Foggy Oslo


January has been one foggy month. There might not have been foggy every day, but it sure feels like it. Two weekends ago, I went on a spontaneous  photo trip. When I woke up sunday morning, I saw that it was foggy again. I did not see the Oslo fjord from my balcony and I instantly wanted to go out and catch the fog on camera.

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Sunny Oslo


Janauar 2017 has been one big foggy month. I don’t think I’ve experienced so much fog in such a short span of time ever before. Luckily I had no plans when the sun graced Oslo with a visit two weeks ago. It was sunday and went early home to Oslo from my parents place at Lierfoss, after having attended a friends 40th birthday that weekend. For the record, the birthday party was a real blast–I had such a great time and danced a lot to old classics, ate a VERY GOOD chocolate cake and wasn’t in bed before 4 AM in the morning.

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When I visited the Medieval Park on saturday and stood by the water surface I saw these buildings and thought it would be interesting to photograph them. The tall buildings are named ‘Barecode’, since they look exactly like that –  barcode.

The Barcode has been discussed in the newspapers and elsewhere a lot. Some people don’t like the tall buildings because they think they block the view of the fjord for many people. They’ve also said that the buildings box in Oslo. I heard that even today when I was standing on a bridge photographing the buildings. I find the buildings very pretty. Each of them has a unique design which I love. As you can see, they are not finished building.

The buildings contains both offices (PriceWaterhouseCooper, a bank (DNB), a two-star restaurant (Maaemo) and apartments. I wouldn’t mind living in one of those apartment, with a view over the fjord. I do have a great view on my apartment as it is. I can see lots of Oslo and even the fjord, but I think it would be extra special to be so close to the fjord. To wake up in the morning and eat breakfast to that view, would be great.

Most of the photos were taken on saturday with my zoom lens. On sunday, when I went back to photograph more, I brought the wide angle lens. I don’t use  that too often. I should use it more. Today I brought all my lenses. I never leave my door without my 50 mm lens, but today I clould’ve left it at home. I didn’t use it once.

So, here they are:

A weekend in Larvik

I am one week into my vacation. So far it’s been good. I’ve done quite some things around the apartment, like painting doors and floor skirtings, changing door handles, half in changing my floor in the food cabinet etc. It is nice to get things like this done. I’ve also done some scrapping, which I plan to write about later. I have not just worked the last week. On friday I went to Larvik, a city south in Norway, two and a half hours bus drive from Oslo. My friend Ellen’s parents is living there and Ellen was there caking care of their house as her parents is on vacation. I came on a weekend visit to keep her company.

Going go see her in Larvik, seemed like a great oportunety to bring my camera and go for a photo walk. I do love to walk around Oslo, but some times I wish I could visit other cities and explore them. See new things, photograph new things and places. I got a chance to do that this weekend.

Larvik is a small city by the sea and has a little over 24.000 people living there. The city has ferry connections with Denmark. Read more at wiki if you’re interested.

Things don’t always go as planned. The weather cast for this weekend wasn’t good, it was quite bad. A lot of rain was coming. It said it wouldn’t rain on friday afternoon/evening but a lot on saturday. So we decided to go out on our photo trip friday evening. We prepared ourself, but as we stepped outside, the rain came. There was nothing else to do than to go inside again and do somethinge else. It rained SO much that night. I’m pretty sure it could fill a small sized pool with water.

Luckily, it didn’t rain that much on saturday. The weather was grey, misty and only a few drizzles during the day. We took our photo trip that day instead. I could’ve wished for some sun, but one can’t control the weather, only take what one got.

I took a lot of photos this weekend, too many to share all of them in one post. So I will have to do what I usually does, divide the photos int two posts. First you’ll get the photos taken down by the fjord, later you’ll get the misc. photos.


Out and a boat

Dear blog and dear readers. I’ve neglected you. Me + regularly update my blog = not true. Sigh.

Well, here I am. Finally. So what has happened since last time I blogged? Two good things at least. I don’t think I’ve told you, but I’ve had some issues with one of my lenses and my new camera. I have a 18-125 mm lens that wouldn’t work properly with my D7. Whenever I tried to zoom with it, the camere couldn’t take any photo because it said it wasn’t connected to the lens. When I didn’t zoom or if I used the lens on my old camera, it worked fine. I was going to take both the lens and camera to the store where I bought it, and have it checked out. I never got that far. Last saturday I was in a wedding and I had promised to bring my camera. Before I left, I thought I should check that lens once more, just try it onc more if it would work. And guess what? It worked. The problem magically disappeared! Awesome sauce! I’m a bit afriad it will happen again, so I’m crossing my fingers whenever I use the combo, the D7 and the zoom lens.

The other good thing, is that I bought a new memory card for my camera. I’ve been talking about doing it ever since I bought the new camera. The photos comes out huge ( 5181×3456 pixels/ 5-9 MB) and that means less photos available on my 1 GB memory card. My new memory cards hold 16 GB which probably is way more than I need, but I thought it was better to have too much space than too little. We all know how annoying it is to be in the middle of a photoshoot and then finding out your memory card is full!

The weather has sucked lately. It hasn’t been weather to be out photograhing. In addition to that, I’ve had some days being sick and even more important, I’ve been watching a lot of football (soccer for you americans!) since the UEFA Euro 2012 is now. Norway is not participating since we’re simply not good enough, but there is still countries to cheer on and fun matches to watch! At the office where I work, we have a bet going on – who will win UEFA Euro? The ones who has participated have bet  100 NOK. The winner gets the money. If several people have bet on the same team, we share. I’ve put my money on Spain, so I’m rooting on them at the moment.

Anyways, back to the weather, which I really was going to talk about.

A few days this week, however, has given us great weather. It only lasted two days though, yesterday the weather was back to being sucky; 16 degrees, cloudy, some sun, but rain most likely coming. I took the oportunety to go for a photowalk on thursday. I had to take advantage of the great weather and I very much had an urge to shoot again! Almost three hours and 368 photos later, I was home from my trip.

Early I came to the conclution that I would focus on bikes and boats. On my way to the Asian Cubical as I l ike to call it (It’s an Asian fast food place and the building is like a cubical, photo of it will have to come later!)  to buy spring rolls, I found some great bikes to photograph. On my way to the fjord after my little meal was finished, I spotted some more bikes. Down by the harbour I saw boats, water, fishermen and more. I knew I had to capture that.

I have to devide all my photos into two posts. First I’ll give you the boats, harbour, fjords and all that comes along. The Oslo harbour is lovely, you can see a previous shoot here. I hope you enjoy it.

I got to see the boat Chrisitan Radich. It’s a beautiful ship. The vessel was built for training sailors for the Norwegian merchant navy. It did that for many years. Now it ison the charter market and has also participated in sailing races. You can read more about the boat on Wiki.

As you can see, the weather was perfect. The sky was blue and the hot sun made beautiful sparkles in the water. There were a lot of people fishing by the harbour that day. You could see them lined up next to each other, trying to get that one big fish. Some had brought their whole family down to the harbour and some was fishing solo.

So, where will we go next? We’ll go to the city center and have a look at all those great bikes, but that’s next time.

Down by the harbour

Saturday morning I woke up 8 o’clock in the morning. When I finally dragged myself out of bed 08.30 and looked out the livingroom window, I saw it was foggy outside. The fog was thick as cotton and I could not see the fjord. Instantly I wanted to hurry outside and take photos of the fog. For a really long time now I’ve wanted to capture fog on camera and this was a golden opportunety.

Unfortunately the fog moved faster than I did. When I had showered, get dressed, eaten, checked out a few things online and was out the door, the fog had lifted. I could only see a tiny bit of fog down by the harbour. By the time I got down there, it might be gone as well. But I decided to go down anyway. Even if I missed the fog, I might be able to take photos of other beautiful things.

I’m so pleased I didn’t give and went home. Spending time by the harbour was fun and interesting and I really enjoyed walking alongside the fjord. Click on the mosaic to see the photos more up close.

Here you can see Aker Brygge (top left) and the boat Crown of Scandinavia (top right) which goes to Copenhagen. On the bottm left the sign says ‘boats to the islands’ and the bottom right shows a photo of myself with chairs and reflections of the fjord.

The more industrial side of the harbour. The light was gorgeous at this hour. I was taking these photos around 11.30.

Look at the blue water; isn’t it just beautiful. The hues of blue. Ah, it’s just candy for your eyes.

Walking alongside the harbour I saw quite some tourist. I heard several forrign languages; I guess it was people on vacation in Norway. I also saw people sitting on the dock fishing.

One thing I love is to be on a big boat (like the ones that goes between Oslo and Copenhagen for instance) and stand on the front deck and look at the open sea. I especially love when the boat is so far out, far from the shoreland and all you see is the open sea. That view is breathtaking.  The bottom photo to the right reminds me of such view. That photo is really taken close the harbour.

I didn’t get any photos of fog, that I have to wait for, but instead I got some lovely shots of the harbour/fjord. It shows that even though you don’t get what you want the most, the thing you get can be quite good too.

Oslo by me

The Royal Palace.

The weather has been good today. It hasn’t been vert hot, but at least no rain and not so much wind as the last days. I went downtown Oslo today to take some pictures. I wanted to get some pictures of the city Oslo. I do take pictures in Oslo almost every day, mostly of flowers. And by those pictures, you can’t tell it’s from Oslo. It can be from anywhere. Many of the shots I got today, you can tell it’s from a city.

The tourists has arrived Oslo. I was not the only one walking around with a camera today. Most days I feel like I’m the only one. Now I can take pictures without people looking strangly at me. I even got stopped by a man asking me how my holiday was. I told him that I lived here. Then he said ok and left.

My trip lasted about two hours. This is some of the pictures I took:

The national Theater.

Peopole getting off and on the public ferrie to Bygdøy; which contains museums (Viking ships and more)

Some more boats by the fjord. This turned out as the photo of the day.

Top: part of a boat. Bottom: water (the fjord)

In the park behind the Royal Palace. It belongs to the Royal Palace, but is open for visits during spesific hours. It’s not huge, but pretty.  There were ducks in the pond.

Adn here are the ducks.

Some beautiful architecture. Reminds me of a fairytale/pricess castle.

Stortinget: it’s the seat of Norway’s parlament.

Taken by Stortorvet. On the right GlasMagasinet (mall). The yellow building holds a restaurant. They said it has been ghosts there, a the second floor, but that a medium has taken them to the other side (or what they do with them).

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