I ♥ Oslo

I went on a phototrip with Ellen today. Our mission was to go see Holmenkollen; the very famous ski-jump in Oslo. It’s been rebuilt the two last year or so and was finished this winter. The jump tower is finished, but not the surrounding areas. That is not going to be finished until next year when the World Cup in skiing is held in Oslo (ski jump, cross country skiing, biathlon etc)

Holmenkollen is located on a hill.  So you got a beautiful view from up there. You can see almost all of Oslo from that location.

In addition to the view, we also saw this:

A church and a beautiful door. That would’ve been something for my door collection!

We also spotted this owl.

Tomorrow is a new day. Ellen and I, we are meeting up again. Some other part of Oslo will be explored then. And there will be photos. Stay tuned.

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