A new year

2008 has come to and end. Tomorrow is New Years Eve and in 27 hours and about 10 minutes 2009 will start. I will end this year at Nøtterøy where my friend Lisbeth lives. Hopefully Ellen will join us in celebrating the new year to come, that is if she’s well. The flu has hit her this holiday.

Always at the end of one year, I start to think about how the past year has been and now the next year will be. I always want to improve myself around this time a year. I want to do better than last year.

One thing I always think of is my finances. I think about budgets and how to spend my money the best way, what to put on the top of my wishlist etc. Partly I think I do this because I know January and February is hard finacially. Those two months, there is always so many bills to be paid like my home-phone, tv-licence, student loan, electricity, two newspapers…. and maybe more.

I don’t think I’ll make a budget, because I never keep track of what goes out of my account and what I’ve spent it on. But I will make some calculations just to be sure not to spend more than I have. There won’t be a bill not paid on its duedate in 2009.  Not on purpose at least!

And in addition to that, there is some birthdays coming up. Three birthdays in Februar. And a friend is giving birth to a baby. So I need a little something her that baby.

There is also all the things I want… I got a lot of nice things for christmas, but there is two big things I didn’t get that I really want; a sowing machine and a photoprinter. I have no idea when I’ll be able to buy those things.  I need to start save some money to afford those two things. I also need to start saving some money for my Alkmaar trip in late April.

I never been good at keeping New Years Resolutions. I don’t like making them either, because I think they are easy to break just because they’re made around New Year. “Everyone” is starting the new year thinking they are going to do this and that and after a few weeks most people fail. Me included.

I am going to continue working on the goals I set in October. That will be:

  1. Be in bed by 22.30: This has proved to be a challange. I have to try to care about bed-time again. Being up late has really fucked me up. It ruins my working days and my evenings! I can’t keep it up the way it has been the last month. I just can’t!
  2. Fruit every day: I’m gonna modify this a bit. I’m gonna include vegetables, so that there will be fruit or vegetables every day. I need to eat more of both. I wish cauliflower was cheepall the year around and not only during the summer. Sigh.
  3. Walk every day: This will be a challange now that there are some cold days ahead of us. When it’s cold in the morning and I’m tired, it’s easier to take the bus instead of walking. I recon that when I not so dead in the mornings and got more energy, it will be easier to walk!

I’m not sure weather to incorporate a new goal or not. I might do that, but right now I think I have to get the goals I got working first. There’s no need to overdo things when you start; then you’re more likely to fail! Start small and go bigger as you succeed. Am I wise or not? ;)

Around New Year I also tend to start on new creative projects. Some never get born, and just stays inside my head. Some get born, but never get finished and some, a very few, get finished. I’m sure I’ll come up with some this time too. I can’t think of any right now, thank god… haha. That’s because I’m so tired and veeeeery hungry!

As I said, the end of this year will be spent with Lisbeth and hopefully Ellen. The black dress is ready, so is the sparkling wine, some confetti fireworks and my camera! One thing is left and that is a small gift to the host of the party. I’ll find that tomorrow before I go hopefully.

Update on the goals

It’s been some time since I’ve updated on my goals. It’s been some time since I’ve blogged too – almost a week.

  1. Walking: I’m doing good. Last week I was downtown lots of days so then I took the bus. But I’ve walked when I could and that’s good. I automatically does it and I don’t think about it so much anymore. Of course there are the days with bad weather. Then I concider it. But still during bad weather I walk for the most.
  2. Fruits: I do good during the week. Last week I bought clementines for the office two days. I think I’m gonna do that more, cos then I don’t have to spend my own money on fruits. haha. It won’t be every day, cos the budget won’t allow that. But once in a while. When it comes to the weekends I’m bad at eating fruits. Saturdays and sundays I’m hopeless. I have to gain some focus on changing that.
  3. In bed before 22.30: Not sure what to say, but I’ve failed misserably. Last week was horrible and it seems like this week will be exactly the same. Last week, it felt more like I tried to be in bed by midnight. Like that was a goal… It made me so utterly tired. Sore eyes and little energy! I really have to change this, but I don’t know how.

I better wrap up here and go to bed before I die….


I promised to give an status report on my goals. Here it is.

  1. Walking: I’m doing good. I think I’ve only taken the bus once when I shouldn’t have, since my last report. That was monday afternoon. I was dead tired and had a huge bag with me. Not sure if it’s any good excuse, but it’s at least an explaination. Overall I’m doing good, so I should be proud and not think too much of that one mistake.
  2. Fruits: In the week-days I’m doing good. In the weekends I’m not doing that good. I forget! The thing is that I never have fruits at home. Almost all the fruits I eat I buy on my way to work and I keep it there. I do better than expected, so I shouldn’t be all upset. But I should try to fix the weekend-issues, because I want to do great, not just good!
  3. In bed before 22.30: I majorly suck here. I think I’ve given up maintaining this goal and it makes me angry. When it first started to get hard, I did try. Now I’m not even trying anymore. I have a big ‘fuck it’ in my head when the evening/night comes. Not continue with this goal has done something with my energy-level and ruined my mornings. I’m tired every morning and it takes hours before I feel fully rested! Sigh.  I’m back at sore eyes, yawning and low energy-level in the evenings.

I did talk about adding a new goal; clean a little bit every day. Hah. Wishful thinking. I tried a few days last week without setting it up as a goal. It did work for a few days and then I totally forgot about it. Haha.

Maybe I need to actually put it up as a goal to remember it? Hmm. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna do it or not. It is a really good goal, but should I add one more if i can’t keep the ones I already have?

Again, I’m gonna sleep on it.


After a lazy sunday is over, I often go to bed thinking about all the stuff I didn’t do; about all the time I wasted on nothing. Where did twelw hours go? How did I manage to fill all these hours that this sunday contained with more or less nothing?

I did do some useful stuff. I cleaned up a bit in my bedroom. All the dust is gone, some skirts that was too small is gone too. And the big pile with clothes on top on my dirty-clothes-basket is gone too. I also made three new christmas-cards. But that was about it!

I could’ve done so much more! I could’ve done laundry, vacuumed the apartment, cleaned my bathroom sink, washed the floor in my apt etc etc. In stead I use my time, no waste it on watching TV and surfing around online. I actually saw a bit of Dr. Phil show today. Come on, Dr. Phill? And even worse, Zoey 101 or what it’s called… Staring Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie. That is all-time-low!

Lazy sundays are the best, but sometimes I wish i’d done more. I’m like ‘meh, now I’ve wasted yet another sunday’.

Oh well… over to something slightly more uplifting. Or is it?

My goals…

  1. Teeth: Perfect. I’m gonna drop that as a goal now, because it’s a routine now.
  2. Walking: Doing good. I walk every day. Even when it’s raining!
  3. Fruit every day. I’m doing ok. Weekend is the hardest. I forgot to eat fruit yesterday, even though I bought a net with clementines. Doh! Today I have. I waited until 22.30 though. Uhm.. waited? I forgot until then. That’s more correct to say.
  4. Be in bed on time: uhm… the clock now says 23.25. Obviously I’m not doing good. It’s so hard! I don’t know what I’m gonna do to change this. I honestly don’t have a clue. Ideas, anyone?

Add any new goals? Nah. I don’t think so. I don’t think I can handle that at the moment. Need to figure out that bed-goal first. And I can’t really come up with any new things I want to have as goal either. Maybe clean a bit every day? Oh god, that sounds boring. Hmmm… I need to think about that one for a while. I know it would make things easier and it would be done more often. One thing each day isn’t much. I’m not gonna decide anything now. Now I better hurry in bed.

I’ll post the new christmas-cards as soon as I got time. Or… more like next time I think of it. haha.


So, how have things been going since my last update?

  1. Brush teeth: doing great.
  2. Walk: Doing good. I had one day I failed, but that was a very sucky day and I couldn’t help myself!
  3. Eat fruit: Doing great. Clementine season is here. That makes things easier. But not all clementines are good, so it’s hard to know which one is good though.
  4. Bed before 22.30: Not doing good. Had tree nights I’ve failed. This is the hardest goal to keep.

Regarding bed-time. I go back to the same system as before. I say ‘fuck it’ and don’t care. I don’t want my bed-time goal to be the goal I fail at. This goal has the worst effect if I fail. Immediate effect at least.

It takes some time to develop a hole in a tooth, but if you’re late in bed a day or two in a row, the effect is immediately there the next day. And it takes a long time to repair too, to get back on track!

Now that I got my ‘red week’, it’s even worse. It’s even more important to be in bed on time. But even harder too, because the ‘i-dont-care’ feeling is more present.

Rebuilding my spine is hard.

I have been thinking that making three out of goals is good. And maybe I should be happy with that? I can’t be perfect all the time, right? But acting out those thoughts, doesn’t make me feel good. It feels like I’m giving in and giving up. And I don’t want that.

Stay strong and block out all the bad thoughts! I can do it!!

Christmas-card factory

Talked to my mum earlier today. I emailed her some of the cards I’ve made two days ago and I was just wondering if she’d looked at them. She had and she really liked them. I said I could make her some if she needed any. She said YES right away. She needs about 20 cards!

Oh boy! 20 cards. That will take some time. But it will be superfun. I can’t wait to start on them. I got three left for myself and then I’m gonna start on hers.

The deal is that she’s gonna pay for the equipment I need, like paper and other things I use for the cards. Making twenty cards will be expensive, but it will be so much better than buying them.

This is fun!! :)

What’s not so fun is that the clock is now 23.01 and I’m half an hour late. Siiiigh. Thank god, I’ve eaten fruit, walked and are on my way to brush my teeth. Going to bed on time, is the toughest goal it seems. Tomorrow and thursday will be ruined because I got late activities. Tomorrow I’m visiting Gro and she lives a little bit outside town. It takes forever to get home and I doubt I’ll be in bed on time. On thursday, Terje and I, we’re going to see Amy MacDonald at Rockefeller. Then I will be home late too.

Oh well, I’ve completed three out of four goals. It’s not that bad!

No new goals

I forgot to write something about my goals yesterday. I got caught up thinking about scrapping, that I forgot I think.

I haven’t made any new goals for this week. I debated with myself on sunday for a short while and found out I need more time to just focus on the goals I have set so far. It might seem like these goals I got is as easy as a walk in the park, but it’s not. Not all of them at least. I don’t wanna risk screwing up, so I keep things the way they are. It’s not bad to have the goals I got. And if I just maintain these goals, I will be very pleased.

I don’t need anything else right now. I’ll keep these goals for at least a week more. I’ll do a new evaluation on sunday, but I think I will keep my goals for next week too.

I think this was all I really wanted to say. I’m at the office and should work.

Short update

My plan was to write a long entry here, but I got caught up in something else online and now I’m not inspired to write at all. How typical. So i’ll just give a short update on the competition.

Competition… well, it’s not so much a competition anymore, since someone quit way too soon (in my opinion at least). A bit annoying, but there is nothing I can do about it.

I’m still doing good. I’ve had a few times where I thought ‘fuck it, lets skip the whole thing’, but I’ve managed to keep myself going. I’m proud of that. It’s been two weeks now and my spine is slowly rebuilding.

  1. Be in bed by 22.30: I had one day where I was 20 mins late. All other days tucked myself in at 22.30. I must admit it has never been earlier than 22.30 either.
  2. Brush teeth before bed: Check! Done it every day!
  3. Walk more: Oh yeah, I haven’t skipped that once! I dread it in the mornings, but I don’t pay that feeling any attention other than that i registrer the feeling and push it away.
  4. Eat fruit every day: here I must say I’ve impressed myself. I’ve had one day, last saturday, where i failed. I didn’t have any fruit and had no time to go to the grocerystore. well, that’s not correct, I had plenty of time, but I did other things in stead. So instead I ate half a carrot to comensate. I must say one thing. Those who think you can exchange your chocolate with fruits… it’s like believing in Santa Claus. I eat as much as chocolate as I did before!

On to something else.

Last saturday, I went to see Sissel. She had a scrapping-evening. It was so much fun. I rode with her friend Kristin and we came around 4 o’clock. Another friend of Sissel was there too. We sat around a huge table and did different things. Sissel and Guro, the scrapped (photoalbum). Kristin built a cookbook. Only it’s not a book, it’s pages you can put on this round metal-thingy. You can swirl it round and round and the recepies hangs down from it. Oh god, that was a terrible description, but I don’t know how else to describe it. I made christmas cards.

What was so great, was that I could borrow things from both Sissel and Guro. That meant I could make great cards. I ended up with five cards. I’ll show them later, when I’ve taken a picture of them. Kristin  said I had to make and send her a christmas card, that’s how much she liked mine. So, I’m gonna do that :)

Being at Sissels house got me all inspired. There is so much I wanna buy. So tomorrow I’m going to Bikuben at Strømmen (told about that store before I think) and buy myself some new scrapping-stuff. It’s my birthday on friday and this is my birthdaygift to myself.

I found out something smart you know. Chantie owe me about 1300 NOK and I think I’m gonna use some of them to buy things. Maybe most of it too? Who knows if I’ll go crazy tomorrow. I haven’t got the money yet, but I do have money on my savings account. So I’ll use them until I get my money. I’m not in a hurry for those money, so I’m not stressing  her about it.  

I’ve been thinking about this little shopping-spree all week. Sunday and monday night, I even dreamt about scrapping. whaha. I’m crazy, I know it.

Ahem… short update? It didn’t get that short after all ;) I better end it, so I’ll be in bed by 22.30. It’s only 15 mins left.

Hey ho, lets go!

Stutus report

Just a little status report on how things are going now that the first week is soon over:

  1. Walking: I’m good with the walking. I dread it every morning, but still I do it.
  2. Teeth: It’s like a walk in the park. Easy peasy. I’m doing great.
  3. Be in bed on time: Yesterday I failed be in bed by 22.30. I did one mistake and that was watching Grey’s Anathomy, even though I was recording it. The show ended 22.25 and after that I really, really wanted to blog because I had some ideas in my head I wanted to get down on paper. So I missed the time by 20 minutes. If I’d only turned off Grey’s and blogged while that was on. Then I would’ve made it to bed before 22.30. I’ll do better tonight!
  4. Fruit: It’s only the third day, but I’ve eaten fruit every day. This morning I had a banana. Bought it on my way to work. That was my breakfast, which means I have to eat something more soon, because I’m hungry. Yesterday I ate the rest of the grapes I bought on monday.

So all in all, I’m doing ok. But it’s only gone a week. And I never last more than a week or so. So this next week will be very importat.

Good luck to me!

I’m all fruity!

It’s the second fruit-day and I’m haning in there! Yesterday when I walked from Galgeberg and to the office I stopped by Kiwi (grocerystore) and bought grapes. I ate half yesterday and half today. Now everything is gone.

For tomorrow I need to buy something else. I’m a bit tired of grapes now. haha. I think a banana will do great. With sugar and milk, of course. Yummy!

I’m on top of the walking. There is a split second with hesistation when I walk out the door, but I don’t pay that hesitation any attention. I can’t. If I dwell on it, I’m sure my legs will lead me to the nearest bus or tram. So I just keep on walking.

Yesterday, I went to bed even though I wasn’t ready for it. I just shut down 10 minutes before I should be in bed. I told myself I just had to be in bed and instantly brushed my teeth, turned off the TV and logged off Flickr. I said shortly goodnight to Chantie and then I turned off the light.

The first week with this game is over tomorrow and I’ve done remarkably good. Better than expected.

My spine is slowly rebuilding!


No more posts.