I think pictures

I stole the title of  this blog post from a flickr friends blog. But it fits me so very well. I really think pictures. Where ever I go, I look for things to photograph. Not even on purpose every time. I do it without thinking. When I see something worth framing in pixels, I make a mental note of it, or write it down in my notebook if it’s in my bag. Later I return to photograph it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

On my way home from work today, I had to hop of the buss a few stops before I normally do. I had seen a tree in full bloom earlier this week. It looked gorgeous and I knew I had to stop and photograph it. I had also seen the roof of some buildings that I thought would be great to photograph. The tree was as beautiful as it looked from the bus. The roof toops photo I had in mind, didn’t work out.

In my notebook I still have one more place I need to go to photograph. That is also a  place seen when I’ve been travelling in Oslo by buss. It’s been on my list for months now. Still haven’t found time to go there. Soon, very soon!

A flickr friend just bought a new camera, a Canon 7D. When I found out, I instantly got a little bit  jelous and a thought popped up in my mind: should I buy a new camera? I had to check out the spesifications for the 7D. On Canon’s site I found  the spesification. In addition I checked out the best Norwegian online store that sells photo equipments, to see the price. Reading about the camera, they said something that instantly got me hooked. The camera witch is made based upon feedback from 5000 photographers. That must be a good base for making a new camera.

The camera I have now, I’ve had since the end of 2006. That’s 4 years and 4 months. It’s nothing wrong with my camera. It works fine. But seeing / hearing about other great cameras, lit a spark inside me. I could have something better than I have now. A faster camera with higher ISO, HD filming, 19 AF pointgs etc. It all sounds great. The price is high, but not unafordable. The body costs 11995 NOK (ca. 1510 euro). I could buy it with the tax refund I’m getting in June. But that would leave me with no new couch, which was on the top my my list.

Do I really need a new camera? The one I got still works fine. It takes lovely photos and I’m very satisfied with it. If I need one is not the only thing I have to take into concideration. The fact that I also want other types of camera as well, must not be forgotten. For ages now, I’ve really wanted a Polaroid camera; one of the old ones with instant film. I would also like to get a Diana; it looks like a fun camera to use. Other equipments are on my wishlist as well; a fisheye lens and a photo printer.

As you can see, I want a lot! Now I just have to decide what to prioritize what to spend money on. I think I’m gonna browse online market places for old cameras!

Looking at my flickr account, trying to find out when I got my DSLR camera, I had a look at my old photos. Looking at them, I must say (without sounding very cocky or high on myself) I have grown as a photographer. I don’t say I’m fantastic, only that I’m better than I once was. It’s fun to see the growth. If I grow as much as I have done the last four years, the four next, then things will be sweet.

To end this post, here are some photos of (blooming) trees /plants. Spring is definitely here.

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