How to spice up your candles (and more)

A while ago, I think it was last month, I went to Panduro to buy some stuff for my christmas cards. Then I found something really cool. It was ‘tattoos’ you can put on your candle lights to spice them up. Brilliant. I bought a christmas set for myself and some angels for a friend of mine as a part of a christmas gift.

It’s really easy to do it and it looks so cool.


This is what you do:

  1. Pour water into a bowl
  2. Put the tattoo in the bowl of water.
  3. Let it lay there for 15 seconds.
  4. Peel the tattoo of the paper.
  5. Place it on the candle. Press it gently down. Try not to make any air-bubbles in the tattoo.
  6. Let it try up.

Voila. Then you have a candle looking like this:


It’s cool, ay? I just love it! I have two candles like this. The white candle comes from IKEA and is leftover from my sisters wedding in August. It was many leftovers which barely had burned anything at all and I grabbed five of them. There are a lot more at my parents house. They have a small bag with around 20.

I’ve made five christmas cards today. It went fast. I had those five done in no time. And they became great too. One of them is maybe my fave so far! Pictures of them will come later. While making these cards I watched a clairvoyant named Lisa. Uhm.. don’t remember her last name and I’m too lazy to look it up. Really interesting show. She talks to people from the past / help out peope etc. it’s always something sad on that show and I usually shred a few tears watching it!

Oh. I got to tell write about something cool. My friend Gro, I have had some difficulties to know what to give her for christmas. We never buy each other expensive things, but we do give each other something. Not always easy to know what to buy. While making my christmas card, I came up with this brilliant idea. I’m gonna make her some christmas cookies. They’re called ‘peppernøtter’. Directly translated it would be peppernuts. I know she loves them. And now, when she’s pregnant and soon is gonna deliver her first baby, I’m sure she doesn’t have much time for christmas cookie baking. So that will be a perfect gift.

What I need to buy is something store them in. I will go downtown tomorrow after work to look for something. I’ll buy the ingredients too and maybe make the dough. Gro is celebrating her birthday on friday (bunch of girls going out eating) and that might be the last time I see her before Christmas, so I want to give it to her then.  This makes me excited :)

It’s time for bed. Nighty night!

More Christmas-cards :)

Here is the Christmas-cards I said I would upload. I made one new today too. The first one is from today and the rest is from earlier this week.

I’m in need of some more paper. I got a lot of red paper, but I feel I can’t use it as base for a card. It’s too dark. It will be hard to write inside the card. I didn’t really think of that when I bought all that red paper. At first I bought lots of red and only one white paper. Never used white (or off-white etc) paper before at Christmas cards, so only bought on to test. Full sucsess! I really like the off-white/beige/brown-ish cards, they get a little vintage feel which I love.

I think about last year and the cards I made then. I thought they were cool and great, but compared to these, they weren’t as good as these. Oh god, I sound like… like I’m bragging a lot. I’m not really doing that… but must be able to think I’m making something nice/good, right? It’s not forbidden by law. heh.

My co-worker Sigrund, told me about another Panduro store in town, which is much bigger and better than the one downtown. The one she told me about is a bit out of the city center, but still very reachable. Since I won’t be able to go to Bikuben before next week, next thursday to be exact, I think I’m heading to Panduro tomorrow or saturday. Depends on how things turn out the two next days with my plans. And it depends on how lazy I’m.

Oh oh. Not good to let anything depend on my lazyness…. *shakes head*

Making (Christmas)-cards

I went downtown after I was finished at work yesterday. I had to stop by  Panduro  (hobby/craft-shop) to look for some things for my christmas cards. After visiting Bikuben last week, I have to say that Panduro is a little bit of a disappointment. But they are two different stores. Bikuben sells things regarding scrapbooking and cardmaking only, but Panduro has so much other things too.

It was hard to find what I was looking for. Their paper-section is crappy and it doesn’t have 1 /20 of what Bikuben has. Bikuben has a whole floor just with paper! I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for (a white paper), but the paper I got turned out OK in the end.

I also found another paper with drawings on which was cool. And a glue pen which was nothing like I had expected, and not what I wanted at all. But at least it didn’t cost me much. I also bought a painted santaclaus wodden figure to put on cards and at cut-board (size A4) that will prevent me from damage the dining-table! It was much needed!

After I came home, had eaten dinner and been online for a short while, I sat down with at the dining table and made two new cards. I’ve very pleased with them. I must say that a new world has opened after I got the new stuff. That tong I use to die out shapes, letters etc. is fanastic. It opens up so many posibillties. I have to post the new cards, but first I have to take a picture of them and get them on my computer.  I have to do that later.

I have a few things on my wishlist. A few? A lot actually, but a few that are more important than others. Sissel asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said everything on Bikuben. LOL. A few things that is on top my my list. That is:

  • cat’s eyes ink pads (green and yellow/orange colors)
  • paper cutter. I need to be able to cut straight lines!
  • Dies with christmas-, birthday- and newborn baby-theme.

I finished one more card today. Not 100% satisfied with it, but it’s ok. I’m gonna make at least one more today, maybe two. We’ll see how it goes. It takes time to make one. I don’t decide easily on what to do design-wise.

So far, I got nine cards. I counted and I need 13 cards in total. that means four more cards. I’m gonna ask if mum needs any cards. I will be glad to make her some too.

No more posts.