Fathers Day

We celebrate Fathers Day tomorrow. I’ve always made dad a card and given him a little present. The card is easy; I made it this morning. But a gift is always a bit more tricky. Dad is the person (like lots of other dads I guess) who doesn’t want anything and doesn’t really need anything. Whenever ask him for things he wants for his birthday or Christmas he said he doesn’t need any present. So I always have to come up with something myself or I ask my mum or sister for ideas.

Fathers Day comes two weeks after his birthday, so that makes it even worse to find something; because you’ve just bought him something.

I’ve never bought him very big present on Fathers Day. It’s not the size or the price of the gift that counts. It’s the thought behind the gift. Today a great idea popped up while I was on my way to the post office to send my birthday gift to Chantie. Why not buy him something he could eat or drink? First I thought of some smoked salmon or a fancy paté. But then I thought, hey why not buy him some fancy beer? A brilliant idea.

Normally dad drinks Ringnes (standard Norwegian beer). I know he loves Grolsch, Dutch beer. If I’m in the Netherlands, I always bring him a few bottles. Not because they don’t have it here, but because it’s way cheaper! I almost got a little shock today when I saw the  price of the bottle. Imported beer is so friggen expensive! I ended up with two Grolsch. My plan was to buy him a lotterly ticket as well (just for fun), but I forgot. I’ll buy that later today.

Happy Fathers Day dad! You’re the best!

My uncles farm

I’ve just come home from Aker Foto; the store that are developing my photos. They are great. I send them online and can pick them up the day after. They are not the cheapest one in town, but the best in my opinion.

Today I picked up five photos I’m giving to mum for her birthday. I’ve also picked up six photos I’m sending my aunt. She has asked for photos from the place she grew up. My uncle still lives on the farm they all grew up.

So I got six square photos for my aunt.

To the left is my uncles field.

I’m here standing on the road above. The white house is part of my uncles house. The rest of the buildings is where he keeps his tractors etc.

Road through my uncles propery.

Further up that road.

The property seen from the other side.

A nearly dried up creek dividing two fields.

I’m gonna send them to my aunt tomorrow hopefully. I’m curious what she will think about them. I tell her she will have to decide which one she will put up on the wall. Maybe a few? Maybe all? It’s up to her.

Birthday cards as presents

I’ve decided to make some birthday cards and give away as Christmas presents. I have two friends that are getting five cards each. In lack of ideas of what to buy them, I thought this might be a good idea. Brithday cards is something you always will need and it’s good to have some in store.

So yesterday and today I’ve made some cards. Today I even went down to Steffens to buy some new pattern paper. I needed to go there and buy a Christmas gift anyway, so why not buy some paper too?

I’ve managed to make eight cards in two days. Not bad. The two friends who are getting them, is not online that much and they surly doesn’t read this blog, so I’m safe when I post them.

The three last ones I made today with the new pattern paper. I’m really satisfied with them.  I don’t really wanna part with them, haha. But I have to. It will make nice gifts.

I have two more cards to make, which will be made sometime this week I think.

Signs, videos and music

It’s wednesday and it’s late, past midnight. But today it doesn’t care, because I got tomorrow of.  It’s a holiday. Not sure of the name in english and I’m too lazy too look it up, but it’s the day when Jesus took a ride to heaven. Some skills that Jesus had, ay? ;)

I’ve just finished two games of rummy with Cisca. It was fun! We won one game each. Fair and square.

Springsteen is playing in the background. Somehow I got a kick out of Bruce today. I saw some Springsteen-thing on facebook, that lead to me go on youtube to listen to a song, that led to a Bruce-website, which led to me relising I need a sign / banner with a song-request for the concert and that led me into the livingroom to look at some cd’s. There I found ‘the ties that bind’ and i didn’t remember how it went (!!!) So I had to open iTunes and find that song. And since then I’ve been listening to Bruce!

The song-request is real tricky! I have two choises:

  • to pick the song I want to hear the most, but I doubt he will pick and play because he really never plays it. That is ‘Thougher Than the Test’.
  • to pick a song that is more likely to be picked. That could be ‘Downbound Train’.

I went thru the setlists for the concerts he’s held in May and neither ‘Thougher Than the Rest’ or Downbound Train is played. I think I’ll land on Downbound Train.

I don’t really think it matters which song I choose actually, because what’s the chance he’s gonna pick MY sign? Will I even be in the front row? Or the second? or the third? I hope so, but I don’t have high hopes.

Anyway, Im gonna make a cool sign worth looking at. Something special.

I just ordered tickets to see a movie tomorrow; Corlaline and the secret door. It’s the 3D version. Didn’t think I would have to pay more for it since it’s 3D, but oh boy I did. One ticket is 120 nok! It’s like 90 nok for a regular ticket. Oh well… it will be supercool to watch it in 3D!

The movie starts at 15.30. I’ll meet Ellen at 14.45. After the movie we’ll go eating at Burger King.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some usefull stuff before the movie. I had a plan to wash some windows… blargh. It’s superboring and I’m so not good at it. But it should be done. I never really do it, so it’s about time! Another thing that I should do is to ship some stuff down in the basement.

You know, here the other day went through all my old vhs-tapes. Since I don’t have a VCR anymore and I doubt I’ll get one actually, I can get rid of them. I’m not tossing them away, not yet. First they’ll go down in the basement for some time and if I haven’t found myself a VCR in a year or so, I guess I can toss them. Where the hell do you get a VCR nowadays?


I have a lot of videos! I guess there is about 70 in total. There is a lot of goodies in those piles, like: Man On the Moon, Pulp Fiction, Mifunes Last Song, Philladelphia and the Green Mile. The video I will miss the most is Waterdance. Great movie with Eric Stoltz, Helen Hunt, Wesley Snipes and William Forsyth. Seen it at least ten times, maybe even more. I’ve lost count!  

I’ve tried to find this movie as a DVD, but it’s impossible to find. And if I find it, it’s with a region my dvd-player can’t handle. Sigh, sigh and more sigh!


 What else am I going to do tomorrow? Hmmm… Not sure. I better not write down a too big to-do-list, because then I’ll just be disappointed when I go to bed and find out didn’t do half of what was on the list. But I can’t write down nothing either, because then I’ll be disappointed too. Oh… whatever!

Talking about lists. I’ve made a list of new music I want. It’s not short!

  • Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
  • Eminem – Relapse
  • Moneybrother – Real Control
  • Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe (Deluxe Box Set Edition 3CD+DVD)
  • Melody Club – Goodbuy To Romance
  • Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
  • Leonard Cohen – Live In London (CD + DVD)
  • Manic Street Pretchers – Journal For Plague Lovers
  • Lisa Ekdahl – Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

That sure is a lot of music! And I’m not sure I’ve covered it all. This is what i can think of at least.

Writing this list I found a great gift for mum. I think I’m gonna buy her the DVD with Leonard Cohen in London. That will be a great gift. I remember we went  to see him when he played in Oslo last year. We had a great evening and Cohen was super. I’ll add that to the biscuts I’m making, the cantucini’s. So, I need to buy that dvd and buy a box/jar I have put the cantucini’s in. There is about 3 weeks until her birthday, so I don’t have a rush. Oh and I have make a card for her, must not forget that.

I’m eyeing the watch in the corner of this screen. It says 01:42. I know I’m not going to work tomorrow, but still…. I don’t have to go crazy with the bedtime. I think it’s time to end now and get my sorry ass into bed.

Bah. I wish I had the stereo in my bedroom. Then I could’ve fallen alseep to Bruce and some Tunnel of Love songs (put it on a timer). Well, I’m pretty much dead, so I think I actually will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. No need for music then!

Summer and 50 mm = great :)

You know I got that 50 mm f/1.4  lense for my birthday last October. That means this will be the first summer I’ll be using it. This week I’ve been very eager to go out and use it on the blooming parts of Oslo. Some of my flickr-friends have inspired me and helped me to get the urge to go out and shoot.

Today the weather has been lovely; between 15 -17 degrees and sunny. It has been a perfect photo-weather.

So after I left the office at 16.00 sharp, I went to the botanical garden. It’s blooming there and I know by earlier visits that this time a year there are some nice things to see and shoot. And oh boy, was I right!

From I left the office and until I got home, I had taken 189 shots! And when I went through them, I found many pictures that has turned out great. There are not 189 totally different pictures of course. I usually take quite a few pictures of the same object. I test different angels and settings on the camera.

Here are some of the shots, I took.





The botanical garden is so great and it’s not far from where I live either. It’s like in the middle of my apartment and building where I work. The garden got lots different flowers and trees (huge ones). They have put benches at some places which are nice to use for reading a book. I saw a guy sitting there with a briefcase and reading some documents :) Looked way better sit in a boring office with bad air maybe not so much natural light.

I’m definitely going back to the botanical garden later this summer.

I think it would’ve been cool to frame this pictures, but I have no space for them at the moment. My apartment is only about 50 m2 and there is only so much I can hang up un the walls. I could actually put them in my bedroom. They go with the color scheme that are in there; three white walls and one dark purple. But doing that means two things:

  •  in need of new frames since these pics are square ones.
  • take down the pics that are there already.

Am I ready for that? Not sure… Don’t think I should spend money on that for the moment. I have to wait until Pink Pop is over and then I can see how much money there is left at my account.

I could of course give them to mum as a birthday gift. She talked about putting up some pictures at her ‘library’ (my old room). But can I afford four pictures printed and four frames from IKEA? That will be a bit expensive I think. Maybe I’ll just give her the pictures and then she can buy the frames herself :p

Talking about mums birthday. I have a great idea for another gift. I actually got the idea when I visited Åhlens not long ago. In the pots and jars section they had small plastic bags with cantucini. That is Italian biscuts. Hard ones that you dip in coffee and then eat. Mum loves them. Creative as I am, I didn’t buy them, but wrote down the name so I could search them up on google and make them myself. I think it’s a wonderful idea if I can say it myself ;)

I’ll share pics of the cantucini’s when they are done. Mums birthday isn’t unil the 14th of June, so I got a month left.

Linda, IKEA, shopping and gift


Tuesday I met Linda at IKEA. We had a whole evening with shopping ahead of us. So we started of with dinner at IKEA. I came straight from work and was hungry. As usual I ate the swedish meatballs. Yum!

We strolled around at the first floor for quite some time. We skipped the second floor where all the furniture is. I was looking for some black square frames I’d seen they have online and some tea-lights. The black frames, they didn’t have. They did have some, but they were too deep for my liking. You could create a 3-D picture with it and is not what I’m gonna do. So I ended up with some aluminium-frames. Same type as I have now, but only square.

I also found the pack with the 100 tea-lights which were sold out last time I was at IKEA. As a last thing, I bought a new plant for 5 NOK. My last one has, the same as I bought, died recently and I got another one half dead too. I didn’t take the time to read on the label who to treat this plant – something I should’ve. If I had, I wouldn’t have bought the plant – not even though it was very cheap. I managed to buy a very sensitive plant who needs lots of care. It said: check the soil every day, it can’t get dry. Lord, every day? How am I supposed to remember that?! *shakes head* I’m sure I will kill this plant too.

After IKEA we went to this mall called Metro. Inside the parking lot, in the car, I gave Linda the gifts. I wondered if she should open them or wait. I told her I wanted her to open them. It’s always more fun to see them open the presents you’ve bought than just to hear about it. She saved the book to the last.

She loooved the book. She almost got some tears just to see the cover.  We stayed in the car for over half an hour looking in the book. She just had to look throug it. We laughed a lot and commened a lot on different stories or pictures. She told me this was the best present she’d gotten. Ever! That meant a lot to me. It’s of course nice to know someone like the things you’ve done and I appreciate the nice things being said about me, but the main thing is that Linda liked it.

So after Linda had digested the book, we went inside. I had nothing special in mind that I was looking for. Linda was looking for a new dress she could wear at her birthday party the 4th of April. We went to all the stores we could think would have something and Linda tried on many dresses! Eventually she found a cool one! It took a while.

We went to a different mall too. I’m not sure what we exactly was looking for there… oh wait, it was shoes. Linda wanted some pink pumps to match her dress. Sadly we didn’t find any. Last year I saw lots of pink pumps. This year… no one to be found. Sigh.

Around 21.00 we agreed it was time to head home. We were both tired and Linda had to clean her house when she came home, because she expected dinner-guests on her birthday. I’m glad I only could go home and sleep! Linda drove me to the train station and I took the speedy train home. In less than 45 minutes I was home. I didn’t have to wait  long for the train, and the subway came right away. I actually had to run a bit to catch it.

It was a fun afternoon. Linda is always fun to shop with. We click shopwise. We’re were alike there. We’re not like our friend Tonje who gets tired after a few stores and then have to go sit at a cafe and drink latte!

Newborn baby

My friend Gro, she gave birth to a babygirl on monday. About a week ago, we planned a date. I’m going to see her tomorrow. I had to call her and ask if I could come, now that the baby had come. I wasn’t sure if it was too early. It wasn’t. She was looking forward to see me and I’m looking forward to see her and the baby too.

After I finished work today, I went downtown. I had to go to Panduro to buy a few new craft-things . I needed something for the card I was going to make Gro regarding her newborn. I tried to find something that wasn’t pink, but that was not easy. I wanted something purple, but didn’t find any thing at all. So I ended up with pink after all. Not that pink is so bad, but it’s so standard when it comes to a babygirl.


When I’d finished Panduro, I went to H&M to buy a gift for the newborn. It wasn’t easy to find something. I wanted something really cute, but I didn’t really want anything in pink. After a while I found a super duper cute yellow-brown/ green pj. I just had to buy it! Green is maybe a ‘boy-color’? I’m not sure actually, but I don’t care. It was too cute to miss. And she’s only gonna sleep in it, so then it doesn’t really matter what color it is.

Gøril was really happy about the card and the cupcakes I’d made her. I think she was impressed that I’d made the card myself. I forgot to take a picture of it yesteday, so there won’t be any picture of it.

Sadly, Gøril got sick and had to leave the office about an hour after she came. Sigh. Sick on her birthday. It was her belly. I think she actually threw up :( So she gave me the cupcakes and said I could give some to colleagues. But I had to save some for her, if she came tomorrow. I gave everyone who’s in office B one cake. The one who’s over at office K didn’t get any, cos then I would have to take the elevator down and go out and up to the other building. Too bad for them. heh.

Ginger nuts and loaded week

I baked the ginger nuts today after eaten a really simple dinner. I’m glad I downsized the recipe to half of what the originally was, or else I would still be in the kitchen rolling out the nuts. It took quite a while, but it was fun :)


In between the baking and watching the oven, I finished the label that are going on the jar. I used some ‘glue-paper’ to attatch it to the jar. The label says ‘homemade ginger nuts’. This is how it came out:

021208-3a1Here is the recipe:

250 gram butter
250 gram sugar
2 dl full cream
1.5 tea spoon ginger
1 tea spoon cinnamon
1 tea spoon pepper
0.5 tea spoon cardamom
0.5 tea spoon baking powder
1 tea spoon baking soda
500 gram flour

Stirr the butter and sugar until it’s ‘white’. Add the full cream, spices and flower mixed with the baking soda. Mix it well together.

Put the dough in the frigde over the night. Roll the dough into finger-thick lenghts. Cut in small pieces and make the ball-shaped. Bake them in the ove at 190° in 12-15 minutes.

After I finished work at 16.00 I went downtown. I had to go to the post-office to send the slutbook to Chantie. It’s now on its way to her. I hope she’ll get it soon. At the post-office I also sent some office-mail, bought some stamps and envolopes for my christmas cards. I have to finish those soon. Not sure when I got time for that though…

Tomorrow I have to make Gro’s birthday card. I guess I’ll be stuck with that for a while. I really have to do some cleaning too, because I get a friend over on saturday. My apartment looks like a mess. Sigh. On thursday, me and my colleague G*Star, we’re going on a christmas party arranged by the company that collects the money from people who won’t pay their bills. (Don’t kow the name for such companies…) It will last all evening.

On friday it’s Gro’s birthday dinner. The girls are meeting at Santinos downtown for dinner. Will be fun. Now if I only could find out what to wear….

And on saturday Bjørg is coming. We’re going shopping. First at IKEA and then maybe a big mall in Sandvika, right outside Oslo. She’ll stay until sunday :) 

So maybe sometime on sunday I can finish the cards. I thought about asking Ellen over for dinner, but I’m not sure yet. She’ll be away for most of the weekend I think and I’m not sure when she’ll be back on sunday. Maybe I also would like the sunday to just relax all by myself too. Hmm. I would have to think about it. No need to settle any plans right now.

Oh my god!

I don’t care much for my birthdays and on friday I turned 30. The ‘oh so ugly’ 30! LOL! I never celebrate my birthday, because I don’t wanna make a lot of fuss about it. This year I spend my birthday on a restaurant with my parents and Hanne + Geir. I ate a delicious steak with creamy potatoes, creamy mushrooms and pepper sauce. And mum and I shared a lovely white wine. It was heavenly. I even ate more than dad! hah! That never happens. I was stuffed when we went home.

One good thing about having birthday is all the gifts you get. And I must say this year was super gift-wise. I got a red IKEA lamp, a red vase, a t-shirt, one Bruce DVD and one Bruce CD, super cool red hangers to have clothes on, a day planner for 2009, two books…  But the greatest gifts were the Sigma Blitz from Hanne and Geir and the Canon 50 mm f/1.4 lense my parents got me.

Oh my god! 50 mm lense! Woho! That lense rocks badly. I’ve used it for two days now and I’m in love with it.

Yesterday I put a picture up on flickr. It was of a cat and it was taken with my new lense. Normally cat pictures doesn’t create much trafic, comments and faves. But this… oh my! I had one comment when I went to Lisbeth at 4 o’clock yesterday. When I checked when I came home today around 3 o’clock I had 20 comments and 16 faves. I was like ‘WTF???” Before i actually saw the comments I thought it had to be a mistake and that someone had spammed me. LOL. It has never happened to me before, so I’m a bit surprised.

With this new lense, I feel I can take some kick-ass pictures! hihi. I just need some sunlight, no wind and no clouds. Can anyone bring me that?

Opreation Judith!

A tidal wave with guilt hit me big time on tuesday. In the mail I got magazine Plan Norge sends out once in a while. What is Plan Norge you may wonder. Let me tell you. It’s an organisation that helps out people in other countires. It belongs to Plan International.

I have sponsor-child and have had that for years now. Her name is Judith and she comes from Uganda :) 

The magazine reminded me of the letter I got from her some months ago. After reading it I put it in my drawer, thinking I had to write her back and maybe send her something. The letter has been there since then and I have not written her back yet!

Ugh! I feel bad.

There were years I didn’t hear anything from her.  And she hasn’t heard anything from me either. I planned once to send her something, but I failed. I never sent anything.

Now I have to write her and send her something. And I can’t fail this time.  My plan is to write her a letter, attach some pictures of me and other things and a small gift.

The gift will be a big problem, because acording to Plan’s rules you can only send things that weight 150 gram or less. 150 gram? Hello! Does anybody know how little that is? It’s practically nothing.  So what can I send besides feathers and air? I was thinking some colorful pencils and maybe a pencil sharpener (in case she doesn’t have that). But it’s not going to be easy find that when the total weight has to be 150 grams.

Yesterday after work, I went downtown to have a look.  I didn’t find any I wanted to buy. While searching for something to send her, I caught myself thining ‘I don’t wanna buy her something too expensive’.

Oh my god!

Here I have more money that she maybe ever will see between her hands. And then I think to myself that I don’t wanna spend it on her, just because I feel like I can afford it. And the reason for that is that I really want to use it on myself. Spend it on clothes, concerts etc. I do send 220 NOK to Plan every month, but still… I think I could use a little extra moeny on buying her a gift.

I want to start on the project today, after work. Maybe I’ll go downtown today too?  To have a look. I know I’m spending some time tomorrow, downtown with Linda, a little shopping round. But I’m not sure I wanna use that time to look for this kind of thing.

The pictures I’m gonna send, I have to take first. I want a picture of myself, the building I live in, something from inside my apartment maybe, the cats, maybe my sister… I have lots of ideas here. Of course I do, it’s about photographing ;)

Hey ho. Let’s go!

No more posts.