Fruits and chocolate

I watched part of a programme on tv today about a guy who wanted to give up eating chocolate/candy/chips. There was this woman who was gonna help him. First they had to get rid of all the sweets he had in the house. The found a plastic bag and when they had tossed everything in it, it weight 16 kg! Whoa! That’s a shitload of candy!

At the show they talked about which candy that was more healty than other. They sayd that dark chocolate is more healty than light one. The chocolate with 70% cocoa or more contains less fat and vegetable oils. They said that 6 -7 grams of dark chocolate (70% coccoa or more) a day  is healty according some studies made in Italy (I think it was). 6-7 gram is like nothing!

I know I eat too much candy. Didn’t need that programme to understand that! When I visited the grocerystore today I had to buy chocolate and spesificly Kvikk Lunjs, just because I was afraid I didn’t have some at home. I had a shitty end of my working day so today I really needed it!

This makes me think of that week last year when tried not to eat candy. It was awefull. I don’t remember how long it lasted. Maybe four days? Or was it five? I remember the last day I sniffed on the chocolate  in my drawer at work. And I went like aaaaaahhhh!

This also makes me think of one of the goals I had at the end of last year; eat fruit every day. I wonder if I can go back to that time. Can I do that again? Maybe I should try? Maybe chocolate one day, fruit the other, then chocolate, then fruit again… Hmmm. I have to think about this!


Two pictures I’ve taken today. As you know, I’m crazy and what I now will tell will contribute to that fact. I bought these fruits only so I could photograph them. I’m not fan of green apples. I love red ones. But I didn’t buy red ones becuase they were more expensive. And I really to photograph a green one. And pears… yuck! I don’t like that at all.

I wrote a grocery list last night which contained salami, milk, bread, ham etc. And at the bottom I had written apples / pears (fruit I can photograph) hahaha.

What I do for the sake of art / my creativity!

I’m all fruity!

It’s the second fruit-day and I’m haning in there! Yesterday when I walked from Galgeberg and to the office I stopped by Kiwi (grocerystore) and bought grapes. I ate half yesterday and half today. Now everything is gone.

For tomorrow I need to buy something else. I’m a bit tired of grapes now. haha. I think a banana will do great. With sugar and milk, of course. Yummy!

I’m on top of the walking. There is a split second with hesistation when I walk out the door, but I don’t pay that hesitation any attention. I can’t. If I dwell on it, I’m sure my legs will lead me to the nearest bus or tram. So I just keep on walking.

Yesterday, I went to bed even though I wasn’t ready for it. I just shut down 10 minutes before I should be in bed. I told myself I just had to be in bed and instantly brushed my teeth, turned off the TV and logged off Flickr. I said shortly goodnight to Chantie and then I turned off the light.

The first week with this game is over tomorrow and I’ve done remarkably good. Better than expected.

My spine is slowly rebuilding!


Fruits – the new goal!

Tomorrow is a new week and I need to set some new goals. Or… one new goal to be exact. I’ve come to the conclution to start slow, just to keep me going. No need to set the goals sky-high and watch myself fall flat on the ground right away. So that’s why I’m only setting one new goal. Of course I will keep the ones I’ve already made. So it will be as followed:

  1. Walk more. Walk the same routs as I did last week.
  2. Brush my teeth.
  3. Be in bed by 22.30
  4. Eat one fruit every day.

Fruit. Why do I have fruit on my goal-list? It’s as simple as this. I never eat fruit and that’s not good.  I should really eat fruit. It’s healty. Not sure why i don’t do it. It just doesn’t come naturally for me I think. Chocolate is what’s come natural for me. whaha. So this will be a real challange. It will be easier when the clementies are in the stores. I love clementies and I can eat a lot of those.

What I have to choose from is apples, bananas, green grapes, oranges and clementies when they arrive. What I can do, is to buy bananas and eat it on a slice of bread. That’s good. Oh, oh. Or even better. I can chop it up in thin slices, put them in a bowl, have sugar on them and fill up the bowl with milk. Yummy!

I’ll go to the groceristore near work tomorrow morning and buy some fruit. Or maybe I’ll do it when I’m out buying bread for the goofballs at the office. Either way, I’ll have fruits at the office before lunch!

Wish me all good luck with this week! Reports will come.

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