What’s new?

I haven’t written anything since what seems like forever. But it’s only two weeks. So what has happened since the 29th?

First of all, there has snowed a shitload of snow. Last weeekend… oh my! I snowed all saturday. I like it when it’s a lot of snow outside, but that is partly because I don’t owe a car and don’t need to worry about parking and getting my car snowed down. I’ve seen several people digging out there car before they head to work. When I see that I smile to myself and become happy that I’m taking the bus :) I saw a car yesterday. Uhm… it was mostly one of the side mirrors that I saw, the whole car was hidden under snow. Tomorrow, if it’s still there, I’m gonna take a picture of it!


Not sure if I told about the plans I have for my best friend Linda’s birthday? I started on a gift before christmas. I needed help from her friends, so I emailed them via facebook and asked for help. At first no one responded, so I sort of gave up. A few weeks ago, I got a reply from our friend Tina. After spending some time in bed thinking one night, I decided to give it another try. I emailed everybody once more, said I was disappointed in them and hoped they could help. I played with their pontensial guilt. It worked.  Now I have about 10 contributors to my gift and I maybe some more.

I can’t tell what I’m doing, since she might come across this blog. I’ve been working so hard with this gift. It takes a lot of time, creativity and I spend some hours after I come home from work to do this. But I’m sure it will be a kick-ass gift, which she will love, so it’s all worth it!

My stool is finished and looking cool. I haven’t taken a picture of it. And I’m too lasy to do it now, so you have to wait to see the end result. Sorry.

I haven’t made any cards lately. There hasn’t been anyone to make either. It’s sort of ‘off season’ for the cards. hey, wait! I made a card for mothers day.


It’s a simple card which says ‘worlds best mum’. I have her that along with some fresh Ceylon Breakfast Tea. She was happy.

Mum went to the library here the other day and got me  book about card-making. Nice! There is so many cool ideas I have to note down. It’s even a chapter about how to make envelopes! How cool isn’t that?

My sister had her birthday on the 5th. I had asked her if there was something she wanted, but she couldn’t think of anything, so I just had to find her something I thought she would like. I found out that I would make her a calendar like mum got for christmas. I hit the jackpot with that calendar. She loved it! She even said that she was looking forward to some of the months because of the picture on that particular month! That made me happy.

Mum has asked me if I could make her  another one too, so she can have one at home. She needs one in the kitchen, she says. I haven’t selected the pictures yet, because I don’t know what size the calendar will be in.  I’m not sure what’s left ‘out there’. Mum will buy something and then I’ll decide what pictures to put in.

Yesterday me and Ellen went to see the Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomey. Here the other day I got two free tickets via rockefeller.no. The moive was great, both me and Ellen loved it. And the ‘end-song’ the Wrestler which is written by Springsteen is a lovely song. I can recommend anyone to see this film. Even if you don’t like wrestling that much, you like the movie!

Talking about Springsteen. I’ve finally gotten his album. Well… I’ve had it for some time now. It’s great. There is so many great songs. The best right now I think is Outlaw Pete. There is only one song I don’t like that much and that is Good Eye. I’m listening to it while I’m at work.

While we’re on the subject of music… I’ve bought tickets to two new concerts. First we have Per Gessle. He’s coming in April. Me and Ellen is going. And in July I will see Madonna live. Woho! That concert, I will see with Sissel and her husband Rolf. Sissel said not long ago that the only artist she hadn’t seen which she wanted to see, was Madonna. And then she comes.  The tickets sale was a big chaos, like it always is when big artists come. I was lucky to be able to purchase two tickets before the ordinary sale started. I pays off to be a member of livenation.no! :)

I haven’t bought the the September When tickets yet. I should do that now, while I got some money.

Money… blargh! My money has wings. They fly away quite easily. I’ve used some of my savings to get the ends to meet. I’ve spent the money on things I don’t really need. Like the concerts I’m going too. It’s not neccessery to survive.  But it’s something I really want to spend it on.  Still, I hate it when I have to use my savings.

Thank god, that the interest on my morgage is not longer as high as it was. Now I pay like 1200 NOK less a month than I did in october. That’s great!

Today I went to the dentist. I hate dentists. They are expensive and they do painfull stuff to me. Today was quite ok. It was just a check-up. Took like 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I got a hole. So I’m heading back next tuesday at 15.15. Blah.

I’ve been extremely tired the last weeks. And I know what the reason for that are. Lack of sleep. But I’m not doing anything about it, so I’m not really allowed to complain. I’m stupid, but I can’t seem to be able to fix my stupidness… so I don’t know what to do.

My system is slowly shutting down. I’m yawning like a crazy and my eyes keep closing. It’s time to go to bed.

Hopefully, it won’t be two weeks until next update.

Don’t stop the music

I’ve just recived a newsletter from Rockefeller.no that gives me the latest news about music acts in Oslo (at Rockefeller, Sentrum Scene and John Dee).

It looks like it’s going to be a great fall music-wise. The only thing that worries me is my wallet. I’m not sure if I can afford all the concerts I wanna go see!

So far, I’ve decided to go see Lars Winnerbäck in September, Amy McDonald in late October and Ulf Lundell in early Novenber. And I think I’ve said yes to go see Katie Melua. Linda wants to go. I also wanna go see Bo Kaspers Orkester (swedish group), but that’s not at the top at my list.

I see that the Lemonheads are coming to John Dee. I’ve already asked Ellen if she wanna go and she said yes. Even though she doesn’t know them. That’s the girl I like! I have to give her some cd’s so she can get a hint of what they’re like. I remember I went to a festival years ago and the Lemonheads were playing. I only heard the two last songs or something, but immediately heard they were something to check out. I did and I loved them. Their best album is It’s a Shame About Ray. Lovely, goofy pop songs.

Then I saw that Tracy Chapman is coming in November. I would like to see her too. But the tickets are 500 nok and that’s quite expensive for a concert at Rockefeller. But she’s famous and I guess she can ask for such a price… When Ellen now responded yes to the Lemonheads, she also asked if I wanted to see Tracy Chapman. I was like; wow, I’ve ‘just’ been thinking of her too. What a coincidence!

And… there is another concert that would be great. Åge Aleksandersen. That guy is a cool rocking Norwegian guy. He’s out with a new album now, well this summer, and I’m sure that concert would be great. I’ve seen him before and that concert was awesome in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll have anyone who wants to see Åge with me… oh well, it’s not on the top on my list.

So if I add this up, it will be:

– Lars Winnerbäck
– the Lemonheads
– Amy McDonald
– Ulf Lundell
– Katie Melua
– Tracy Chapman, maybe…
– Bo Kaspers Orkester, mabye…
– Åge Aleksandersen, maybe…

And god knows what more acts they will come with as days past… :S

Somebody needs to save up some money. Not that I have so much money to save up though… heh. Thank god, I bought a few new clothes cheeply in the Netherlands last week.

No more posts.