The magic forrest

050913- 237Last time I was home I went to the forres to pick berries. This time it was time to pick cranberries. I’m no fan of cranberries, but I do love to pick berries and just be out in the forrest. I have no problem picking berries for others to eat. My best friend Linda she loves cranberries, but she isn’t able to be out in the forrest to pick them this year. That gave me an idea. I wanted to surprise her with a box full of cranberries. Linda wasn’t home that day because she was visiting one of her aunts. My plan was to pick a box of berries, put that in a plastic bag along with a written card and hang it on her door handle for her to see when she came home from her aunt. Nothing’s like coming home to a surprise by the door. Late that evening I reccived a very happy text message from her telling me she was very happy to have reccived the box with cranberries. Doing things like that feels great, doesn’t it? I love to make others happy!

Being in the forrest is magical. I love, love, love the forrest. It’s something about it, something special. Every time I go to the forrest I bring my camera. I won’t miss the opportunety to catch the light coming between the trees or the the sparkling water that the sun creates when it hits the pond  / lake.

One thing I’ve noticed when I’m out in the forrest. It happens here in Norway at least. People that doesn’t know each other greets each other with either just a ‘hello’ or they even stop to chat for a while. This might be normal in other parts of the world, but we Norwegians we never really talk to the one we sit next to on the bus, or the man in front of us in the queue at the supermarket. If a stranger starts to talk to you, you look strangly at the other person. Forringers tend to see us as a bit cold. Out in the forrest that is not true!

When I’m downtown Oslo, I almost never talk to strangers or greet them, but when I’m in the forrest and someone is coming I always smile and say hi. This happened on this forrest trip too. We met two women with dogs. They past us as we were sitting down with our heads deep down in the heather. The slowed down when they saw us. I heard them because of the dogs and looked up, then greeted them. One of the greeted me back saying something. I didn’t hear what she was saying, because we were a bit far from each others, but I just replied we were out picking cranberries. She smiled and they walked on.

Of course we didn’t just pick berries, we also had a couple of breaks drinking coffee / water and eating crackers and chocolate. A little rest is nice.

We came home with lots of cranberries. Way more than I thought the two of us would be able to bring home. I also came home with some photos I would like to share with you.

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A berry good time in the forrest


Last weekend when I was at Lierfoss, I went to the forrest to pick berries with my parents. We try to do that every year. Normally we walk through the forrest close to our home.  It starts only a few  hundred meters from the house. This year we wanted to try some place else. We decided to try my uncles forrest, which is located a 5 minute drive away from us.

This year we wanted to pick blueberries. When we had parked the car and started walking we saw some bushes with wild raspberries. We also spotted some on our way into the forrest.  So we decided to pick some raspberries on our way back.

Little did we know that we would find cloudberries in that forrest as well. That made us all happy, esp. dad. He loves cloudberries.

I had to bring my camera on this forrest trip. I love being in the forrest and photographing it. What I didn’t like was all the bites I got from ants and mosqitos. An ant bit me in my foot and it hurt so, so bad. I don’t think I’ve been bitten by an ant where it has hurt as bad as that did. Yesterday morning I counted all my bites and I found 12! They itch, some more than others. I have three on my right hand that is very annoying.

Oh well, enough about the bites and back to the photos. Here they are:

030813- 307s 030813- 236s 030813- 227s 030813- 301s 030813- 277s 030813- 263s 030813- 267s 030813- 304s 030813- 316s 030813- 315s 030813- 285s 030813- 280s 030813- 333sWe didn’t bring enough boxes for our berries, so we had to use what we got. The raspberries were put in an empty cookie-box. We decided that we needed to go back the next day to find more berries. We wanted to bring home every cloudberry we could find. When we got home we had to through all the berries, put them in boxes, lable them with what kind of berry/date and put them in the freezer.

030813- 345s 030813- 374s 030813- 377s 030813- 398s 030813- 380s 030813- 400 tripI have more photos from my second day out in the forrest, but I haven’t even looked at them yet. They will come later, hopefully. Stay tuned.

A cold and sunny winter day

So as I told you in my previous post, I visited a friend last weekend. She texted me the day before I was coming telling me to bring some warm pants, so we could be outside. That was a very good idea, because it was cold outside. It is always much colder where she lives than in Oslo. It is also much more snow. Here most of the snow rained away two weeks ago. We did get some new snow, but it’s not that much. In Elverum, there were quite some snow as you will see on the photographes.

It was really sunny on saturday. It gave me the perfect light to work with while I was photographing outside.

Bjørg brought out her kicklsled (seen on the top photographes). You can read more about it here, if you want to know more about it. Seeing a kicksled brought back so many memories. I used to have one when I was a kid. You can walk pretty fast with it and downhill it goes very fast! I always had fun with the kicksled. There was no time for me to use the kicksled on saturday, I was too busy photographing.

I really hope there will be more days like the one I had on saturday.

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Out in the forrest, in the middle of Oslo

On sunday we had a real summer day. The first one in weeks. This summer has rained away and yesterdays sun and warm weather was more than welcome. I knew it wouldn’t last long, it would probably be over today, and it was. So I thought I’d make the most of it. It is already the 20th of August and the summer is almost over. Where has it been, really? Not here at least.

I’ve been wanting to visit Maridalen for a long time now. It’s been on my to do-list for a very long time, but I’ve never had the chance to do so. Either the weather has sucked, like it has most of the summer, or other things  has gotten in the way. Last night when I was editing the photos from the trip, I realised it was 3 months, on the day, since I talked about it for the first time. When I think about it, it’s a real shame it’s only three months since I first thought about going there. I’ve been living in this city for about ten years and I’ve never been in Maridalen. I know for sure, it’s not gonna go ten years until I visit it again. When the fall sets in, I’m def. going back to soak in all the beautiful colors the fall brings.

So me and a friend took tram number 12 to the end-station, Kjelsås. From there we walked for a short while to get to one end of Maridalen. The lake, Maridalsvannet, is the lake that provides the citisen of Oslo with water. So there was a few restrictions we saw printed on a board: 1) no bathing in the water 2) stay at least 50 meters away from the water 3) no fishing. We were walking on the north side of the lake and it was impossible to get close the water anyway, we were divided from the lake by train tracks. The tracks run alongside the lake. I’ve never taken the train that way, but I’m quite sure it’s a lovely route, looking at the lake while driving by. Seeing the train tracks made me think of the old movie Stand By Me (with River Pheonix, Kiefer Sutherland etc). A great 80’s movie, if you ask me.

We had brought lunch, so after walking for quite some time, we found a spot where we could sit down and snack. I have to say that buns / bread tastes so much better out in the woods after a long walk. At home a bun with cheese taste OK, but after a long walk out in the forrest, it tastes great! I’d brought a bottle with water, but since it was so hot I drank most of it before we sat down. I needed more water, so I filled it up with some fresh water from a stream. Not much beats fresh water from a stream.

I might have mentioned this before, but Oslo contains mostly forrest. The middel of Oslo is located in the forrest and almost only the part close to the fjord is buildings, houses etc. This is one thing I love so much about this city. Within 20 from my apartment, I can be out in the forrest. I could pack a backpack, bring my tent and go camping for the weekend.

As everytime I’m out on a trip like this, I bring my camera. When I came home I had over 200 new photos. It took some time to sort them out and find the good ones, but I’ve finished and here is quite a few photos from yesterday. It was hard to pick the best, so I ended up with 30!

Doesn’t the forrest look inviting?


Into the forrest

I went home to my parents place last weekend. Saturday I went to a birthday party, to celebrate one of my best friend (Linda) and another friend. The weather was supposed to be great this weekend, with lots of sun and fairly warm weather. My plan was to go out on a phototrip on saturday, but it was too windy so I opted out. Instead I went out on sunday. It was oh so lovely.

The place where I come from is very small and when you walk by foot you have to walk quite far to find new places to photograph. I decided to explore a part of my neighbours(Linda’s dad) forrest – or what’s left of it. Not long ago he decided to cut down a lot of trees. It was a much needed thing to do, because the trees were old and not in a very good condition. A huge part of the forrest is gone and I was curious about what it looked like now.

I’ve always been drawn to the forrest, in daytime that is. I don’t like being in the forrest at evenings/night. I find it a bit scary. In daytime, it’s a whole other story. I like the smell, the sounds, the tall trees, all the different green colors (my fave color is green!) etc.

That forrest holds so many great memories from my childhood. I’ve spent a lot of time inside it. Here I want to share a few with you:

  • My friend Linda and I, we had a small cabin that forrest. Linda’s brother helped us build it. It was so much fun building tha cabin. Unfortunately it got torn down. One time Linda’s brother got so angry at Linda that he went up to the cabin and smashed most of it. I remember being so sad.
  • Linda and I, we also had sort of a cabin inside her parents’ barn. Her dad and brother built a room with four walls inside the barn, with a window and an opening so we had way to get in. The room was furnished with some old kitchen cabinets, two tables and two chairs, a bunk bed made of pallets, and a oven made out of wood boards. Outside the room with had a store which we called 1000 things with sold old porcelain and a grocerystore. We played that we were two kids living together who was going to open a restaurant. The food we needed for our restaurant, we found up in the woods. We collected pine cones, leaves, moss etc.
  • There is a trail going through that forrest up to a tiny lake. I’ve been up there lots of times; both winter and summer. On wintertime we took our skis with us. It was ok to go uphill, but down it was a bit more scarier. It went fast and I didn’t have much balance, so I fell a lot. My friend Linda wasn’t scared at all and went downhill in full force.
  • When I was younger my dad always went to the forrest find a Christmas tree. I used to tag along and so did my sister occationally. We either found a tree in our own forrest or one of the neighbour forrests. One year, when I was 14 and my sister was 18, my dad was sick before Christmas and my sister and me, we had to get that years Christmas trees. We didn’t only need one, we needed three! One for our grandparents, one for my dads aunts and one for our own livingroom. We struggled a lot, but managed to come home with three trees. Dad said they were good, but has later confessed they weren’t all that good after all. He told a white lie, not to hurt us.

Here are some photos from yesterdays trip to the forrest.

Phototrip: winter edition

I’m spending the sunday at Lierfoss and took the oportunety to go out and photograph. The sun was missing, the sky was one big cloud, but that didn’t stop me; everything is better than darkness.

As so many times before I got looks when I was out photographing. People in cars looked strangly at me. One guy stared really hard. I bet he was wondering what the heck I was doing, standing at the sidewalk looking up, aiming some tree tops with my camera. At first I sighed, then I smiled and continued. I am well aware of that I might look weird some times when I photograph; I can stand on my knees , I can bend to one side, I can look up with my camera, I can point the camera on my shoes, I can the camera at a glass wall – shooting the relection of me… A lot of people don’t get what I’m doing and therefore they stare at me wondering what I’m doing. I know they are thinking that and more than often I feel like staring back asking them if they need any help, asking if they’ve never seen a camera before… anything to make them uncomfortable/embarrased. I never do it though, at least not talk to them. I sigh quietly  and ocationally stare back.

Anyway… this post wasn’t going to be a rant about people not understanding why I photograph or how I do it. It was supposed to be a post about the love for snow, winter, trees and forrest, because I love all those things. There is something pretty about snow coated trees or entire landscapes covered in snow.

Here’s some shot from today:

No, it’s not a snowstorm; it’s just the work of a snow blower.

A trip to the forrest

On sunday, me and mum, took our annual trip into the forrest to pick berries. The cranberries, which we picked last year, isn’t ready yet, so we went to pick raspberries.  A man, who died years ago, had some raspberry bushes, and they have spread. So a few of the bushes are still on that property and the rest is in the outskrits of the forrest.

I’m not sure who owns the property now, but nobody seems to care about the raspberries. So mum and I went there. We, as always when we’re there, keep a low profile – just in case. Our voices are not loud, but we quite low. And we keep our heads up in case someone shows up. I doubt anyone has anything to say, but as I said – just in case.

It was a hot sunday. But since it had rained a lot the last weeks, we wore our rubber boots. The boots doesn’t only protect us from the water, but also from snakes. You don’t want to meet a snake in your summer shoes. I almost melted away we walked through the opne landscape. A part of the forrest is gone, so we had to walk a little while ‘out in the open’ as you can see in the top picture. As soon as we came into the forrest, it cooled down.

On our way we found some wild strawberries. They were tiny. I had high hopes for the, but they didn’t taste any good. I think if they had been eaten some weeks earlier, they would’ve tasted better. Because wild straberries normally taste good!

Even though they didn’t taste good, they fit perfectly in my hand – ready to be photographed. You can see my mum in the upper left corner. She doesn’t like to be photographed, so I don’t have any photos of her. The one I took of her and I, got really blury! Gah!

We camped here. This is right by the raspberrie bushes. We had a lot of fun, even though it was hard to find the really big berries. The low voice we kept, made room for lots of “what?”, “say it again” and funny mistakes. Mistakes that only will be funny in Norwegian.

I ate some berries while picking, but managed to put more in my jar than in my mouth.

We filled three of these and one of the round plastic box shown below.

When we came home, we put all the berries on trays so we could get rid of worms, leafs and other things.

Some of the berries will be eaten with currants and vanilla cream, some will be raspberry jam and lots will be frozen (whole berries) to be used later.

If the weather allows it and we bot have time, we will go once more; this time to pick cranberries. My weekend schedule for august are a bit full (spending time in Oslo this weekend, A-HA concert next saturday with Linda who probably will spend the night, one of my cousins wedding in two weeks), but maybe we can arrange something in September. Lets hope so!

I love berries


Mum and I, we have this anual trip to pick berries. There is this big forrest about 100 meter from my parents house and we own a part of it. Yesterday mum went up in the forrest to pick berries. Craneberries to be spestific. Not in our part in the forrest, but in a area about 15-20 mins up in the forrest near a tiny, tiny lake. A lake where I sometimes went swimming with my friend Linda as a kid without permission.

It’s a nice walk, even thought it goes up, up and up  the first 15 mins. Then it’s to the left with the lake on the left side of you. You pass a tiny dam and walk a few minutes more. Then you’re there.

We took a break right after we came to place to start looking for berries. Mum had some coffee and a tiny cookie and I had water and chocolate.

It’s really nice to be out in the woods. It’s so quiet. The only thing we heard was the wind blowing and some birds singing. And of course a few people; one family on a sunday walk, a girl running and old man we knew who had been out picking blueberries.


Of course I brought my camera. How could I not? Here is some shots from the trip.



310809 mosaic

I guess we were out in the woods for a couple of hours. Not sure actually, I didn’t pay attention to the clock. While being up in the woods, mym and I , we talked about everything and nothing. It was really cosy!

When we came home we looked over all the cranberries. After that we made jam of some of it.


Norwegian Wood


I love the forrest. Not at night, but in broad daylight it’s fine. After the dark comes out I find it scary to be in the wood; at least if I’m all by myself. But now, when it’s summer (the calendar says so at least, even though it doesn’t look like it because of all the rain), it’s light outside until late in the evening. And it’s perfect to shooting.

I’ve wanted to go shooting in the woods for a long time now. But every time Ive been home and thought about it this summer, it’s been raining! Until yesterday.

First I went out around 3 o’clock. The forrest is just a minute walk away from my parents house, so it’s really nearby. I walked into my neightbours forrest. Our (we have some forrest too you know) is a bit far further away and I didn’t wanna go so far, and basicly forrest is forrest so no need to go far.  After just a few minutes, my battery died. Ahem… good planning. So I walked home, recharged my battery and made dinner.

I had to wait at least two hours before I could go out again. A short while after I come home,  the sun disappeard behind a big cloud. It was like a cloud-carpet which spread out all over the sky.  I got really grumpy, because I really, really wanted to go and shoot. But no sun = no cool shots. So I waited patiently until the sun came back.

It was great to be out. I love, love, loved it. I heard the birds sing, a pine cone fall from a tree and saw some beautiful light!

I made this diptych for my numbers-serie on flickr. It’s called ten reasons to love the countryside / forrest / nature.


  1. The air. I believe the air is much fresher in countryside.
  2. Sounds outside. You can hear the bird sing and the bee buzz.
  3. The colors. Everything so green and colorful; the forrest, the flowers, the bushes etc.
  4. In the fall you can go up in the woods and pick berries, like raspberries, blueberries etc.
  5. You don’t have to go far to lay in a field of grass, look at the clouds and decide what each cloud look like.
  6. There is lots of beautiful things to photograph outside.
  7. You can easily pack your bag and go on a trip in the forrest and maybe even stay the night.
  8. When the Christmas comes, you can go out and get yourself a Christmas tree.
  9. In the summertime you can walk barefoot in the grass.
  10. You can go skiing in forrest in the winter-time.

While walking around shooting random stuff, I found raspberries. Ah, I love raspberries. First I picked some and ate them right away. Then I decided to bring some home. But what do you do when all you got is keys, phone, my camera and an extra lense? You take the back-cap of the lense off and put the raspberries in that one! It didn’t fit many raspberries, but it did make a cute picture at least!


Later that evening, I served my parents icecream with berries. They liked it a lot.

Me and mum, we’re going to pick berries one day together. We always do that in the late summer / early fall every year. This year is not going to be an exception. And like earlier years, I’m bringing my camera.

I really hope for more days like the one I had yesterday. August often is sunny and quite warm. I hope this year it will be it too. It doesn’t look promising though. Today it started to rain again, after two days with sun. The weather has been gloomy almost all day. Will it ever stop? This whole summer, minus a few weeks, has rained away.

Right now it’s pouring outside.

No more posts.