Cupcakes (again)

I’ve made cupcakes – again. Do I ever bake anything else? Not much. Cupcakes are easy to make and super yummy. The reason for me baking today was a promise I made to my colleageu Gøril. She’s been swamped in work for quite some time and her job-list has been long!

Some time ago I promised her to bring cake when she had 10 jobs or less listed in the internal system. Today she reached that goal. She didn’t tell me before we were heading out. She hadn’t really planned to tell me at all, because she didn’t want to put any preasure on me since it was the last day before my week off.

I told myself on the way home that I would make something if I had the right ingredients at home. And I did. I almost all the time have baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs and flour avaliable in the kitchen. You never know when the urge to bake something comes…

Since I had these lovely green cupcake molds (or what propper name is…), I had to make cupcakes. I wanted to use them. They are so pretty!

I got four of those brown glasses. They means a lot to me, because they belonged to my grandparents. When my grandmother died a few years ago, these glasses was one of the few things I would love to inherit. I remember helping out cleaning the whole house. We could all tell what we wanted and then later we would decide who got what. I told eveyone I really would like the four glasses. One of my uncles looked at them and said ‘those ugly glasses, do you want them? ‘Yeah’ I replied. ‘Just take them’, he then said and laughed.

To me those glasses are very retro and they have a sentimental value. I can just close my eyes and just picture all the meals I’ve eaten and drinks I’ve drinken with my grandparents.

This is how the cupcakes turned out.  Not all of them turned out great, most of them didn’t. The reason is that I didn’t put the temp right the first load I had in the oven. So they became a bit like brownies. haha. Well, they taste good and that what’s matter.

Tomorrow is going to be great and that’s because of a few reasons:

  1. Tomorrow is the last day working before I have one week off.
  2. We have a wine lottery tomorrow.
  3. We’re gonna eat weiners for lunch tomorrow.
  4. I can listen to the music I have on Spotify all day while working.

If I’m not gonna be dead tomorrow morning, I better end now and go to bed.

the baking lady

It’s sunday and sundays are perfect for baking. I have wanted to bake something since friday, but I didn’t buy anything special when I went to the grocerystore on friday. My cupboard and fridge is usually filled up with baking-ingredients.

I went through my selfmade cookbook and ended up with chocolate cupcakes. I had also marble cake, waffles, and some other cakes in mind.

Before I started I had to put on my new Dutch apron. When me and Chantie visited her mum during my stay in Alkmaar, she had bought me a few present. The Dutch apron was one of them. It is so cute! The pocket in the front is a nice touch.

The recipie of the cupcakes, you can find here; it’s an old blog-post. I’m eating cupcakes now while writing here. Nom, nom, nom.

I think I need to bake some more soon. I have a box with cream I need to use before it goes bad. Since my friend Bjørg is coming for a visit next saturday I think we need to make waffles. It has to be as dessert. For dinner we are going to my fave restaurant Mr. Hong to eat Mongolian buffet. I get all giddy just by thinking about it!

Now it’s time for me to go watch Mythbusters and make a birthday card for Bjørg.

I have a few other birthdaycards to show and tell you all about the scrapping fair I went to yesterday. But that will have to wait until another day (hopefully tomorrow).

When snowstorm and absense of sunlight…

I said I was going to take more photos today. When I left work today it snowed so badly and the sun was not present. I was not propperly dressed (tunika and stalkings). So I soon realised I had to drop my planned phototrip.

Instead I went downtown to buy some groceries and things I needed to make cupcakes in particular. When I came to the street where I live, I decided to pop the camera out of my purse and document the snowing. The picture above is taken from one end of the street where I live. I love my street. So quite and away from the heavy trafic nearby.

I got a few different shots of a tree nearby too.  I really like photos of branches against (blue) sky.

These are somewhat dark and mysterious. I like that.

So since the photowalk didn’t happen, I made cupcakes instead. You see, me and my colleague Gøril, we play card every lunch break. It’s such a nice thing to do, to relax and not think about what to do next. We play Gin Rummy. Just to add a little fun, we have statisitics. We note down who wins every game. After 50 games, we count all the wins and see who scored the most points. Whoever loses, have to bake something and bring it to work.

As you see, losing isn’t the worst thing that can happen! But still, we fight both of us to not lose. It’s a bit of prestige in it all.

What is the best of all, is to see all colleagues drool over what we bring; weather it’s chocolate cake or cupcakes. There is always someone who wants a piece. The rule is clear, the one who wins decides if someone is getting something or not. But no matter what, no one is getting anything before we are done eating! The last time I’ve baked, I’ve baked cupcakes and only brought enough for the two of us. And when someone ask for a piece I say: ‘Did you play with us? No? Oh well, NO cake for you’. And then I put on my brightest smile. Evil? That might be. But I’m fully enjoying it. muwhaha.

So these are todays chocolate cupcakes. Well, not all but some fo them. I made 15 in total. These 7 I will bring to the office.

I did a little twist with the frosting this time. I didn’t use icing sugar mixed with water and color this time. I used a delicious chocolate frosting, that I normally use on my chocolate cakes.

Nom, nom, nom.

Chocolate cupcakes (nom, nom, nom)

In the grocerystore today I went past the baking aisle and I saw these boxes where you can bake a cake in three steps. Instantly my cake  crave began. I knew I had to bake some sort of  cake today. Not the easy way, with a box, but from one of my own recipes.

I landed on chocolate cupcakes. Good idea. Very good idea!

What you need is:

  • 100 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 deciliter of milk
  • 100 grams of flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa

And you do like this:

  • Stirr butter and suger until it’s ‘white’.
  • Stirr the eggs and add the milk.
  • Put flour, baking poweder and cocoa together.
  • Add the fluids and the dry stuff little by little.
  • Fill up cupcake cups 3/4.
  • In the oven on 200 degree celcius in about 20 mins.

This will give about 15 small cupcakes. Today I doubled the recipe. I wanted lots of cake!

cakemosaikSome of the ingredients.

When the cupcakes came out of the oven, it was time to decorate them. You need icing sugar to do that. And some food color of course.I got red, blue , green and yellow.


Only your creativity will stop you when decorating. Here are some samples of what I did.


What else is there to say?

Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.




Cupcakes and other stuff

Being at work has been so crazy the last few days. Last friday and yesterday was hell. Today was better, thank god. Even though today hasn’t been that bad, it was really nice to come home.

After dinner I made cupcakes. A colleague of mine, one of the inmates I bond best with, turnes 30 on thursday. That needs some celebration. She brought me cake on my birthday, so I have to return the favour.

I would’ve like to bake a big chocolate cake, but my oven is not stable when it comes to big cakes. It totally srew up and the cake turn out a bit raw and compact after it’s finished. So I decided to go for cupcakes, just to make sure nothing went wrong. My oven is cupcake friendly  ;)


I bought this supercute sprinkles on the supermarket on my way home. When I saw the hearts I instantly knew I had to have them. I have to say they didn’t taste that good… well, at least they look good!

Speaking of birthdays. I was going to Gro’s birthday dinner last friday, but it got cancled. She wasn’t feeling very well. That was no fun, but things happen. And yesterday she texted me and told me she’d become a mum. YAY! The baby-girl (Josefine) came about two weeks early! Now I have to make a card and buy the baby girl a gift. I might see Gro on friday, just have to see how things are. Maybe she’s not ready for a visit yet. The birth was only yesterday. The meeting was planned before the baby came. I’ll have to call her tomorrow.  

Mums christmas gift is almost finished. Well, not finished, but I’ve planned it. I’m gonna make a calendar with my pictures, that she can have in her office at the school she works. I’m now selecting which pictures to have in it. It’s not easy since they have to be 15 cm x 15 cm. That narrows it down a bit. I’ll show you the pictures when I’ve decided.


I made a christmas hamper of paper today. It’s been such a long time since I did that last time, I just had to try make one again. I remember my dad learned me how to make them. He’d done that when he was young and they ended up on the christmas tree. Our christmas tree at home will be filled with the old ones dad once made and some that me or my sister made.

This one is a bit simple with almost straight lines. The pattern decides how difficult it will be to make it. And the quality of the paper pays quite a big a deal too, I’ve learned. I will try to make something more difficult another day.

While we’re at the christmas-theme. I spoke to Lisbeth today. We’re planning New Year. I asked her a while ago if she had any plans for New Years Eve. If not, me and Ellen, would like to do something with her and maybe someone else. Now we planned that we can celebrate New Year at her house; eat some fancy food and drink champagne. Maybe have some board-games or something. Just take it easy, chill and have fun :)

Ellen is coming over for dinner tomorrow. She will be home from Paris today, so I’m sure there will be lots of things to talk about! Hopefully she’ll have some pictures I can have a look at too. It will be fun.

Well, if I’m gonna survive tomorrow, I should go to bed now!  

No more posts.