Christmas preparations

It’s less than a week until Christmas and there is a lot of preparations to be done. This weekend started off with gift wrapping. I bought some special paper at a craftstore. And to go with the gifts, I made gift tags. The tags were bought at the same craftstore as the wrapping. I used rubber stamps on all of the gift tags. The all ended up like this:

And this is how it turns out when the gift is wrapped.

It was a lot of fun making these gift tags. I wish I could make a lot more. But you only need so many gift tags. I’ve given some to my mum, because she wanted some. I think I have to make a few more, but that means I have to buy some more. I’ll do that tomorrow after work.

I went home to my parents house yesterday. My friend Linda’s boyfriend celebrated his birthday and I was there. Today I’ve spent a lot of the day making Christmas cookies for mum/dad and Linda. First I made a christmas cookie called serinakaker and the other one is called berlinerkranser. I have no idea what they might be called in english. The recipies can be found here and here.

No baking without taking photos. Because there’s no blogging without photos; that’s dull! And I intended to blog about these Christmas preparations.

The A-Team: Almonds and Albumen!

The cookies. Serinakaker and berlinerkranser.

Pretty cookie box. I had forgotten about this gem from IKEA!

I’m not done with baking. My plan is to bake something that is actually called Christmaskcake. It’s a cake with raisins in it. You can eat it with butter and cheese; preferably a unique Norwegian cheese called Gudbrandsdalsost (or more casual brown cheese).  I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it though. Tuesday I’m busy visiting my newphew and sister; gonna drop off some gifts, collect my earnings (a box of dark chocolate!) from making woven Christmas  hearts for them and spend some qualitytime with Emil. On wednesday I’m meeting Ellen for a gift-swap. Thursday I’m going home; home for Christmas. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Or at the end of the week.

About going home for Christmas. Norwegian singer Maria Mena is released a new song called Home for Christmas. It’s beautiful and you should listen to it. Couldn’t find it on youtube, but you’ll def. find it at Spotify.


Is it that time a year again?

We’re 26 days into November and sneaking upon me comes the joy of my favorite holiday, Christmas. There are little things, here and there, that bring the child in me up to the surface. I am, no doubt about it, a Christmas-person.

My all-time favourite Christmas movie, besides that Chech Cinderella moive, Home Alone I, poped into my mind a while ago. It’s waiting for me to be seen – yet another time. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but I always end up seeing it some time before Christmas. And I’m never tired of that cute ten year old Macaulay Culkin who play Kevin McCalliser.

I spent a lot of time with Linda this weekend and she got me in the Christmas spirit. So did Moa with the pictures of some of her gifts.

Next monday is the first of December and for me that means I can start decorating my house with Christmas stuff. I don’t spend Christmas in my own apartment, but at my parents house, so if I should start decorate when we usually does it, the 23rd, it would mean I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the decoration.

I’ve started shopping for christmas-gifts. I’ve bought a few already. They are all to Linda. Some gifts are planned, but not bought. And I have a few persons I have no idea what to buy; like my mum. She’s a hopeless case.  Sigh. Thank god, dads gift are sorted out. Me and my sister are gonna buy hime the whole James Bond collection. He wants that.

Shopping gifts are superfun, even though it can be stressful from time to time. I just got to remember to not go shopping when I don’t know what I’m looking for. It’s better to have a plan than just walk around like a zombie not knowing what you’re looking for!

Regarding the Christmas cards, I’m still not finished. Made a few this week. I think I have at least ten cards left, if not twelve. I will have to speed up a bit. It’s been going slow the last week.

My new christmas project is gift tags. I found out yesterday that I had ten gift-tags that I could use. I just had to decorate them.  They ar supercool and so much nicer than the ones I usually make. I’ve never cared much about the gift-tag, but this year I will! My creative brain can’t ignore it ;)

So here is one of the newest card, with some new metalic santa’s that I bought last week and the four gift-tags I’ve made today. Cute, ay?


Aahh. I can’t wait for December to start :) It’s such a great month. I’m looking forward to put on some Christmas music. I have a cd by Oslo Gospel Choir and they have a few GREAT songs. I won’t start until the 1st. Or mabye sunday… when we got the 1st sunday in Advent.

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