The sea, source of all life

While being in the Netherlands for my week vacation, I visited the zoo in Amsterdam. The city zoo was big. A part of the zoo was aquarium. I love aquariums. Walking around there, watching all the fishes and sea creature, is so calming. It is also very interesting to see all the different colors/patterns the fishes got. It’s rather amazing.

I wish that I someday will have a fish tank build in a wall in my livingroom. I know that’s probably not going to happen, at least not where I live now. Keeping a fish tank, is a lot of work. But it would be awesome. I would put a chair in front of the tank, sit down, watch the fish swim around and just let my thoughts wander off. It would be totally zen!

Photographing inside the aquarium was hard. The fish doesn’t stand still, the constantly swim around, so I got a lot of blurry photos. Still I managed to gather a handfull of photos that turned out ok.

Enjoy the colorful fishes and sea life.

The fish above is called a clownfish. The name quite fitting. Just look at all the different patterns and colors. It’s amazing that the nature has given us such a fish. I wonder why only half of the body is dotted and the rest looks like a ‘normal’ fish. The fish underneeth, is a lionfish. It got a rather amazing pattern too, don’t you think? The lionfish is big and not like a small goldfish.

Above: A pretty stripy fish. Lovely colors. Underneeth: NEMO! I found Nemo :) Seeing that fish now, makes me wanna see Finding Nemo again. We also saw Dory at the aquarium, but I didn’t get a decent photo.

There will come more photos from the zoo later. I have tons of photos, but they need to be processed first. I might divide it into two posts, because I took photos of nearly every animal inside the zoo. It would be a overload to post all at once! Stay tuned!

Eggs and fish

My food project is very much alive, even though it’s three weeks since my last update. The two next letters is E and F.

For the letter E, it was easy to pick a word. It’s not that much food that starts with E, so I had to go with eggs. I did that on my last food project too, but I was set on doing it differently this time. Egg is something I always keep in my fridge. I love eggs, in all forms: boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs… Egg is also very important in baking, which I loved to do. So it’s very important to have eggs in the fridge.

Originally my plan was to photograph some fruit for the letter F, but when I went to this big supermarket (which has just about everything you can wish for and then some more) last saturday and bought mackerel, I knew that for letter F I had to shoot fish.

Mackerel is the best fish ever. It is so delicious, my mouth starts to water just by thinking of it. The supermarket sold whole fishes and not fillets. I was fine with that, because I’m familiar with gutting fish. It’s something I’ve done before and it’s pretty easy to do, at least if it’s mackerel. You keep the skin on, so you just have to chop off the head, cut it in two, get the stomach etc out and chop off the tail and gills. Oh and of course try to get rid of as many bones as possible. Getting a tiny fish bone stuck in your throat is something I can’t recommend. Been there, done that!

After getting the bones out, the next thing you do is to cover the fish in a flour-mix containing flour, salt and pepper. When that is done, you’re ready to fry it in the pan.

Here are some photos from my sunday dinner –  from getting the fish out of the fridge to a meal ready to eat. Be prepared for chopped of fish head and blood ;)

Doesn’t it look tasty? I sure think so.

Next letters up is G and H. I’ve written down some idea of what to shoot, but I might change my mind until I decide to start on those letters. I’ll have two weeks off next week, so I have lots of time to shoot.

F = fish

I had my friend Chantal on a 4 day visit from Holland. On friday we decided to eat fish. I had at one occasions or two, mentioned to her that it is nice to eat fish baked in foil (in t he oven). So she suggested that we should do that. I agreed; it sounded like a great idea.

To make this dish you need the following ingredients:

  • a fish filet
  • butter
  • leek
  • mushroom
  • salt & lemon pepper

You place some butter (a table-spoon) on a piece of foil. Then you place the fish on top. Put salt and lemon pepper on the fish. Cut leek and mushroom and sprinkle on top of the fish. You decide the amount you want. Wrap the foil over the fish and close it.

Put the fish in the oven at 200 degrees celsius and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

You can eat the fish with some home-made mashed potatoes and boiled carrots, like we did. Make sure you put some wasabi-paste in the mashed potatoes. It adds yummyness to the potatoes!

Chantie & I, we were such a good team in the kitchen, and the dinner became a success. I’m definitely going to make this dish again!

Next letter in the food project is G. Watch out for some grapes, garlic or goat cheese!

Work, fish and veggies

Today I had a good day at work. I think, knowing that there is few days left before I take a 6 days vacation, makes me supermotivated to work. Last week was a bit slow and when G*Star wasn’t there wednesday and friday, it all became a bit blah.

I’m these last days trying to end a lot things. I definitely won’t start on big, new assignments these last days. I need to finish all the things I’ve started and reduce my job-list to a minimum.  I think I got 25 jobs in my job-list right now. About 8 -10 is high priority. I need to get them done by wednesday.

A new guy started today. He’s gonna be a sales leader, along with Pål. His name is Kashif, but we he goes by the funky name Kash. He seems like a great guy, very open and talkative (in a good way).

It’s quite exiting times at the office now. We’re rebuliding the office, where the administration, sales and support are. The nerds in building K, doesn’t get a renovation. Not yet at least. This means I’ll be moving to another office with the support-team. I’m looking forward to that. It’s not that i don’t like it where I am now, but it will be fun moving too. And there are gonna be some other significant changes with the office that will make it much better! This rebuilding is gonna start in July I think! Can’t wait until it’s finished.

After I came home today, nothing exciting has happened. I’ve mostly been relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. I even fell asleep during a programme, around  19.30. It proves I need more sleep. Doesn’t look good since the clock is now 22.39.

The most exciting thing this evening was my dinner. I walked by a grocerystore and I saw an ad for mackerel on sale. I just had to go in and buy some. That is, hands down, the best fish ever! I just LOVE it.

250509 dip

Cauliflower and fish. Yum! That is two ingredients which will bring joy to the dinner! Cauliflower is the best veggie to eat (beside carrots).

I had never gutted a fish before, but I sort of new what to do, since I’ve watched others do it. You take off the tale and the head. Then take away the fins. And then you cut it open and take out the guts. As a last thing you take out the bones, which can be a bit tricky.

250509 dip 1

This is what I didn’t eat and what I actually eat. Since I’ve never done this before, I had to call my mum to get one question answered. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna peel of the skin of the fish before I fried it. Mum said no and I sighed in relief. If I had to do that, there wouldn’t be much fish left when I had been done. haha. I dipped the fish in a flour mix containing salt and pepper and then I fried it in a pan until the skin-side was crispy. I didn’t take any pics of the whole dinner plate. That’s because I was too busy eating!

While making dinner I arranged a dinner-date with Ellen on wednesday. I thought it would be nice to see her before I go on vacation. She’s going on vacation too on sunday and will be away for a week.

I better turn off Bruce on iTunes, turn off this computer and go to bed. It’s getting late and I’m dead tired. Sore eyes, wozzy head and all that jazz. Huzzah!

No more posts.