This weekend I’m going to a photofair with Ellen. It’s a combined photo and travel fair and it suits us perfectly since she’s working in the travel-business and I’m photo-holic.

We decided to go weeks ago. I was pretty excited when I knew that Morten Krogvold was coming. He is one of my fave Norwegian photograhper. We didn’t know then which day he would come. But we hoped for saturday since we planned to go that day. I was pretty bummed out when I read the whole programme tuesday. He’s coming on friday! Gah! Just my luck…. I had so looked forward to hear him speak. If Ellen and I had had the opportunety to take friday off and go that they, we would. But it’s impossible.

I remember once, I think it was last year, that I saw Mr. Krogvold downtown. I so wanted to stop him and tell him how much I loved his work. But I didn’t. I chickened out. I regret I didn’t do it. Now I play with the thoughts of mailing him how much I love his work. But… it sounds a bit silly. I probably never do it…

Tuesday night when I was thinking about mailing him, I thought popped up in my mind. What if he saw my flickr account? What if he commented on it? A part of me would’ve loved if he went through it and told meĀ  what he thinks. But a part of me is a bit reserved about the idea, because he might just tell me he thinks it’s crap. And I would be pretty bummed out if he did. So maybe better to not have him check out my photos? I dunno. Well, it’s nothing to dwell about really, cos what’s the chance he will? Close to zero I guess.

Even without Mr. Krogvolds presense at the photo fair, I’m sure it will be fun to be there. There will be a lot of photo-equipment companies there. Hopefully they will have a few good deals. Maybe someone can tell me what kind of macro lense I oughta buy? And I saw that Epson was going to be there. Maybe they have a good deal on a photoprinter? I can hope!

There will also be some exhibitions and I’m looking forward to see some great photographes!

The entrence is 150 nok, but Ellen tipped me about something good. You could enter a travel-contest and then get 50% off the entrence ticket. I did that last night; answered three fairly easy questions and submitted them. Then I got a email in return which I had to print in order to get the 50%off.

After the fair Ellen and I decided to eat pizza. There is this pizza-place, Dolly Dimpel, close to the train/bus station. They have great pizza. Looking forward to that.

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