Yesterday I went to a photofair in Lillestrøm, a town nearby. My friend Ellen came with me. It was a good fair. We got to see a lot of great photographes; some stunning headshots, provocatives photos, awesome nature and animal captures.There was also a section of photographes with contributors from all over Norway. FotoVideo had a collaberation with a newspaper and you could submit photos and they would pick out a collection which was presented on the fair. I wish I had sent in some photos, but I totally forgot to do so.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed that FotoVideo didn’t show up as big as they did last year. Last year they had a big shop open at the fair with good deals. This year they didn’t. Japan Photo was big this year, but they didn’t have any good deals for me. I wished they would have the Canon 7D on sale, but no luck.

In addition to the photofair, there was also a travelfair which we visited. It was smaller than last year, but still fun to be there.

I took some photos while being at the fair and after when we went for pizza. Here are a few of them:

Who can resist a happy SpungeBob? And what about that happy garbage-can? It’s cute, isn’t it? The signatur on the last photo is of our King, Harald. He laid the first brick in what later became a big fair venue.

After the fair we went to Egon to eat. That resturant chain always has a lot of great stuff on their walls and inside shelfs; mostly old things. A funny thing is that over the table we sat, there was a shelf filled with old cameras. We ate a lovely pizza. Since we like different things ontop of the pizza, we choose to get a half and half. My part was ham and miushroom. Ellen’s part was a little bit more exciting and contained sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and red onions.

It’s that time a year again…

It’s that time a year again; scrapping fair and the start of this years Christmas card production. The card production started about a month ago. I made five cards, where I used the pattern paper, rubber stamps etc I already had. It was fun to start again and go over all my stuff. There were a lot of familiar stuff, but also some stuff I had forgotten I had.

Going through my things, I found out that there were a few things I needed more of, like pattern paper, foam letters and some accesories. With a fair coming up I knew I had a chance to get some shopping done. I could of course not be sure to get all I wanted because previous fairs has shown lack of Christmas things, especially pattern paper.

Yesterday I went to the fair with my colleague Sigrund. We where there when they opened, because it’s important to be there early. There is less people and there is less chance to miss a good bargin / things are sold out.

The picture above shows all the things I bought. I got a whole lot of foam letters which I are in love with! They are so easy to use and they enhance a card enormously. I also got a lot of paper, both single color paper and pattern paper. This year I felt they had quite some nice Christmas pattern paper.

New this year, was two Swedish companies. Both Stampelkallen and Bildmålarna came and I was curious on what they would have to offer. I’ve been busy, so I hadn’t time to check them out before the fair. It didn’t matter, because they became a pleasent surprise. I loved them both and I’m pretty sure I will stop by their online shops to buy some more stuff in the future.

After I came home on saturday, I’ve been making Christmas cards. It’s important to start early when you got orders. This year, I so far have one order of 20 cards from mum and one order of 5 cards from my friend Linda. And I would need about 10 cards myself. Depends on how fast I work, I might take some more orders if someone is interested.

Here is what I did yesterday and today:

I’ve almost only used my new stuff on these cards. The round and square cardboard are plain coasters. I think they were meant to be used as that, but when I saw them I instantly thought I could use them this way. I’ve very happy with the way they turned out. I wish I had more of those coasters. Too bad I don’t remember which store who had them.

If I work in this speed, the cards will be finished in no time. But I doubt it. It takes time to make a card and I might not have a whole sunday to make cards. Well, we will see how it goes. I’m excited to continue with making the cards at least. Getting new stuff, always gives me a push; it makes me motivated and sparks my creativity. Now I got so many rubber stamps, it’s a bit hard to find what to use. There are so many nice ones, it gets hard to decide.

Stay tuned for more cards!

Scrapping fair

It’s now two days left until the scrapping fair and I’m very excited. I’m like a kid waiting for presents on Christmas Eve. I texted with my colleague Sigrund today and we made plans to go together. She’s (and a friend of her) picking me up at 10.15. Then we will be there when they open at 11.00. Sigrund told me she had to leave around 14.00 but that’s ok; we’ll get three hours there. It’s plenty of time to go cruising around looking for good buys. This fair is big, so there won’t be so croweded.

I’ve already made a list of what I need / want. It’s getting pretty long. So far I got this:

  • glue dots
  • glue roller
  • glue pillows (not sure if that’s the right word)
  • Promarker pens in various colors (haven’t decided which one I want)
  • rubber stamps (Christmas, friends, wedding)
  • pattern paper (Christmas and genral)
  • single color paper (various colors)
  • brads (Christmas oriented like snowflakes etc)

I have one other things I want as well, but I’m not sure what the proper english word for it is. Not even sure what the Norwegian name is either. haha.

Im not sure what of these things I’m going to buy. I don’t need all of it, but I sure want. When I get there I have to see if I can find some things on sale. That would be great. They usually have a few things on sale.

I have an ugly feeling, I’m gonna spend lots of money on this fair. I know how it was last time. To be safe, I should only take a certain amount of money with me and no credit card, but then again… I would die if I found something I really wanted to buy, only to find out I didn’t have enough money. So… the credit card is coming!

I just need to remember one word; modesty!

Did I just write modesty? Haha. Who am I kidding?


This weekend I’m going to a photofair with Ellen. It’s a combined photo and travel fair and it suits us perfectly since she’s working in the travel-business and I’m photo-holic.

We decided to go weeks ago. I was pretty excited when I knew that Morten Krogvold was coming. He is one of my fave Norwegian photograhper. We didn’t know then which day he would come. But we hoped for saturday since we planned to go that day. I was pretty bummed out when I read the whole programme tuesday. He’s coming on friday! Gah! Just my luck…. I had so looked forward to hear him speak. If Ellen and I had had the opportunety to take friday off and go that they, we would. But it’s impossible.

I remember once, I think it was last year, that I saw Mr. Krogvold downtown. I so wanted to stop him and tell him how much I loved his work. But I didn’t. I chickened out. I regret I didn’t do it. Now I play with the thoughts of mailing him how much I love his work. But… it sounds a bit silly. I probably never do it…

Tuesday night when I was thinking about mailing him, I thought popped up in my mind. What if he saw my flickr account? What if he commented on it? A part of me would’ve loved if he went through it and told me  what he thinks. But a part of me is a bit reserved about the idea, because he might just tell me he thinks it’s crap. And I would be pretty bummed out if he did. So maybe better to not have him check out my photos? I dunno. Well, it’s nothing to dwell about really, cos what’s the chance he will? Close to zero I guess.

Even without Mr. Krogvolds presense at the photo fair, I’m sure it will be fun to be there. There will be a lot of photo-equipment companies there. Hopefully they will have a few good deals. Maybe someone can tell me what kind of macro lense I oughta buy? And I saw that Epson was going to be there. Maybe they have a good deal on a photoprinter? I can hope!

There will also be some exhibitions and I’m looking forward to see some great photographes!

The entrence is 150 nok, but Ellen tipped me about something good. You could enter a travel-contest and then get 50% off the entrence ticket. I did that last night; answered three fairly easy questions and submitted them. Then I got a email in return which I had to print in order to get the 50%off.

After the fair Ellen and I decided to eat pizza. There is this pizza-place, Dolly Dimpel, close to the train/bus station. They have great pizza. Looking forward to that.

No more posts.