New football-season (and new shoes)!

The foootball season is here, again. Ehh… soccer to you Americans! *rolls eyes* So it is impossible to let this blog be a football-free zone.

Man, what fun it is to have the football season back! It’s weird to talk about football season so early in March. The season has never started so early – the snow is still outside! But since the leauge now has 16 teams in opposite to 14 last year, they had to start earlier.


The season was kicked off with Stabæk playing against ‘my team’ Lillestrøm. We had an away match, at their new arena – Telenor Arena. It’s kind of strange to watch football inside. I think football should be played outside. But today, I think it was nice to be inside, because of the weather. It’s still cold outside and I would’ve frozen my butt and other vital parts off, it was going to stand outside. Brrrr! Well… i wouldn’t be at the match, if it was outside. Then I would be home in my couch watching it on TV!

I geared up in my yellow and black football t-shirt and my scarf! When you’re at a match you need to support your team by wearing the teams colors! And you need to sing along! I didn’t stand with all the fans, but still I sang now and then. Since I’ve had a free-ticket to all theirs home-matches for ten years, I’ve learned quite a few songs.


I was a bit nervous about how it would end, because last year, Lillestrøm played shitty and almost had to play in a lower leauge! And Stabæk was the winner last season! Lillestrøm (Arild Sundgot) scored the first goal. That was right after the second half had started. I screamed my troat sore, when we scored and were jumping up and down. Twelve minutes later Stabæk got their goal.

No more goals were made and the end result became 1-1. Fair. Lillestørm was good today, waaaay better than last year. A few players impressed me and a few didn’t. A newly signed player, borrowed from Arsenal, but Norwegian, played really well. And he’s only 18. Woot!


Before and during the match I concumed some chocolate and weiners of course! No match without it. 

The new arena was OK. The only bad thing, is that there are NO parking there!! And the arena is so far out from the city center! We managed to find a parking space on a nearby parking lot. You could take the bus to the arena, there were lots of busses going. But not everybody wants that. I really hope they’ll fix some parking spaces soon, or else I’m afraidn there won’t be as many people there as they could have. Oh well… it’s not my teams arena, so I don’t really care that much!

On a much happier note… I went to the ladies room. At the end of the row with toilets, there was a small wall. And on that wall it was printed a text, in full seriousness (not a bad tag from someone stupid). It said: shitty match Stabæk – Lillestrøm 0-2. Semi-finale in the cup, 1997.  Whaha. I laughed so hard when I saw it. It was the right place to put that text, next to the toilets.

It will be fun following the football again. With a new coach, a new manager and some new, young players, I have a feeling it will be a good year. It can’t be worse than last year at least. Then we would have to play in a lower division and we havne’t done that in 30 years or something. So that’s not likely.

I’m pretty sure there will be some people who wishes football never was invented, because the TV, radio and newspapers will be FULL of football news etc all the time. I don’t mind of course, since I’m a big fan myself.  

And if it wasn’t enough that the football season has kicked off, there is more. I got myself some black converse shoes on sale! 60% off! Woot! Only 240 NOK. They are super cool!


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