Doors II


We’ve had some great days weather-wise here in Oslo (Norway) the last days. It’s been over 20 degrees celsius and very sunny. I took the opportunety to go out on a photo trip on sunday, after dropping of a friend, who had visited me, at the bus station. Once again, I decided to go door scouting, since I love doors so much. I went to the west side of Oslo this time too, but in a slightly different area.

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Doors – a revisited photo project

So I talked about starting a new photo project a few posts ago and in my last post told you I had found out I wanted to photograph doors again. Last week I got around to scout doors. You see doors everywhere, but I don’t want the ordinary ones, I want the special ones. The really cool ones. I went to the west side of Oslo, where I had spotted a door I wanted to photograph. I photographed that one first (it’s the top photo) and then I walked around the nearby streets to find some other doors.

There is many great doors on the west side of Oslo. Here are a few of them. I hope you’ll like them. Hopefully I’ll be able to go door scouting again soon.

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A photo a day – pt. II

As I wrote a two posts ago, I’m doing this photo challange on Instagram until I figure out what my real photo project will be about. I’ve figured out what I want my real photo project to be about, but lets focus on the Instagram photo challange for a second.

I’m doing quite good, still enthusiastic about it and thrive to make a great photo every day. I don’t want to post any crap, so I spend lots of time thinking about what to photograph. It’s definitely harder to photograph when you just use your phone and don’t have all the different settings to help you out.

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Phototrip: doors, doors and more doors

As stated in my previous post, I went on a photo trip last saturday. In addition to various things, I photographed doors. After I came home and had looked through all the photos I’d taken, I found out I really like blue and green doors. They are usually the prettiest one. Brown and grey doors are usually a bit duller. I wouldn’t mind a orange, purple or yellow door, but they are hard to find. It is sure on my list of things to look for and I do, but so far this year I haven’t spotted any.

What I have spotted is this:

Out of these doors I think I like the top door best; with the blue color and the horisontal lines. I also like the green door very much as well. The color is gorgeous and the vertical glasses is a nice touch.

Which door like you the  most?


The door is open again

Like I’ve said before, I’m taking up my door project. Karin pointed out in a comment on one of my posts that a book with doors of Oslo would be great as a coffee table book. I have to agree with her. So know I’m on the look out for the best doors of Oslo. I want the doors that stands out; the special ones; the ones that people points at and say ‘hey, that was a great door’.

Yesterday when I was out photographing, I also photographed doors. Here are a selection of the best doors that I found yesterday.

If you’re not satisfied and want to see more doors, go look at my door set on flickr. You’ll get 201 doors there. I hope that will satisfy your door kick.

More doors to come in the future. Stay tuned.

Everything has to come to an end

It’s official.

My door project is coming to and end. 163 doors too soon. I have known for a while that the ending has been near, but I’ve tried to keep on as long as possible. First I thought I’d stop halfway, at 183 doors, but then the holidays came and I had time to concentrate on it. So I kept on.

Then I thought I should stop at 200 doors; a nice and even number. But that was on friday. And I thought, why not go on for two more days. It’s weekend and I still have time.

Now it’s sunday and todays door is taken and ready to be uploaded to flickr.

It’s a new year and the spark is missing. Just thinking of searching for doors in the dark makes me sigh. I don’t want to do it. Before Christmas I shot doors when I went to get the groceries for the office. I’ve shot all the doors there is to shoot between my office and the grocerystore. That option is still no longer avaliable. So then it would’ve been back to searching for doors in the dark. That is no fun. Not only is it dark, it’s cold too! Brrrr.

This project should be fun, not a drag. And now it’s more of a drag than fun. So that’s way I’m stopping.

Another reason is that I didn’t got time to take pics of anything else. You may think that one door each day won’t take much time and that there should be plenty of time to shoot other things. It’s not. It kept me from shooting other things. And I don’t want to be one-dimentional. I want to shot lots of things.

Now that I’ve had two weeks off, I’ve had time to shoot other things like snow, bikes, landscapes etc. It’s been great! I’ve loved every second of it.

When I think back, I don’t see this as a failur. I see this as a huge acomplishment! I managed to take one door every day for 202 days. That’s 6 and a half months. If that’s not good, I don’t know.

Looking back at all my doors, I’ve found a few faves. I’ve picked nine to share.

I know I won’t start another 365 project. It’s too big of a c0mmitment. But who knows, mabye I’ll start a smaller project. Maybe a 52 weeks project? ;)

Stay tuned.

Project reflections

I was so happy when I watched the weather report this morning before I went to work. The lady said it would be sunny today! I was almost jumping up and down by exitment. It’s been so cloudy and quite rainy lately. And rain and clouds doesn’t go well together with photographing doors. So whenever the sun is up, I jump out of joy.

Almost every day I have some errands to run while being at work. It’s either going to the postoffice or buying groceries. And there are doors on on the way. So I bring my camera and I quickly snap a picture.

As I said, it was sunny today, so I brought my camera when I had to delivery a package to the postoffice for my colleague Pål. I was fast and it took like 30 seconds to get a picture. I’m quite satisfied with the result.

This project it going well at the moment. I’m motivated and havne’t complained in a while.  At least not this week. haha. I guess it’s because we’ve had two days with sun! The sun makes things a lot better. Now I wish the snow would come, so it would brighten up this side of the world a bit. It would do my photographing good!

I got 19 doors left and then I’m half way! It’s less than 3 weeks. I’ve neve really thought I would make it half way. I remember when I hit rock bottom (read about it here) the 20th of September. I thought the darkness would kill this project. I had taken my 97th picture that day. Now, 67 doors later, I’m still doing it. The project is not dead. The darkness didn’t kill it. That makes me very happy. It’s over 2 months since that incidence. It such s long time ago, even though it feels like yesterday.

Sitting here thinking about the darkness and light, one thing comes in mind. It’s only 25 days until winter solstice andafter that day, the day will be come a little bit longer every day. The day will be a little bit brigher every day. So I’m thinking; if I managed to take decent picture up to winter solstice occures, the darkness shouldn’t be a problem after that day either.

The darkness less problematic now than I thought back in September. It still a pain in the ass and it makes this project a whole lot more difficult than it would’ve been if it only had been bright evenings. But, it’s not impossible.

Now, I don’t think it’s the darkness that will kill this project, if anything is to kill it. I think it rahter could be me getting bored of this project. That is possible. It won’t happen now though. And that’s because I got to things inside me. 1) determination 2) will-power.

I’m gonna end this like I did in another post last month:

Watch out doors! I’m on a mission. You’re about to be shot!

Julie & Julia & Doors

Yesterday I went to the movies with Lisbeth, a really good friend who was visiting me this weekend. We went to see Julie & Julia – a really good movie! As if I didn’t love Meryl Streep as it was? She is great.

Ah. I’m so glad I went to see this movie. This is the movie I want to buy on DVD when it comes out. It’s a keeper for sure!

Julie, one of the main character, she felt like she hadn’t accoplised anything in a long time. Her friends was rich and sucessfull, she was living with her husband over a pizzaplace and worked in a call-center. The only time where she felt complete was when she cooked. She loved the cook  Julia Child and started to write a food blog and challanged herself to cook the 524 recipies in Child’s first cookbook in 365 days.

In the middle of her project she thinks about quiting, but her mum (with one phone call) wants her to continue. With that call and Julie’s willpower, she continues the project and finishes it in the end.

While watching the movie, I came to think of my own 365-project. I couldn’t help but thinking about it. I haven’t been very enthusiastic about it lately. It’s been more of a drag than fun!

The strange thing is that, when Julie had decided to keep on with the project, it set my will to finish my project on fire too. I was sitting there, in the theater, thinking I’m gonna do this too, I’m gonna finish it.

On my way home from the cinema, I kept thinking about my project. When I went to bed last night I was actually thinking, for the first time in a very long time, that I can pull this off. I can really do this. I set aside all the problems I’ve come up with so far and just thought that it’s acutally possible.

If this is just an post this-was-a-great-movie-feeling or something else, I’m not really sure of. But I’m gonna hold on to this ‘positiv energy’ as long as I can.

I’ve played around with the idea of reaching 183 pictures. Then I’m half way. I haven’t written it down as a goal, becasue it’s been so far away.  And because I was afraid I would fail.  150 doors was my latest goal. I’ve reached that now. Door number 154 will go up tonight.

It is time to set a new goal. And I think it’s ok to set 183 doors as my new goal. I only need 29 more doors to fulfill that goal. It has been dark evenings for some time now and I’ve managed to find a door every day. Not super duper, fantastic door or picture. But still a picture. Still a door.

I can do it! I will do it!

Aim. Focus. Click!

It’s been 16 days since I wrote about my door-project. Lots of things can happen in 16 days, so I thought it was time to give an update again.

I’ve had some serious trouble  / dobuts about this project since last time. Last week I wasn’t feeling well and all I wanted was to get fast home to my dear read IKEA sofa. And this week I’ve had dasy I’ve been too busy to chase cool doors.

“Oh dear, how long am I going to keep up this madness?” The thought has entered my mind. More than once. Some days have been a struggle to get a decent pictures. I’ve shot a few in the morning and that’s not easy since it’s quite dark outside when I go to w0rk.

I have been fed up concidered quitting, but I’m still here. Still shooting one door each day. There is something inside me refusing to let go of this project. It’s kinda weird to say it, but there will be something missing in my life if i quit. What am I going to chase if it’s not the doors? It will be weird not to look for doors anymore.

And honestly. 124 doors isn’t enough. I need 150 at least. If not 200… I’m gonna do this project and I will pull off that last picture as you squeeze out the last drop of a lemon. I want as many photos as possible.

Writing this… I write like I know I’m gonna quit before it’s over the right way (when the 365th shot is taken). And that makes me bah. Because I do not want to drop out!

I think I need a change. I need to stop focusing on the bad stuff, on the limits and what’s gonna kill this project. I need to focus on the good stuff. And believe me, there is still good stuff out there! Like…

  1. the sun is still shining some days.
  2. It’s been minimum with rain and clouds so far this autumn.
  3. I re-discovered an area (Vålerenga) where there is a good bunch of cool doors to shoot. It only takes me about 15 minutes longer to get home.

Chantie said to me here the other day that I got 1/3 done already. That made me happy. Really happy. 124 doors have been shot. 241 left to shoot. Tomorrow is a new day and a new door is waiting for me.

Watch out doors! I’m on a mission. You’re about to be shot!

I heart doors


As usual, I had to find my next door after I left the office at 16.00. I knew where to go this time. I knew there would be cool doors at Kampen (area in east Oslo). I saw several when I walked to the bus after I had lunch with Ellen on sunday.

So, I walked around the streets of Kampen and took quite some pictures. I found several doors which I shot.

I even found some numbers, which I will be using in my numbers-project. It’s not easy to find nice numbers I have to say. Because it’s either a very low number like one, two or three or very high like 30 an up. I don’t need that, I need somethin between 5 and 15. That’s the ideal.

Anyway,  back to the doors. As I said, I found several doors. I know I will go back to that area and shoot more. The good thing about this, is that it’s close to where I work and I can easily find a bus to take me back home. The area is sort of in between my office and the bus-stop. So I can go through that area on my way home. That means 1) I can easily get a door-shot and 2) I get more excercise. That is not bad! Not bad at all!

You know I used to write down street names in my cute little book, so I knew where the doors I find, is. I don’t do that very often anymore. It will have to be a very special door or a door located in a street I’m rarely in. Earlier in the project I was afraid I would forget where the cool doors where and I was also afraid I wouldn’t find enough cool doors. Now I know that there is plenty of cool and intersting doors to shot.

It’s good to not have to stress so much about finding doors. In the beginning I was searching for doors everywhere I went; if it was by bus, tram, car or walking. Now I’m more relaxed. I still look, but in a more relaxed way.

I think I will come to a point, and I thought about this today, where a cool door isn’t enough. It has to be extraordinary. I think I might rise the bar a bit higher. I know at least that if I’ve taken some dull door-pictures for a few days, I really feel I have to get something extra nice to compensate.

I don’t want 365 dull and ugly doors, that’s for sure. I know I won’t have that, but I know there are days I don’t have time to go shooting and then I have to settle with a less cooler door. There are days I just have to snap a door on my way to work. And that’s not easy since I’m often in a hurry and ride the bus most of the distance. So, if I can spare those doors that I can find on my way to work, I will.

I still haven’t used my front door, but I’ve used the back door and the door to the board and the  handy-man  who works in our street.

Today I uploaded door number 66. The 6 last doors has been slow. It went fast between door 30 and 60, but now… I feel like door 70 is sooo far away, even if it’s only 4 doors to go. I guess that has to do with my life in general and not the doors itself.

I haven’t lost motivations, not yet at least. I will make it to 100 doors. That is my next milestone. It’s only  34 doors left. That is five weeks.

Five weeks and then the door-books is a reality.  100 doors is the lowest amount of doors I can have to make a decent door book. So it’s looking good. I’m happy about the book. It will be a kick-ass book and something worth showing people / having in my bookshelf. It will be the proof of my dedication to this project!

Wish me good luck!

Oh. Ps. the heart at the top of this post is a heart a found on a door today. Will go back and shoot the whole door some day. Let’s hope the heart is still there, because without the heart the door is nothing.

No more posts.