Eggs and fish

My food project is very much alive, even though it’s three weeks since my last update. The two next letters is E and F.

For the letter E, it was easy to pick a word. It’s not that much food that starts with E, so I had to go with eggs. I did that on my last food project too, but I was set on doing it differently this time. Egg is something I always keep in my fridge. I love eggs, in all forms: boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs… Egg is also very important in baking, which I loved to do. So it’s very important to have eggs in the fridge.

Originally my plan was to photograph some fruit for the letter F, but when I went to this big supermarket (which has just about everything you can wish for and then some more) last saturday and bought mackerel, I knew that for letter F I had to shoot fish.

Mackerel is the best fish ever. It is so delicious, my mouth starts to water just by thinking of it. The supermarket sold whole fishes and not fillets. I was fine with that, because I’m familiar with gutting fish. It’s something I’ve done before and it’s pretty easy to do, at least if it’s mackerel. You keep the skin on, so you just have to chop off the head, cut it in two, get the stomach etc out and chop off the tail and gills. Oh and of course try to get rid of as many bones as possible. Getting a tiny fish bone stuck in your throat is something I can’t recommend. Been there, done that!

After getting the bones out, the next thing you do is to cover the fish in a flour-mix containing flour, salt and pepper. When that is done, you’re ready to fry it in the pan.

Here are some photos from my sunday dinner –  from getting the fish out of the fridge to a meal ready to eat. Be prepared for chopped of fish head and blood ;)

Doesn’t it look tasty? I sure think so.

Next letters up is G and H. I’ve written down some idea of what to shoot, but I might change my mind until I decide to start on those letters. I’ll have two weeks off next week, so I have lots of time to shoot.

Movie, food and blogging

Two weeks ago I saw the movie Julie & Julia again. It must be the 5th time I’ve seen it since it came out in 2009 and it’s still a great movie. If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Meryl Steep. She’s one of the best female actors I know. This movie is about two things I like, food and blogging. Every time I see this movie, I get the urge to blog. I want to do better, blog more often and write better blog posts.

Since I’ve started this food project, the food ABC, I thought it was time to update the project. So far I’ve only covered the two first letters in the alphabet, namely A and B. Today it’s time to cover two more letters, C and D.

For C, it was easy to come up with things to photograph. I can name for instance carrots, cheese, cauliflower, cake, chocolate, cookies, ciabatta and corn.

D on the other hand was way trickier. Last food project, I stretched it and used drink. It’s not really food, but it was all I could come up with at the time. This time I landed on Danish. It was the only thing I could think of actually. Many love Danish (pastry), but I don’t. It’s waaay too much butter in it, it’s almost only butter. I  once saw on TV how they made the Danish, and after the programme was over I swore to myself to never eat that. I’ve kept my promise to this day.

I landed on corn for the letter C.

This is the  main photo. Here is two others.

I also have another shot, but this is not corn. This is cauliflower soup. When I was celebrating our National Day a few weeks ago, I ate a three course dinner at my friend’s house. As a starter we got served cauliflower soup. I hadn’t eaten that since kindergarten. The thing is, I often think I don’t like things based on stupid reasons. Sometimes I just don’t think I like it and sometimes I think that since I don’t like one thing, I might not like this either. I am not very good at trying out new stuff.

As I said, I hadn’t eaten cauliflower since kindergarten and that is 30 years ago. I love cauliflower, but I’ve grown up thinking it wouldn’t be any good. That day I tried it and it was so good. I wish I had tried it way sooner. Lesson learned: try new food! After that dinner, I’ve had several cauliflower soup meals. So far I’ve just made soup from a bag of powder, where you add water/cream. I added some more cauliflower too, because the soup doesn’t come with that much cauliflowers.Once I have some more time, I would like to try make it myself. I’ve found a recipe online that looks good.

For the letter D, I chose Danish.

I once saw a programme about how they made Danish pastry. Oh my god! I don’t like it and after seeing that I knew I would never try eating it again. I doubt there is any kind of cake/bakery goods with that much butter. It’s almost just butter. Jeezes!

Next two letters is E and F. I have yet to decided what to photograph. Stay tuned.

Ps. Go watch Julie & Julia, it’s such a great and lovely movie!

Food project and new projects

The food project is finally over. I posted the last photo of a chopped up zucchini the 15th of May. It has been a fun project to do. Some letters have been harder than others; like Q, U and X. But with a little bit of creativity, I managed to pull it off. It took me longer than  planed. Way longer. I thought I would finish it in less than two months. It took me eight!

When doing such a project, there is always some photos you’re more satisfied with than others. I have a few that I really like.

B = blueberries. I don’t like blueberries myself, but they are pretty to photograph. When I was younger blue was my fave color. Now it’s green.

N = noodles. I rarely make noodles. These noodles comes from Mr. Lee. What I like here is the different focus in the two photos.

E = eggs. I love, love, love, love eggs. They can be cooked either well done or medium. Scrambled eggs with chives, a little bit of salt and some pepper is yummy. Fried egg  is great with bacon. Fried on both sides. It doesn’t matter if the yolk is broker or not. Omelette is also great. I photographed an home made omelette for the letter O.

Now it’s time to think about new photo projects. I like to have a project going. I started a new project today. It’s called memories. I will take photos of things / places etc that evoke a memory. And then I will write a little not that’s attached to the photo, to explain myself. I made set on flickr with my photos. So far it only contains two photos; one I took this weekend and a old photo that I found out fitted in my set. In the end, if I get enough photos, I might make a book out of it.

But this project isn’t something I will work on every day. I will work on it whenever I find something to photograph. So in addition to that project, I will have to come up with another one. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure yet what to do. Hopefully I will decide soon.

C = chocolate cookies

I’m moving on with my food ABC photo project. For the letter C I chose chocolate cookies. These cookies is so yummy. I had a hard time to choose what photo to use for my project. I had several to choose from. So here are a few outtakes.

Tower of yummyness.

It’s hard not to eat the subject…. nom, nom, nom.


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