New couch for my IKEA home

I’ve wanted a new couch for a while. My two seat couch got too small. I wanteda a bigger one. One with three seats. On friday my sister e-mailed me telling me that the very couch I was looking for was on sale. IKEA Ektorp, three seats. The exact couch I wanted was on sale! How lucky ain’t I? It was quite amazing. So the day after, last saturday, I went to IKEA to order mine. I didn’t want to wait  until it might be sold out.

You can get that sofa in a various of colors / pattern; white, blue, grey, black, blue stripy, flowery etc. I picked dark brown. Oh how I love that color. It’s very pretty and it goes with so many different colors. I can put  pillows that are orange, dark purple, red, white or even green on the  couch. That means I can change the look of my living room quite easily. Now I’ve had a red/orange/yellow theme in my livingroom with my red sofa. This might change now. I haven’t quite decided which color to go for, but green is high on my list.

If you got a trained IKEA eye, you will spot that most of the things you see in this photo is from IKEA. I have a thing for IKEA. It’s oh so great. The brown curtains is from IKEA. So is the table, the picture and the pillow case. Eventhe box on wheels are from IKEA; just painted yellow. The box stores LP’s. The lamp is, along with the things inside the table, the only thing that is not from IKEA. The lamp belonged to my parents. They didn’t really use it so I asked if I could get it. It’s very retro / 70’s and I love it.

Next week I’m going to IKEA with a friend. I have plan to sow myself a few pillowcases. Well, I might not be the one to do the sowing. Linda might actually do it. She’s at least gonna help me out. IKEA has great cheap fabric. So I’m going to see if I can find something I can make a few pillow cases with. The red pillow you see in the photo, it’s an old pillow in a ‘new’ pillowcase. I found a pillowcase for my bedpillow I haven’t used before because the feather-bed case was too big. I thought I could use the pillow case for one of my big pillows. It almos fit. I have to do some adjustments on the back, which will be done next week. Just by cleaning out your closet, you have a new pillow! I like that.

I’m in the mood for redecorating my apartment. What I’m also in the mood for is find old things and give them new life; the the old, unused pillow case. I would really like to find a flea market to go to, or an antique store. I start two weeks of holiday on friday, so then I’ll have a chance to do something like that.

I have a plan to buy some new outdoor furnitures. The ones I got now is so beaten by weather. I need something new. I found some nice ones at IKEA.

The great thing about the table and chair is that you can fold it together. So it’s very easy to place in the basement when the winter comes.


Shopping & shopphing & shopping

Friday was crazy! I had planned a shopping day with my friend Linda. We’re great shopping companions, because we think alike and like the same things.

We met at IKEA at 10.00 and wasn’t home until 19 ish. My main goal for the day was to buy tiles for my balcony. That didn’t turn out as easy as I had thought. We stopped by four different tile-stores trying to find the perfect tile. And I did. But guess what? The first tile I wanted, they only had a few left. And they weren’t making it anymore. So I went to another store and a tile that was almost the same. Guess what? Same thing happened!

I happened to find another tile in the same store and went for that. The lady looked it up. It was sold out for the moment! Oh good lord, why? It would take a week and a half before they got another shipment. So I ordered 6 m2 of tiles and will pick it up some time after the 7th. Luckily I got vacation then, so I have time to do it.  

I’m so looking forward to get the tiles. My balcony will be so much cosier after they tiles are in place. It will be ten times easier to clean the balcony too.

After we’d finished looking for tiles we went to IKEA. We had only met there in the morning; we didn’t actually go inside then. I bought two pillows for my outdoor chairs.

I saw this really cool chair that I wanted. You can fold this chair so it won’t take up so much space if you’re not sitting in it. It was really comfortable to sit in too. I can see myself sit in this chair reading a good book. I am going to buy it, but first I have to registrer to IKEA Family, so I can buy it cheaper. If you’re a member of IKEA Family you get a 100 NOK discount on the chair! Brilliant, huh? Yes, I think so :) I did just registrer, so now I can go buy it. I’ll do it in a week or so when I got vacation again.

Linda and I, we also went to a mall to look for clothes & shoes. I bought:

  • black ballerina-shoes
  • dark brown high heels
  • flowery skirt on supersale (only 50 NOK!)
  • black leggings
  • pink nailpolish

When we came home, we were exhausted! Our feet were hurting! It was bad! But we got a little work-out and that’s good. Because we both need it. Well, that… that is a topic for a new blog entry!

Curtains and a stool

For a while now I’ve wanted to change my livingroom curtains. The one I got is red and they are nice. I just wanted a change. Since my sofa is red (can change the cover) and I got a red/orange/yellow theme in my livingroom, I needed something that matches.

280109-31Last saturday Linda and I went to IKEA. Linda had seen some brown curtains she thought I might like. When we finally came to the curtains section (after looking at every single thing before that!) I only needed a few seconds to make my decision. I instantly fell in love with them. They only costed 198 NOK so they were cheap.

Ah I love them. They fit perfectly in my livingroom. They are a bit too long, so I have to fix the lenght, but that will be easy.

I wanted to buy frames too, so I can  put up some square photos on my wall. But the frames I wanted, they didn’t have. Sold out I assume. Sigh.  They didn’t even have tea-lights. Also sold out. Double sigh!


But I did get something else that was cool. I have a stool I need to cover in some new fabric. It was a hole in the fabric that was on it.

I’ve taken the fabric off the stool now and the old fabric I put on a few years ago is covering it now. Full of white painting on it. Mum has a stapler at work I can borrow. I’ve used it before. It’s not easy to get the fabric nicly on the stool., but I’ll guess it will work out ok in the end. It did the two last times.


280109-4 Anyway… I bought a new cool fabric. I love buying fabrics at IKEA. They are both cool and cheap. The prints are awesome. What more can you ask for? After the stool is covered I still got some fabric left. I might do something about it, but I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Maybe a tablecloth? Or maybe a ‘thing’ where I can keep my incoming bills etc that I can hang on the wall?  hmm…

Wall decore signed by me (and maybe some others)

On one of my white walls in the livingroom I got four pictures taken by me up on the wall. They are placed over my sideboard from IKEA. It’s black and white pictures in stainless steel frames. I’ve been thinking of changing the pictures; to put some new pictures up. So far I haven’t been able to figure out what to put there. Not that I have thought very hard about it, but I have given it a few thoughts at least.

Here the other day my flickr-buddy Moa Maria gave me an idea. She commened on this picture and said it would be great if I included this in a set with three of my others natury pictures. Her idea was not bad at all. The only thing I want to is to replace one of the pictures she suggested. So then it will end up like this.


I think these will fit, now that the winter is on its way. They all have a wintery feeling; the green ones are filled with frost and the two others are white-ish.

What I love is that they are square. I just love square photos and I think it will look great on my wall. I don’t have any frames that would fit, so I would have to go buy some new ones. Where do I go? IKEA of course. They have lots of frames and they don’t cost that much either.

I’m not sure I’ll find fitting frames though. I can print the photos in size 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm. The frames I’ve seen this one, is 23 x 23, so I’m not sure how that will work. Maybe I should bring something in size 20 x 20 cm to IKEA and try? ;)

I’m sure I’ll work it out some way.  First I have to decide if it’s really these pictures I want to put up on my wall. Then I have to check if I have money to get them printed and frame them. Sigh, the money-issue never stops to pop up.

Oh well, dont let that spoil my good idea. Let me at least play with the thought for a while, before I start worrying!

I also have another picture I want up on my wall, but that’s not my pictures. it’s a contact from flickr, the ever so cool nouk|b . I asked him if I could purchase his picture and he said he would be flattered as hell. We exchanged a few mails, but now he’s m.ia. Utterly sigh. He disappeared in the middle of settling the deal, which is a bit annoying if I can say it. Well I know he’s very on / off when it comes to flickr, so I guess that explain things a bit, but it’s still annoying. Oh well, no use in complaining. Things are the way they are. Nothing I can do about it, besides bombard him with flickr-mails, but I doubt it will help. And… I don’t wanna act/sound desperate.

I guess I don’t have to remind anyone on what time is it… *rolls eyes*


No more posts.