Doors II


We’ve had some great days weather-wise here in Oslo (Norway) the last days. It’s been over 20 degrees celsius and very sunny. I took the opportunety to go out on a photo trip on sunday, after dropping of a friend, who had visited me, at the bus station. Once again, I decided to go door scouting, since I love doors so much. I went to the west side of Oslo this time too, but in a slightly different area.

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Winter wonderland

251214- 312

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a very long time. I started this blogpost A YEAR AGO and I forgot to post it. That’s how things have been… I had planned to post some other photos from a photo walk a week ago. But since I hadn’t posted the photos below, I’ll post them later.

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And then… there were more bikes

011213- 453sHere are part two of the bikes I shot on sunday. I found lots of beautiful old bikes. People are speding lots of money on new and fancy bikes, but apparently there are quite some people that loves the old ones as well. I like that. The old ones has way more charactere and they areway prettier than the new ones. Don’t you agree?

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The Medieval Park

This weekend I wanted to go downtown and photograph. The plan was that my friend Ellen was going to come with me, but she had to cancle, so I ended up alone. Despite being alone, I had a good time with the camera and my lenses. I often use my trusted 50 mm lens, but yesterday I mostly used my zoom lens (18-125mm).

I visited the Medieval Park. It was something that was planned, but somehwere I ended up after some walking. It is a very, very long time since I’ve been there. It might be  nearly ten years ago! The park isn’t big and is located in a part of Oslo I don’t visit very often, so that’s two reasons for it being so long ago. The Medieval Park is the location of the Øya Festival, which is held every August. I’ve been to that festival once.

The park is a ten minutes walk from the Central Station. In the Medieval Park you will find the ruins of St. Clement’s Church, St. Mary’s Church and the former Royal Estate front open in the day. A water surface is located in the west of the Park. In this area, development is not allowed due to ruins and plenty of cultural remains in the underground.

Here are some of the photos from yesterday:

Autumn, a rainfull saturday

Yesterday I babysat my two nephews at my sisters house. My sister was working late and my brother in-law was having dinner with some colleagues. I decided to stay the night, since they would be home late and getting home from their house is a bit of a hassle late at night. My sister was going back to work today and I could ride with her back to Oslo. Very practical. Before we left my brother in-law, Geir, and one my nephews, Emil, went to get groceries. They was late because first Geir forgot his wallet and when they came back to the grocerystore to pay, he had trouble with both is creditcards.

We were a bit late so my sister couldn’t drive me all the way home. That was ok because I needed to stop by the grocerystore to get some dinner. She dropped me off near the grocerystore and I went in a bought a bag full of groceries. It was raining outside and I was carrying my big Addidas bag, the grocerybag and a purse. I also had my umbrella. It didn’t stop me from thinking I needed to pop out my camera and take a photo of this pedestrian crossing covered in leafs.

First I took a few photos of that, then I turned around and photographed something else. One thing lead to another and suddenly I had a mini photowalk. The rain was pouring down and my hands were tied, but I couldn’t help myself. It was so much fun and I saw things to photograph where ever I turned. I took a lot of photos, but didn’t walk very far. All the photos were taken on my way home, within 300 meter ish.

The photos was taken with my trusted 50 mm lense. This time all my photos taken with f/1.4. You get so much yummy bokeh when you shoot like that.

I love when something like this happen out of nowhere. If I hadn’t needed grocerie and we hadn’t been late, Hanne would’ve driven me all the way home and none of these photos would’ve been taken. I’m happy I didn’t give in because of the rain, but stayed outside photographing.

My uncles farm and surrounding areas

I spent part of last weekend at my parents house. One of my goals for the sunday was to photograph a lot at my uncles farm. You see, the last years I’ve given my uncle a photo calendar for Christmas. He’s been enjoying it so much, I thought I had to do it again this year. The weather cast wasn’t promising, it would be grey and probably rain quite a lot that day. The only time I might see some sun, was early in the morning. Sunday morning, at 7.30 the alarm went off. It was impossible to jump out of bed imideately, I stayed in bed for about twenty mintues before I dragged myself up. I got dressed, found my photo gear and went outside. There wasn’t any sun outside, but it the clouds were light and there wasn’t any rain.

I stayed outside for over an hour, lurking around my uncles farm and places nearby. There was little traffic on those normally trafficed roads. I could even stand in the middle of the road photographing.

Later that day, when I looked at all my photos, I found one photo that would look good as a book cover. I recently made a book with my best photos from 2011 and I was very satisfied with it. You can say I’m kind of hooked on photo books. So… an idea popped up in my head. Why not make him a book with photos? The book would have to contain photos of his farm and surrounding areas. That is pictures that would interest him. I am not sure if I will have enough photos to make a whole book though. I think I would need at least  photos, if less the book would be too thin.

I’m going to go through my archive to see if I can find some suitable old photos. I hope I will have enough to make a decent book, because I know my uncle would appreciate it.

Here is a collection of the photos I took on sunday.

Summer in the city: bikes edition

There shouldn’t be any news that I love bikes. As I stated in my previous post, I promised to share the bikes I photographed on my photo trip on thursday. I didn’t really planned to focus on bikes, but after seeing a few great bikes, I couldn’t resist focusing on bikes and hunting down more.

I have prospects of shooting more awesome bikes in the near future. A while ago, my Dutch friend Chantie and I, we settled my Netherlands-vacation. We’ve been talking about it for a long time, that I should come see her. First she asked if I would come during Easter. I told her I would more like to visit during the summer. For a while, there was a chance Chantie didn’t have the opportunety to have me over this summer, but after some forth and back, it got settled. I’m leaving the 25th of July and will return to Oslo the 1st of August. I will have one week in the Netherlands. Awesome sauce!

For anyone who has been in the Netherlands, you know that they have lots of bikes. When I say lots, I mean LOTS! Just look at this photo I took four years ago in Nijmegen. My plan is to photograph as  many awesome bikes as possible. In addition to all the bikes I plan to capture, there will be some other great photograpy opportunety as well. We’re planning a trip to a zoo in Amsterdam. There will be lots of animals to photograph there. A trip to de Gooyer, a windmill in Amsterdam, will also give me something to photograph.

Well. Back to the bikes. It was, after all, bikes this post should be about. Here are some bike photographs. Bikes, bells, straddles and more.

Exploring Oslo pt. II

A little over a week ago, I went exploring Oslo again. This time with my friend Ellen. We were out walking for several hours, exploring the west side of Oslo (Frogner in particular). We saw lots of pretty streets, buildings and flowers. This is some of what we saw:


A bench with flowers.

Pretty lamp.


Flowers, lots of flowers.

Even more flowers.

Pretty roses basking in the sun.

Pretty little flowershop. They had gorgeous flowers.

Cruising town.


Green building. Very pretty.

Pretty buildings.

More of those beautiful buildings.

Financial times. Head topic was Greece, of course.

No parking. Cars will be towed away without warning.

Workshop. Aweseome typography.

Glimps of Oslo pt. two

I continue my post from yesterda, where you saw glimps of Oslo. Here is the photos I took after I split with Ellen and she went home. The Vikings are a part of the Norwegian history and you can buy a Viking ship with a Viking inside in every (at least I assume so) souvenir shop located in Oslo.

Another peek into a store. An antique book store with lots of old books. It was closed so I could only take photos from outside.

Juristen (the Jurist). A bar that was closed at the moment. No chance to get any booze there as the shelves are covered with lattice. Im pretty sure it was lots of people there later that evening / night.

Taken outside a place called Heimen, a cafe / restaurant. One of the girls behind the counter stared intensly at me when she saw I was taking pictures. I wish I was more comfortable to not care about staring people. I stopped shooting and walked away.

Maybe I should invest in some running shoes, so I can run away when people catch me photographing odd stuff? Näh. I don’t think so. Lots of cool running shoes though. I find the green ones nice!

I fell in love with this sign as soon as I saw it. It’s very pretty. I love that it’s square.

Partyswedes: Go home! Someone doesn’t like all the Swedes we have in Oslo. There are a lot of Swedes in Oslo. Whenever you go out to a cafe / pub / restaurant, there is a Swede working behind the bar or as a waiter/waitress.

Silence! I kill you! Everyone should know Achmed the dead terorist. Saw this replica in a storefront. I just had to take a photo of it.

Here is a little bit more of the fella with the huge grin.

To outweight the two last photos, here are a soft photo of some pussy willow. Such pretty branches. This was the last photo I took of the day. My back and feet were so, so tired. And my belly was screaming for food. So all I could to was to go home!

I really hope I get the chance to go on a new photowalk soon. It’s so much fun. I get to explore parts of Oslo I haven’t seen that much. I get exercise and there is so much time to talk about this and that (everything).

I’m off to the Netherlands on wednesday on my (almost) annual Easter trip. I will bring my camera of course and I hope I get the chance to use it a lot. It would be fun if I could write a post like this with photos from the Netherlands (Alkmaar and Amsterdam).

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