw these buildings and thought it would be interesting to photograph them. The tall buildings are named ‘Barecode’, since they look exactly like that –  barcode.

The Barcode has been discussed in the newspapers and elsewhere a lot. Some people don’t like the tall buildings because they think they block the view of the fjord for many people. They’ve also said that the buildings box in Oslo. I heard that even today when I was standing on a bridge photographing the buildings. I find the buildings very pretty. Each of them has a unique design which I love. As you can see, they are not finished building.

The buildings contains both offices (PriceWaterhouseCooper, a bank (DNB), a two-star restaurant (Maaemo) and apartments. I wouldn’t mind living in one of those apartment, with a view over the fjord. I do have a great view on my apartment as it is. I can see lots of Oslo and even the fjord, but I think it would be extra special to be so close to the fjord. To wake up in the morning and eat breakfast to that view, would be great.

Most of the photos were taken on saturday with my zoom lens. On sunday, when I went back to photograph more, I brought the wide angle lens. I don’t use  that too often. I should use it more. Today I brought all my lenses. I never leave my door without my 50 mm lens, but today I clould’ve left it at home. I didn’t use it once.

So, here they are:

Summer in the city: bikes edition

There shouldn’t be any news that I love bikes. As I stated in my previous post, I promised to share the bikes I photographed on my photo trip on thursday. I didn’t really planned to focus on bikes, but after seeing a few great bikes, I couldn’t resist focusing on bikes and hunting down more.

I have prospects of shooting more awesome bikes in the near future. A while ago, my Dutch friend Chantie and I, we settled my Netherlands-vacation. We’ve been talking about it for a long time, that I should come see her. First she asked if I would come during Easter. I told her I would more like to visit during the summer. For a while, there was a chance Chantie didn’t have the opportunety to have me over this summer, but after some forth and back, it got settled. I’m leaving the 25th of July and will return to Oslo the 1st of August. I will have one week in the Netherlands. Awesome sauce!

For anyone who has been in the Netherlands, you know that they have lots of bikes. When I say lots, I mean LOTS! Just look at this photo I took four years ago in Nijmegen. My plan is to photograph as  many awesome bikes as possible. In addition to all the bikes I plan to capture, there will be some other great photograpy opportunety as well. We’re planning a trip to a zoo in Amsterdam. There will be lots of animals to photograph there. A trip to de Gooyer, a windmill in Amsterdam, will also give me something to photograph.

Well. Back to the bikes. It was, after all, bikes this post should be about. Here are some bike photographs. Bikes, bells, straddles and more.

Oslo explored with the wide angle (and the 50 mm) lens

I went on a impulse photo trip this afternoon. I almost always carry my camera with me. I brought it today because I felt it was time take it for a walk. When I left work, I really had other plans. But they got changed and I ended up on a small photo trip. And I got to use my wide angle again; I haven’t used it in quite some time.

A school.

A tree. In the sun.

Tram stop. Sjømannskolen. It goes uphill. Love that red shed.

The road up to a fancy restaurant that has a spectacuar view. It’s called Ekeberg Restaurant. Very pricy, but good food. You can get mountain water from Peru there!

Functionalist building. Oh so pretty.

This building has an interesting history. It was a restaurant here in the 1920’s and it was busy, very busy. It closed at some point and was abandoned for a long time. Some years ago I guy bought it, restored it and turned it into a restaurant again. A great thing to do. It’s very expensive to eat there, but you can just go there for the view. It’s a great place to see Oslo from.

Binoculars. So you can see the city close up. Those binoculars reminds me so much of Wall E. Have you seen that movie? If so, you must see the recemblence!

The city on a sunny day. Lots of trees in the foreground. There are a lot of trees /forrest in Oslo. The middle of Oslo is actually in the middle of the forrest.

Some islands in the Oslo fjord. Boats are driving around. And I guess there are quite some people on those island; taning, bbq-ing, bathing etc today.

Some more of those island. This is taken some to the right of the photo above. Sunny and warm day. I’m pretty sure it would’ve been lovely to sit on deck in one of the boats cruising the fjords today.

This is tha area where they are building the most these days. The area in the front; it’s going to be apartments there. Awesome location, right by the fjord. I bet they will be expensive.

A bit to the right we got this view. The tall buildings to the right in the photo; they are called the barcode. And that’s because when they’re all lined up they look like a barecode. Obviosly. Some hate the, say they block the view to the fjord. I like them.

The east side of Oslo, where I live.

Berries on a tree. Not to eat, I’m afraid.

A cool tree.

To the left: people are sitting outside eating. The restaurant have area outside where you can drink and eat some. It’s cheaper than inside.  To the right: people checking out the view. Some with binoculars, some with their eyes only.

I’m going back to this place some time soon I hope. There is a cafe close by I want to visit. And there is a forrest with a road through it closeby too. I want to walk in that city forrest (that it’s called) and have a snack at that restaurant. It says it has great view. My friend Ellen and I have talked about going there, but it has rained every time we’ve planned it. This weekend it’s gonna rain big, fat cats and dogs (the amount we normall get in a month will pour down in just two days they say), so no trip. But some day soon!

I’m babysitting my nephew on saturday. Expect some photos to come; either here or on my flickr account.

Glimps of Oslo pt. two

I continue my post from yesterda, where you saw glimps of Oslo. Here is the photos I took after I split with Ellen and she went home. The Vikings are a part of the Norwegian history and you can buy a Viking ship with a Viking inside in every (at least I assume so) souvenir shop located in Oslo.

Another peek into a store. An antique book store with lots of old books. It was closed so I could only take photos from outside.

Juristen (the Jurist). A bar that was closed at the moment. No chance to get any booze there as the shelves are covered with lattice. Im pretty sure it was lots of people there later that evening / night.

Taken outside a place called Heimen, a cafe / restaurant. One of the girls behind the counter stared intensly at me when she saw I was taking pictures. I wish I was more comfortable to not care about staring people. I stopped shooting and walked away.

Maybe I should invest in some running shoes, so I can run away when people catch me photographing odd stuff? Näh. I don’t think so. Lots of cool running shoes though. I find the green ones nice!

I fell in love with this sign as soon as I saw it. It’s very pretty. I love that it’s square.

Partyswedes: Go home! Someone doesn’t like all the Swedes we have in Oslo. There are a lot of Swedes in Oslo. Whenever you go out to a cafe / pub / restaurant, there is a Swede working behind the bar or as a waiter/waitress.

Silence! I kill you! Everyone should know Achmed the dead terorist. Saw this replica in a storefront. I just had to take a photo of it.

Here is a little bit more of the fella with the huge grin.

To outweight the two last photos, here are a soft photo of some pussy willow. Such pretty branches. This was the last photo I took of the day. My back and feet were so, so tired. And my belly was screaming for food. So all I could to was to go home!

I really hope I get the chance to go on a new photowalk soon. It’s so much fun. I get to explore parts of Oslo I haven’t seen that much. I get exercise and there is so much time to talk about this and that (everything).

I’m off to the Netherlands on wednesday on my (almost) annual Easter trip. I will bring my camera of course and I hope I get the chance to use it a lot. It would be fun if I could write a post like this with photos from the Netherlands (Alkmaar and Amsterdam).

First spring photowalk

I’ve had my first ‘spring photo walk’ today. It wasn’t a long one, but it was oh so great! It’s been a while since I’ve picked up the camera and it felt so good walking around taking photos of this and that. As usual, the people that just can’t understand what you are photographing and start to stare, popped up. Good lord, sometimes I wonder if they’ve ever seen a digital camera before?! Ok, it might look at bit odd that I’m standing photographing a brick wall  up close, but what’s up with that intense staring? Sometimes I feel like yelling at them ‘what the heck are you staring at, mind your own business moron!’ But, of course, I never do.

Anyway, apart from the staring people, it was a nice walk. I ended up with quite some photos. And here are some:

I love snow. But it’s nice to see the green grass, the sun and the relatively warm weather  too. This heartshaped snow caught my attention.

Lovely window with plants inside.

Stones. Light and shadow.

Sticker for a Norwegian band I’ve never heard about.

Not just another brick on the wall. That dark brown brick stood out and it screamed ‘photograph me!’. So I just had to…

Another wall that also wanted to be photographed. You can’t say no to such a great wall. All the yummy bokeh I can create. Ahhh!

Manhole lid with the number 40 on it. I wonder what 40 stands for. Lots of details and sunlight! And a nice  pattern. I got a few versions of this.

The remains of last year bask in this years sun. Lovely sunlight!

Old berries.

All the bokeh you could possible need. And a branch pointing straight at you. Maybe not the most sophisitcated or interesting photo, but I love all the bokeh and the light!

And a photo of myself at the end. A typical one, where a mirror is involved. I kind of like those, if you already haven’t noticed.

I have already planned a bigger phototrip. Well, I can’t take credit for it. It was my friend Ellen who asked me today if we could do another walk. It will happen on the 16th I think. Hopefully I will be able to take a few mini-trips before that.

Stay tuned. But don’t hold your breath!

Everyday life: neighbourhood walking

I had to go to get some groceries today. When it’s sunday, most stores are closed. But Bunnpris is open seven days a week, so I went there. It takes me a few minutes to get there. I decided to bring my camera.  The weather wasn’t the best (cloudy, no sun what so ever), but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

On the backside of the building where I live.

Taken through a window.

Snowy road. There is, sadly, not enough money to get rid of the snow. I guess we have to wait until it melts away…

It’s car standing there; not only covered by the blue sheet, but a lot of snow too.

Do you fancy a pita filled with kebab? Only 39 NOK.

Snowy stairs.

Today’s news, waiting to be read. The situation in Libya is on the front.

Somone is selling their apartment.

Bike seat covered in snow. It’s close to impossible to ride a bike these days. Still, I see some people pushing the bike through the snow. When I see such people my thoughts swings between impressed and amazed.

Tree brances. A maze.

Snowy ground filled with stones to prevent us from falling.

Local kiosk / grocerystore. They have the essencial stuff, but are very expensive. They are open on sunday’s and that’s good. Also nice to have if you’re missing that one thing and don’t wanna go all the way to the regular grocerystore. Sinsen Dagligvare has saved me more than once.

Tire tracks in the snow. All white and yummy.

Not snow, but paper. Makes a nice pattern.

Royal mail. The old logo for the Norwegian Postal service. It’s pretty. The cracks in the horn, makes this interesting.

Next saturday Ellen and I, we’re going on a photo trip. So I will have a new blog post up next weekend devoted to our explorations. In the meantime, I might devote a blog post to my scrapping. Wait and see!




Oslo by day pt 2.

This is part two of my phototrip from yesterday. Now I’ve gone a little closer and the bokeh is present.

Outside the restaurant New Orelans. Last year I took a photo of their door for my door project.

Empty coffee cup; was filled with espresso. And a Napolion’s cake. This was Ellen’s treat.

Croissant and some danish pastry. Photo taken outside the cafe we visited. A woman inside the cafe, in front of the counter, looked strangely at me. I guess she was wondering why I was photographing the pastry. It annoyes me when people start staring.

A restaurant. Nobody sat outside; it was too cold. It’s still just the beginning of February. Inside it was more crowded.

A pile with chairs stacked up against the wall.

Old Kodak sign. Very pretty.

Pepper mix and black pepper. This goes into my food project. My letter to shoot was P and this was a perfect subject. I honestly didn’t think I would find something that would fit my food project. I didn’t even concider it.

Outside a flowershop own buy a famous Norwegian guy (Finn Schjøll). I love pussy willows.

From a tourist shop. A Viking-ship.

A newspaper reader. This is taken outside the building where the tabloid VG has their office. You can read todays newspaper in the background. Akersgata used to be the ‘newspaper-street’, but it’s not anymore since two newspapers have moved.

Advertisement. You could see the Swing Shift Side Show at Blitz on friday.

I’m planning a new phototrip soon. It was so much fun and I would love the explore new parts of Oslo. Yesterday we visited St. Hans Haugen and Bislett. I would love to go to Sagene eller Torshov. I’m pretty sure we can find great things to capture there too.


Oslo by day pt. 1

Urban jungle. That’s what we named the photo after I took it.

I went on a photowalk with my friend Ellen today. I brought all my gear; my 10-20 mm wide angle, the 18-125 mm and my 50 mm. I ended up just using my 50 mm. It’s a great lens and I had lots of fun using it today.

We walked around for more than three hours and I took about 150 photos. We walked around and decided where to go as we walked. Did we see something interesting down a street, we walked there.

I have a lot of photos, so I have to divide them into two blog posts. Here is the first one.

If you look up, and not always look just straight forward, you’ll see pretty things.

Well, this isn’t such a pretty building, but interesting. Love how the lights are shining on it.

Pretty building.

Quarter past 11; that’s when I started shooting today. This is a church spire.

Some famous guy I don’t remember the name of. It might be Olav Trygvasson, a former King.

Fun fact: Ellen always calls this T.G.I. And I always say Friday’s. I love how the color of tha awning matches the colors of the wall. It’s like Friday’s were ment to be there!

Pink! The wall was acutally more red, but turned out pink after I shot it. You can see the actual color in the top photo. But even if the color isn’t authentic, I like the photo.


In the winter Olympics in Oslo in 1952 the skating was held at this stadium. It’s re-built since then.

Entrance three / Lille Bislett – a tiny street leading up to the stadium.

The rest of the photos you’ll get in my next blog post. Stay tuned for more photos!


Cold winter stills

When I woke up this morning, I knew this day would be dedicated to taking pictures. I hoped for some sun and lots of yummy light to shoot in. I didn’t get that. Instead I got mist/fog and cold. Just as good as sunlight, I have to say. For a very long time, I’ve admired photos on flickr with mist/fog. It’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to shot that perfect misty photo. I’ve never gotten the opportunety before; not until today.

Mist/fog is really something that creates a special mood in a photo. A mood I’m specially fond of!

I was cold outside today. – 16 C. Brrrrr! I had to wear a hat, scarf and mittens in addition to a warm jacket. It didn’t take long before I was cold. After about 45 minutes I had to go inside again. I was too cold and my camera had low battery.

After I came in, I sat down in front of the computer, went through todays shot (around 80) and processed the photos I liked the most. While working I’ve listened to a lot of music. The playlist has been various Christmas songs, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Dukes and Patti Scialfa.

Here are todays photos; with and without mist.

Lierfoss. To the right you can see my parents’ barn.

The road up to the neighbours, my friend Linda’s parents.

Stones on the wintery road.

1520. Frosty letters.


Trees on a line surrounded by the fog.

Frosty branches.

Frosty berry.

Pine cones are so beautiful.

Square frost/bokeh yummyness.

The corner of a shred (where we keep wooden bricks). Frost or no frost; that’s the question!

Frosty wooden wall.

I ♥ Oslo pt. 2

Today has been a great day. The weather has shown itself from the best side; sunny and warmth. Around 22 c. which is a lovely temp. Ellen and I have been exploring the east side of Oslo (Grünerløkka, Akerselva etc). And it has been fun. Altogether we were out walking for about 3.5 hours! My feet/legs, in fact my entire body feels that now. After the long walk, we went to my place to bbq; hamburgers and cheese hotdogs. Yum! It was really nice laying in the grass, eating delish food, listening to various of songs (old and new), talking and commenting on the clouds passing on the sky.

Here are some of what we’ve seen today:


Sings that belongs to a now closed grocery store. Kolonial is an old norwegian word for grocery store. They sold meat and pork. Love the colors and the font in these signs.

A Shelby. Awesome car. Cool with the vans in the window!

A white-ish building that looked really cool against the clear blue sky.

An old silo rebuilt to house people; students in Oslo in particular.

Still no loving police… Building with lots of tagging.

Ellen and I having a little rest. Sitting on the pavement in one-way street eating ice-cream.

The cutest trash can ever!

Colorful chairs. Ellen & I to be seen in the window.

A blue and colorful building. It’s such a beauty!

Seen in a soon to open Italian restaurant. An old-fashioned scale. We are going back to this Italian restaurant, but then to eat.

Spotted cloud while laying in the grass resting after the tour & dinner (bbq) was finished.

No more posts.