A weekend in Larvik

I am one week into my vacation. So far it’s been good. I’ve done quite some things around the apartment, like painting doors and floor skirtings, changing door handles, half in changing my floor in the food cabinet etc. It is nice to get things like this done. I’ve also done some scrapping, which I plan to write about later. I have not just worked the last week. On friday I went to Larvik, a city south in Norway, two and a half hours bus drive from Oslo. My friend Ellen’s parents is living there and Ellen was there caking care of their house as her parents is on vacation. I came on a weekend visit to keep her company.

Going go see her in Larvik, seemed like a great oportunety to bring my camera and go for a photo walk. I do love to walk around Oslo, but some times I wish I could visit other cities and explore them. See new things, photograph new things and places. I got a chance to do that this weekend.

Larvik is a small city by the sea and has a little over 24.000 people living there. The city has ferry connections with Denmark. Read more at wiki if you’re interested.

Things don’t always go as planned. The weather cast for this weekend wasn’t good, it was quite bad. A lot of rain was coming. It said it wouldn’t rain on friday afternoon/evening but a lot on saturday. So we decided to go out on our photo trip friday evening. We prepared ourself, but as we stepped outside, the rain came. There was nothing else to do than to go inside again and do somethinge else. It rained SO much that night. I’m pretty sure it could fill a small sized pool with water.

Luckily, it didn’t rain that much on saturday. The weather was grey, misty and only a few drizzles during the day. We took our photo trip that day instead. I could’ve wished for some sun, but one can’t control the weather, only take what one got.

I took a lot of photos this weekend, too many to share all of them in one post. So I will have to do what I usually does, divide the photos int two posts. First you’ll get the photos taken down by the fjord, later you’ll get the misc. photos.


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