Birthday card and music

I got little to report from today. I had a busy day at the office. Lots of work came my way. I’m not really complaining. It just became a little overwhelming at first. haha. A colleague dumped 45 jobs in my inbox. And my boss gave me things to do yesterday afternoon. I didn’t finish as I said I would, but I will continue tomorrow. Well, it’s better to have too much to do than to little.

050109-12I finished Linda’s birthday-card. This is how it turned out!I’ll be writing on the blue circle.

I’m quite happy about it. I’ve never used circles before. My friend Sissel’s Christmas-card gave me the inspiration.

I made the circles with a very cool circle-cutter. It’s amazing and an very handy tool! Every card-making people should have one!


After I’d finished the card, I organized my cardboard and papers. I found things I didn’t remember I had. Ahem… I won’t be needing any new cardboard soon I think. If I’m gonna buy something, it has to be something birthday-related. But I don’t really need that either!

Oh! I found out something awesome last week! The September When is going to hold a concert in Oslo in March. I think it’s the 6th. Today I asked Ellen if she wanted to go. I wasn’t sure if she knew the September When that well and wanted to go. But to my big surprise, she said she’d been meaning to ask me if I wanted to go, but she had forgot. Hah :) So we’re going. I’m gonna buy the tickets as soon as my salery comes. That will be on the 10th.

While searching for the TSW tickets, I realised that I had forgot that Oasis is coming this month. I wanna see them badly! But I have no one to go with so far. Mabye I can trick Ellen to come? Hmmm. I can try at least. I should listen to their new album. I’ve only listened to it once or twice.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. So much music, so little time.

cards, music, concerts and photographes

What is there to talk about? My creativety? Regarding card-making, I’m quite creative these days.  I’ve made two new cards.  One of them, the TV-card, I have no idea who to give to. I just saw a quote on a flickr-account and I instantly got an idea up in my head. I had to try it out. So this is what  came out from my idea. The quote is from Woddy Allen :)

Yesterday I made a ‘music-card’. I thought of giving it to mum with three cd’s with live Ulf Lundell music. But I might save it and give it to my friend Linda a long with some new music. She really need some (new) music after she split with her boyfriend and he took with him most of the music they had.

The quote on the card is from Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr and it says: Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons and you will find that it is to the soul what the water-bath is to the body.  Oh so true!

I’ve taken some music baths lately. First I dived into Maria Mena’s newest album Cause and Effect and I fell deeply in love with it. It’s wonderful. i think it might be her best so far! Some say she’s too personal and I can agree with that to some extent, but still – it’s very beautiful.

Now I’m really into Bo Kaspers Orkesters’s latest album 8. It’s their 8th album, hence the title. At first I wasn’t too found of it, I was a bit disappointed. But it has grown on me. The songs keep getting better and better. It’s not as good as their last album ‘Hund’, but good! I told you that they are coming to play in Oslo. i think it’s early november. i think I need to go see them – just need to find someone to go with. I asked Linda, but she refused since she almost hate them. haha. I didn’t know that. So I’m thinking of asking her brother. We’ve talked about it, but we never decided anything.

Other new music is Oasis news album. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it that much. Only had one listen. Sounds promising. Last month I bought Q. They had a Oasis special – 50 pages about them. You could choose if you wanted the cover with Liam or Noel. Pretty cool. Very interesting to read the interviews about the crazy Gallagher brothers. Can’t say I like their personalities that much, but the music they create is great.

Last new album is Travis – Ode to J. Smith (or something like that, too lazy to look it up). I haven’t heard it at all yet, so I can’t say much about it. Travis is coming to Oslo too. I wanna go…. Can’t buy any tickets now, doesn’t have any money for that. And there is a artist I think I would like to see more than Travis and that is the swedish rapper Timbuktu. Saw him in Stockholm summer of 07. He’s great!! Ellen wants to go too. So if there are tickets left when we get our salery, I think we’ll order tickets.

Me and Ellen went to see the Lemonheads last monday. Cool, but a bit strange concert. At least the ending. They played for about an hour. Not long if you ask me, but whatever. After 45 mins, the band left – the lead singer Even Dando was left. He sang some songs alone for 15 mins, then the light flashed in our eyes and he left withou saying anything. And then the concert was over. I was like WTF?  Not sure I will go see them again, but it was cool to have seen them. The support band Racoon, from the Netherlands, were great. When the lead singer found his harmonica, I was sold. heh.

From music to photography… I’ve delivered the photographes to mum and her colleague got them today. She was very happy and liked them a lot! That’s good to hear. Now I’m waiting for a new assignment… but I don’t have any. Sigh.

The weather has been so unstable these last days. On sunday it was lovely, but yesterday and today has been clouded and so-so. No nice light to catch. You can’t go shooting in grey weather. I bet that the weather will be great tomorrow when I don’t have time to go shoot. After work I’m gonna meet Ellen. We’re gonna go eat some chineese food and then go see Wall*E. Will be out all day, be home way too late and dead on thursday.

It’s late. I should go to bed right now. I should’ve been in bed long time ago. But I can’t seem to get things right. Sigh. But that’s a whole another story and I’m not going to start on that.

Next time…

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