Christmas-card factory

Talked to my mum earlier today. I emailed her some of the cards I’ve made two days ago and I was just wondering if she’d looked at them. She had and she really liked them. I said I could make her some if she needed any. She said YES right away. She needs about 20 cards!

Oh boy! 20 cards. That will take some time. But it will be superfun. I can’t wait to start on them. I got three left for myself and then I’m gonna start on hers.

The deal is that she’s gonna pay for the equipment I need, like paper and other things I use for the cards. Making twenty cards will be expensive, but it will be so much better than buying them.

This is fun!! :)

What’s not so fun is that the clock is now 23.01 and I’m half an hour late. Siiiigh. Thank god, I’ve eaten fruit, walked and are on my way to brush my teeth. Going to bed on time, is the toughest goal it seems. Tomorrow and thursday will be ruined because I got late activities. Tomorrow I’m visiting Gro and she lives a little bit outside town. It takes forever to get home and I doubt I’ll be in bed on time. On thursday, Terje and I, we’re going to see Amy MacDonald at Rockefeller. Then I will be home late too.

Oh well, I’ve completed three out of four goals. It’s not that bad!

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