Photo trip: the Garden City

The sign says trail.

Yesterday was so sunny. The air was warmer than it normally is this time a year. It was a perfecct day for a photo trip. My friend Ellen and I, we first went to a place outside the city center called Lambertseter. We’re got this inside joke about that place and I wanted to see how it was like up there. We took a few photos, but didn’t stay too long because it was a pretty boring place; not a place for the great photographes. The photo above is from Lambertseter.

A friend of mine asked me on twitter when I written I’d been out on a photo trip: phototrip for what? I replied it wasn’t for anything special. Told him I’d just walked around town taking pictures of all things interesting. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I go out, with not much of a plan, and capture all things interesting / beautiful.

After leaving Lambertseter, we took the subway all the way to Ullevål. There we visited Ullevål Hageby; a residential area and garden city. It was intended for the working class, as an attempt to create healthy housing with more space, and with a small garden attached to each house. But when the apartments were sold, it was the middle class people who ended up buying the houses.  Today the area has among the highest prices in the city and is the biggest garden city in Norway. You can read a little bit more about the garden city here.

Ullevål Hageby reminds me of Monopoly. In the Norwegian edition of the game, Ullevål Hageby is the most expensive property to buy, alongside Rådhusplassen (the area outside the City Hall).

Here are some photographes from the garden city and areas close by:

This road is called Fairytail street. What an awesome name of a street. I wouldn’t mind living there.

I did take quite some photos of bikes yesterday too. You know, I never come home from a photo trip without at least one bike shot. Yesterday I came home with more than one, and I’m gonna show you them later.



Miaow, miaow

My plan this evening was to take another bike trip exploring more of Oslo. But that didn’t happen. In stead I went out for a little walk. At the other side of the street I saw a cat sitting by the door wanting to get in. I could not help it come inside, but I could do something else; cuddle him. I alsways to that when I meet up with cats. Some don’t like it, some do. This cat loved it. It was super friendly.

If you didn’t know, you know now: I am a cat lover. I brought out my camera thinking I could try take a photo of the cat. That’s often not very easy. Often the cat jumps from here to there or just walk right up to the camera to cuddle. This cat was patient and let me take as many photos as I wanted. It came if I reached out my hand and moved my fingers.

Here are the result of the little ‘photoshoot’ with the cat, which I name ‘Stranger’, since I don’t know its real name:

The cat doesn’t look too happy. I hope it was happier than he looked.

Head shot. Such a pretty face.

The cat was looking at a big black bird. It only looked at it. Hmm. Was it too lazy to go chace it?

Something has caught its attention. His looks more alert now.

A good clean is always good. I love the curve his back makes and the way his feet is placed. Very pretty.

Oh how I love cat paws. One of the cutest thing every.

Hello there lady taking photos of me. Can you please reach out your hand and cuddle me? Pretty please! I could really use some right now.

Photoshoot with Samson

When you think of the word photoshoot, you think about photographing people. At least I do. But when you don’t have any modelling for you, you get creative. I used my cat, Samson! It wasn’t really any hard work on his part; he was just  laying there relaxing trying not to get too annoyed.

This is the result of the shoot with my lovely cat Samson, who has grown quite big since last time I saw him. And has gotten an even softer fur than he had beforfe. I didn’t know that was possible acutally.

Look at those eyes! And you can actually see me in there =)

I love cat paws. They are so utterly cute!

Some more paws. Samson is here sitting in the bidet.

Resting in the bidet. I love his nose.

All ears. Still resting in the bidet. Now his head turned away. A bit annoyed, perhaps?

Another angle. The bidet is very comfy. It fits him perfectly.

Samson on the floor; resting and looking cute!

Photoshoot with Emil

Earlier this week Hanne (my sister) contacted me. She asked me if I could take some pictures of Emil that they could use as a Christma- card. Of course I would do that. So yesterday morning I headed over to their place to have a little photoshoot.

I woke up yesterday and cursed the lack of sun / light. Sigh. It’s nice to have good light working with you while taking portraits. And when you don’t, you have to use a flash light. I’m glad I brought mine. First I thought I wouldn’t need it, but I brought it just in case. It was  a good idea.

I have to say, taking pictures of kids are not easy. Esp. not 8 months old babies who wants to crawl as soon as you put them on the floor.  I spent most of my time laying on the floor with him. I needed to be on his level to get good shots. It won’t work to take pictures from above. That will just look stupid.

Half way we needed to take a break because Emil was getting a bit tired of “posing” all the time. I can understand that.

I took over 200 pictures all together. I guess half of them was out of focus. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get any good shots since I saw lots of them was blury. Hanne assured me that there had to be at least one good shot among all the shots I’d been taken. She was right. And you know, photoshop can save a lot of photos!

Here are some of the best shots:

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