Summer polas


I have some more polas to share. These are taken at Lierfoss, where I grew up.

The three last polas are of my newphews. We, my sister and her familiy and I, were at Lierfoss one sunday barbequeing and having a lovely day. It was sunny and very warm. Emil, the oldest newphew, showed me how to ride a bike and more important; how to use the brakes on the bike–he had just learned how to do it. Great memories.

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Emil and the 50 mm lense

On saturday I had my nephew Emil over for a sleepover. Since he moved out of time, I don’t get to pick him up from kindergarten and make him dinner , like I used to. For a while I did that almost once a week. I thought it was time for some aunt-and-Emil time again.

Always when I have Emil over for a visit, I bring out my camera. He doesn’t seem to mind having me around taking photos of him. This time I wanted to use the 50 mm  lens to its fullest and photographed mostly at F/1.4 and F/1.6. I haven’t done that in a while. It was very fun shooting with that aperture. All that yummy light that comes into the photo. It was two sunny days as well, so that also helped.

Here are quite a few of the photos from the 24 hrs I spent with Emil.

On sunday we went sledding, quite early. We walked to the valley and arrived around 09.30. It was sunny and we had a lot of fun. I sat in the back of the sled and Emil sat in the front. A lot of snow swirled around Emil when we were going downhill. He had to borrow my scarf to prevent getting too much snow in his face. On our second last ride we rode so fast that his face was all covered in snow when we stopped. We had some tears, but it didn’t take long before he was all smiling again, ready for his next ride.

Having fun with Lego. That’s my fave thing to play with Emil. I love building houses, garages, cars and what not. Emil was very concentrated when we play with the lego. At one point, when I was photographing him, he said to me: ‘I’m not smiling now aunt, because I’m playing’. Which meant that he was so concentrated he couldn’t smile even if I wanted to take a photo of him. That was fine by me, I don’t always need a smile to make a good photograph.

From one of our meals. We ate bread with cheese and drank lots of milk.

We’re watching the Lion King; one of his obsessions of late. Emil actually asked me ‘Auntie, can’t you take a photo of me watching the Lion King?’ How could I say no to that?

We did have a paint session. Oh how I love the second last photo, if I may say that. Emil’s expression is great and the way he looks at the table … aah.


Card for the cool kid

My nephew Emil has soon completed his first year as a human being. Only little less than a month left and he will level up to year 1 and level 2. He has done good the first year. Two teeth is there and he is on his way to walk. I’m pretty sure it will happen before hi turn 1.

Here the other day I started to sketch out the birthday card I’m gonna give him. My plan was to just look at some ideas, but before I knew it the card was half done. I completed it today.

Front. And here’s the back:

I finally got to use that pattern paper. I’ve had it for a long time now waiting for Emil to turn 1, so  I could use it!

The gift is bought too, but I’m not gonna tell what that is. Not that I think Emil will read it (he’s smart, but not that smart!), but his mum might do so.

To end this, I’ve pulled out a photo from the archive and processed it. It’s taken during the Christmas card photosession I had with him in late November. He was eating here.

Photoshoot with Emil

Earlier this week Hanne (my sister) contacted me. She asked me if I could take some pictures of Emil that they could use as a Christma- card. Of course I would do that. So yesterday morning I headed over to their place to have a little photoshoot.

I woke up yesterday and cursed the lack of sun / light. Sigh. It’s nice to have good light working with you while taking portraits. And when you don’t, you have to use a flash light. I’m glad I brought mine. First I thought I wouldn’t need it, but I brought it just in case. It was  a good idea.

I have to say, taking pictures of kids are not easy. Esp. not 8 months old babies who wants to crawl as soon as you put them on the floor.  I spent most of my time laying on the floor with him. I needed to be on his level to get good shots. It won’t work to take pictures from above. That will just look stupid.

Half way we needed to take a break because Emil was getting a bit tired of “posing” all the time. I can understand that.

I took over 200 pictures all together. I guess half of them was out of focus. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get any good shots since I saw lots of them was blury. Hanne assured me that there had to be at least one good shot among all the shots I’d been taken. She was right. And you know, photoshop can save a lot of photos!

Here are some of the best shots:

I’m an aunt!

I just wanted to state that on sunday I came an aunt :D My sister gave birth to a healty baby-boy who has been given the name Emil. He is, of course, the cutest baby alive ;)

Yesterday me and my parents went to the hospital to see them all; Emil, mum Hanne and dad Geir. Happy times! Hanne had lost some blood so she was in bed, but other than that, everything was fine!

Hanne and Geir is happy. My parents are happy. I’m happy. Basicly, everybody is happy!

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