Yesterday had the perfect weather! It was sunny and the clouds were not around. So the sky was clear and blue. It was of course a little bit cold, the air was a bit crispy, but that didn’t matter.

After sleeping until 09.30, half sleeping until 10.30, egg & bacon breakfast, a little bit of cleaning, some webiste-working and a few mins of watching TV, I went downtown to meet Ellen. We had planned to go on a photowalk downtown. 14.30 we met outside the subway at Stortinget.

shapes of winter

From there we went towards the Fortress and down to the harbor (Aker Brygge) where we took a lot of pictures. We went to this new place furtherest out on the harbor that earlier was used to storrage (berth), but now is rebulit with lots of apartments and stores. It’s a beautiful place witht the view of the fjords, but very expensive to live there.

After two hours of walking, we decided it was enough. We were a bit tired and cold! Even though we were wearing stockings, thick jacket, scarfs and a hat, we still got cold after two hours out in the great weather.

I took about 100 pictures on that two-hour walk. I’m going through them now. There will be some uploading to flickr today. The funniest thing I captured was this advertising for Valentines day that a fancy flower-shop had.


I’m not a huge fan of Valentines day. The day holds too much expectations. You shouldn’t narrow it down to one day,  you should have a little Valentines day evey now and then. I laughed when I saw the sign and I just had to take a picture of it!

I invited Ellen home for dinner. She accepted. We ate fish bolls with potatoes and carrots. Then we ate a lot of chocolate, played Monopoly, listened to music, talked and watched TV (Grand Prix).

Ellen’s “congrats on a new home card”

Ellen\'s cardYet another card made. This was for Ellen. She’s resently moved to Oslo and moved into a rented apartment the 1st of May. Yesteday I visted her for the first time. Of course I needed to bring a housewarming gift. I bought a yellow and off-white stripy tea-cup and some fresh tea (ceylon breakfast tea).

The was happy about the gift and the card! :) When she’s happy, I’m happy.

When I was visitng her, we made dinner (mexican stue), chatted a lot, played some board game (the worst case senario game) and Yatzee. We also saw Pimp My Ride, which is an awesome show. The best MTV has to offer. That doesn’t really say much because MTV is mostly just crapy (realityshow and stupid lets-hurt-ourself-looking-stupid-and-laugh-at-it-later-showes!) Where’s the fucking music?! Why not change their name to DTV – Dumbass Television? 

We had a lovely evening. I went home around 21.15 ish with a plastic bag full of my own cd’s that Ellen had borrowed. On the subway home I read in Natt & Dag (night & day) – a free magazine.

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