Eggs and fish

My food project is very much alive, even though it’s three weeks since my last update. The two next letters is E and F.

For the letter E, it was easy to pick a word. It’s not that much food that starts with E, so I had to go with eggs. I did that on my last food project too, but I was set on doing it differently this time. Egg is something I always keep in my fridge. I love eggs, in all forms: boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs… Egg is also very important in baking, which I loved to do. So it’s very important to have eggs in the fridge.

Originally my plan was to photograph some fruit for the letter F, but when I went to this big supermarket (which has just about everything you can wish for and then some more) last saturday and bought mackerel, I knew that for letter F I had to shoot fish.

Mackerel is the best fish ever. It is so delicious, my mouth starts to water just by thinking of it. The supermarket sold whole fishes and not fillets. I was fine with that, because I’m familiar with gutting fish. It’s something I’ve done before and it’s pretty easy to do, at least if it’s mackerel. You keep the skin on, so you just have to chop off the head, cut it in two, get the stomach etc out and chop off the tail and gills. Oh and of course try to get rid of as many bones as possible. Getting a tiny fish bone stuck in your throat is something I can’t recommend. Been there, done that!

After getting the bones out, the next thing you do is to cover the fish in a flour-mix containing flour, salt and pepper. When that is done, you’re ready to fry it in the pan.

Here are some photos from my sunday dinner –  from getting the fish out of the fridge to a meal ready to eat. Be prepared for chopped of fish head and blood ;)

Doesn’t it look tasty? I sure think so.

Next letters up is G and H. I’ve written down some idea of what to shoot, but I might change my mind until I decide to start on those letters. I’ll have two weeks off next week, so I have lots of time to shoot.

Food project: E – eggs

The food project is going well. Today the letter E was on the menu. I went for the obvious thing; eggs. Eggs are versaile, you can prepare it in many ways. Like; porched, boiled (soft, medium, hard), scrambled, fried in a omelete…. The choises are many.  Today, for breakfast, I went for a medium boiled egg. And I placed it in my fancy designer egg cup from Alessi. The egg cup comes with a cap and you can put salt in the cap. Very pratical.

Here is another angle of the egg cup. You don’t see that much of the egg cup, but I liked the composition. Since I’m so utterly indecicive, I had a hard time deciding what photo to use for my project. It went so far I used a aid: I called a friend. She suggested I take them both and make a diptych. Not a bad idea. So here’s the photo.

I like sunday mornings when you can sit by the dining table; eat breakfast with eggs and a cold glass of milk, listen to new discovered music (Brandi Carlile) and read the newspaper. And when you look out, you’ll see the sun shining from a blue sky.

I made a little mistake with my letter D. I thought why not go for the word drink, and I did. When posting the photo, it hit me; drink, that’s not really food, is it? Ahem… no. I could of course re-do the letter, but I couldn’t be bothered. And there is a saying that goes like this: there is lots of food in a good drink ;)

Here the other day I cleaned my fridge. It was past due. A conversation with a friend made me do it. Since I’m doing this food project I thought I could take a ‘what’s-in-my-fridge-photo’. So I did.

Top-left: butter, bowle with icing, water, macerel in tomato sauce.
Second-left: different kind of cheese, ham, plastic box with half a slice of salami, two boxes with liver paste and cucumber on top behind the plastic box, creamy cheese; one with bacon and one with ham.
Third-left: cucumber, salted ham, apple cider, milk.
Fourth-left: box with eggs, bag with chocolate, empty box with apples on top.
Bottom-left: cauliflower, potatoes.

Top-right: eggs.
Second-right: wasabi-paste, chocolate, paper bag with one mushroom.
Third-bottom: vitamines, none alcohoilc beer, ketchup.
Bottom-left: sparkling water, milk, coca cola.

Next letter is F. Look out for som fruit, fish, figs or maybe fettuccine….

Ps. You can follow my food project here.

Easter review ~:>

Easter is coming to an end. The holiday is over and tomorrow is a working-day again. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted!

Easter for me, is not very God/Jesus-related. I’m not a Christian, so to me Easter means other things:

  • time off work. I always have three days off; Munday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. It’s great with a little break from the office.
  • Eggs! I always eat more eggs than normal during Easter. I always have eggs for breakfast. Medium boiled. Eat it with a spoon with a slice of bread with salted ham on. Today I had eggs and bacon for breakfast.


  • Trip to Sweden. On Munday Thursday the shops are closed here in Norway, but they are open in Sweden. So I always go there.  And it’s always Arvika every year. This year I overate. Oh dear, I was so full when the day was over. First we started at a cafe with some sweetbread, then we had Easter Lunch. You could eat as much as you wanted for 150 SEK or something. Buffet. Cold and hot food. It was totally yummy! Right after I went to this place and bought mashed potatoes and a weiner. Jenny’s Gatukök (“streetkitchen”). In the evening when we came home, we heated up some spareribs and ate them with white bread and some creamy potatoes.
  • Seeing friends. I went to see Bjørg on saturday morning. The bus left at 09.30 and took about two hours. I stayed the night and went home yesterday evening. I had a lovely time with Bjørg. The home-made pizza we made were delish!
  • Seeing family. On Good Friday my sister, Geir and my nephew came for dinner. This was at my parents house. They stayed for hours and it was so fun. It’s the third time I’m seeing Emil now. He’s still darn cute! Mum and dad made dinner. We had salmon and this special mashed potatoes using some special potatoes and wasabi-paste in it. YUMMY! It’s become one of dad’s signature dishes!
  • Watching crminal shows on tv. Ah! Do I love criminal shows? Yes! There is a traditional here in Norway to read lots of criminal books and watch criminial shows during Easter. Not sure why, but it’s been like that ever since I can remember. This year I followed two shows which had three episodes each. They were both great.

So as you can see, my easter has been busy. Today I wanted to take it easy and be creative. I also wanted to do something usefull with the time I have left of this holiday. I was up early, at 09.30. So far today I’ve done laundry twice, put on the dishwasher and taken out the things when it was finished, cleaned all the surfaces in the livingroom and the bedroom.

I have a few more things on the list, but I’m not sure if they will be done today. I’ve lost some of the spark, I have to say. Right now I want to eat dinner, cos I haven’t eaten sinche breakfast. I’m starting to get hungry. I’ve just defrosted some chicken and will make something out it as soon as I’m done here.

I’ve thought about making some cards today. It came to me today that Bjørg has her birthday at the end of this months. She needs a card. And Ellen is moving into a new flat the 1st of May. She needs a new-home card. And it’s only two monts until my mum’s birthday too. I know it’s a bit early to think about, but my nephew is getting baptisted in some months too and I need a card for that too. So I have some cards to make. If I get some cards done today, I’ll post them here.

No more posts.