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I’ve been to Sweden a couple of times this summer. My Dutch friend Chantal visited me and we went on a 4 day trip to Gothenburg. We took the train, it took 4 hours. I had booked us a room at a lovely boat hotel, a tiny bit outside the city center, but close to the central station.

On the second day in Gothenburg, we visited Trägårdsföreningen. It’s a park full of flowers, trees, a lovely cafe, a big restaurant with an outdoor area and green grass big enough to host conerts. We saw them build a stage, so I think a concert was just around the corner. As you can see, the sun was shining and it was a lovely summer day. All the different flowers / plants were amazing. I love walking in gardens like this one.

On  our last day in Gothenburg we had to leave the hotel before noon. The train didn’t leave before 18.00, so we had quite some time to kill. We decided to spend the hours in the park, since we had our luggage with us and didn’t want to walk around with it. And after all, it was sunday, so not many shops were open and we didn’t want to spend much money. We spent the hours sitting in the park, reading, watching people going by us rating their outfits (socks in sandals is a BIG NO NO!) and eating a lovely lunch at the cafe. Chantie had a lovely salad and I had a yummy ham/cheese sandwich.

We took lots of photos in the garden. At least I did. Here are the photos I liked the most.

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There will come more photos from Sweden and Gothenburg later. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some in a few days.

Exploring London


While being in London in May, I took a lot of photos. So far you’ve seen photos from the London Eye and Hyde Park. I also took photos while we visited spesific areas like Covent Garden, Chinatown and Camden and just random places we went to. When photographing I wanted to capture some of the essensial things about London / England, so I took some photos near Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, but I also just captured random things.

I would have to divide this into two posts, just because there is quite some photos I want to show you. Here are the first batch:

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More photos are comming soon. Stay tuned for more London! :)



Adventures at the London Eye

070613- 087I spent last weekend in London with a good friend of mine. Oh, what a great weekend!

For a long time, visiting the London Eye has been on my bucket list. I’ve never been sure I would dare to take it, because I got problems with height, but still it has been on that list. When I was in London last weekend, we were disucssing if we should take it or not. It’s quite pricy (20 pounds for 30 minutes) and we weren’t sure if the queue would be long or not. If the queue was too long, we would definitely skip it. Since we only had two full days in London, we didn’t want to spend out precious time queuing.

We were on a sightseeing trip the first day, seeing Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park etc. When we came to Big Ben, we saw that the London Eye were close by and decided to check out the queue. The queue was not long at all to our big surprise. So we decided to buy tickets. It took only a half an hour with queuing, after we’d purchaced the ticket, to get on board.

The London Eye moves very slowly, only 26 cm per seconds. At the highest, you a re 135 meters over the ground. I had brought my camera (of course!) to the pictures. The five first minutes I sat at a bench in the middle of the capsule because I was quite scared. Luckily I managed to losen up and walk around a bit. I was determand to photograph as much as possible of the beautiful view and couldn’t just sit and be scared. When we had reached the top I was completely relaxed.

I must say I was very happy to have spend time and money on the London Eye. The view was awesome and I managed to deal with my height issues in a good way.

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Typical Dutch

I’ve now back from my six days trip to see my friend Chantie in Alkmaar / The Netherlands. It was a great trip and I had lots of fun. People asked me before I left what plans we had. I couldn’t really give them a good answer, because we had no spesific plans. This wasn’t a typical vacation where you do touristy things like see the cheese market, ride a canal boat, go to Amsterdams and see Anne Frank and the Van Gogh museeum etc. This was a trip to see a friend and hang out together.

We watched a lot of movies, like Prime, Muriels Wedding, In her Shoes, Gran Torino, the Reader and It’s Complicated. We also played a lot of rummy. 56 games to be spesific! Yes, I know it’s a lot of games, but once you start, you get addicted.

But we didn’t just do that, we also went biking to see tulip fields, animals, farms etc, we visited a farm, walked around the neighbourhood, visited her family and went shopping.

I have to say we saw a lot of cute animals during my stay. I will definitely show photos of that, but first I want to share photos of things I think are very Dutch.

A street in Alkmaar.

Brick houses.

Lots of bikes on a row, beside the canal. Oh and we have a bridge. Then we have three essensial things from Alkmaar.

De Hertenkamp and the clock. Spotted on a biking rid to a park / farm. Lovely building. And I’m pretty sure the clock will be awesome when it’s completely green.

A tree seen in the same area. Big and beautiful.

Gorgeous alley with tall trees. As you can see, it was very sunny that day.

Left side of the street; a wind mill. The right side of the street; a canal.

Taken from Chantie’s balcony. There are bikes everywhere!

Flowers from the flowershop. The left photo is taken from Chantie’s balcony. The right shot was taken while we rested on a green patch outside her apartment. There are stores on the ground floor and she lives on top at the 4th floor.

Oh my! What a scene. This year I came in time to see the tulipfields. It was oh so beautiful. Breathtaking I have to say.

They are all standing up so straight. These are grown just for their bulbs. These flowers will soon be harvested and destroyed. I wanted to bring some home, but Chantie didn’t let me. I doubt the owner of the field would’ve missed a couple of tulips, but still… they were left alone.

Tulips in the foreground and a typical Dutch mill. Yet another beautiful scenery.

More flowers, now with another color. The fields are amazing.

Isn’t the Netherlands beautiful? I think so. There is so much beautiful things to see and photograph, and for a photographer like me, it’s like heaven on earth.

No more posts.