Things that makes me happy: Homemade soup

Eight days ago, when I went home to my parents to spend some days there for Easter, I made soup. This became so good, I had to make it again. I’m not good at making all sorts of soups, at least not from scratch. One soup that I feel fairly confident in making is a vegetable soup with sausages in it. That soup is so very simple, so down to earth, but oh so good.

What you need is some stocking, potatoes, carrots, leek, sausage (I prefere a smokes sausage), salt and pepper. You can also add other vegetables like swede, peas and green beans. If you are vegetarian,  you can easily skip the sausage. You can even make half the soup vegetarian and half with the sausage.

I don’t have any measures of how much of each you need. I just take a little bit of each. But I make sure I take enough so I at least have some leftovers for one day. The soup is bette the second day.

This is the simple steps:

  • Add water and broth in a casserole. Let that boil.
  • Chop carrots and potatoes in pieces and let them boil until they are tender.
  • Chop up the saugsage and the leek in pieces.
  • Add everything into the stocking. Season it with salt and pepper.
  • Let the soup simmer for a while, until the the sausage is warm and the leek is tender.

I always eat the soup with some flatbread aside.

Here are some photos from the process of making the soup to the soup is ready and happily inside a bowl of mine.

You know the soup is spicy enough when you need to drink half a litre of water after you’ve done devouring the soup! Yum!

Next soup I’m going to make is fish soup. I’m not sure I’ll do it from scratch though. I’m not that good cook. If any has a good recipe for a great fish soup, feel free to share / direct me in that direction.

New Years Eve madness & more

I have had friends for dinner before.  And more than one. But it’s not been very fancy and the casseroles have been on the table we eat at. I’ve never really made a fancy dinner before. That I learned today.

Dad drove me home today. I had lots of things to bring home. It was lovely to be back in my apartment again! After dad left, I tidied up a bit. I wanted to do some things before I went downtown to buy a few things. Or what I thought would be a few things…

I needed quite some groceries and some martini-glasses (or something similar) to serve desert in. At the fifth store, Åhlens, I finally found some martini-glasses. But at the same time I found out I needed more stuff for my dinner.

I saw two guys holding a sauce-bout. That’s when it hit me I needed on myself. But they took the last one, of course. So I had to find that elsewhere. And while paying for the martini-glasses, I also realised I don’t have anything to serve my food in, like the potatoes and the vegetables.

I slightly panicked, but come to my senses quite fast! Thank god for that.

I ended up at Christiania Glassmagasin, a huge store where they sell all kinds of kitchen stuff. I found two white porcelain bowls on sale! It was 50 % off, so I got two for the price of one. They are a little bit too big maybe, but better that they are too big than too small. The sauce-boat they had was too expensive. So I headed to the other Åhlens store in town and there they had the sauce-boat. Woho!

Before I went home I stopped by a grocerystore to buy icecream. I wanted a spesific brand.

I had like 4 big plastic bags with me home. And I hadn’t even done the major groceryshopping! I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry more bags, so I had to go home and unload and then go to the grocerystore.

I came home with two heavy bags filled with groceries; soda, milk, clementines, chips, chocolate, veggies, potatoes etc.

Mum called me on my way home and I told her about my buyings. She had earlier today asked if I would managed everything on my own, implying that she could help me out with the shopping. I said I could manage. Now she asked me if I hadn’t told her about what I was going to buy, just so she couldn’t be a part of it. I had to confess and tell her the truth; the two men at Åhlens saved my day! If I hadn’t seen them with the sauce-boat in their hand, god knows how this dinner would’ve turned out.

Not to self: next time, prepare more / better.

I had to try out the starter I had planned. Wouldn’t risk take it on the fly. It took some time, but it turned out close to perfect. Just look at the diptych. Am I creative, or what? ;)

I cut out the bread and salmon using a star-shaped thingy. And I put the star-shaped thingy in the pan and put egg in it to get the egg star-shaped. The green thing on top is chives.

I’m pretty sure this New Years dinner will be great. When Lisbeth comes with the roast and fixes that, everything will be ok!

Now I’m exhausted. I better go find some christmas cookies and some milk; lay on the couch and rest for a while. Then take a long, hot shower!

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