Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything here. I have to say I haven’t been using my camera much lately. There has been other things that have been more important. I’ve made lot of handmade Christmas cards and gift tags. I think I’ve made 40 Christmas cards and maybe 30 gift tags. That has taken a lot of time. There has also gone by quite some time buying Christmas gifts.

I haven’t completely forgotten about my camera. A few photograph has been made with a wintery/Christmassy theme. So here is a selection of random shots.

I have planned to go on a photowalk next saturday, if the weather allowes it. I might take my camera out one of the next days, since I’m off work and have lots of free time.

Next year I’m planning to be back, stronger than ever. Hopefully I’ll update more often than I’ve done these past months. Until next time: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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It’s that time a year again…

It’s that time a year again; scrapping fair and the start of this years Christmas card production. The card production started about a month ago. I made five cards, where I used the pattern paper, rubber stamps etc I already had. It was fun to start again and go over all my stuff. There were a lot of familiar stuff, but also some stuff I had forgotten I had.

Going through my things, I found out that there were a few things I needed more of, like pattern paper, foam letters and some accesories. With a fair coming up I knew I had a chance to get some shopping done. I could of course not be sure to get all I wanted because previous fairs has shown lack of Christmas things, especially pattern paper.

Yesterday I went to the fair with my colleague Sigrund. We where there when they opened, because it’s important to be there early. There is less people and there is less chance to miss a good bargin / things are sold out.

The picture above shows all the things I bought. I got a whole lot of foam letters which I are in love with! They are so easy to use and they enhance a card enormously. I also got a lot of paper, both single color paper and pattern paper. This year I felt they had quite some nice Christmas pattern paper.

New this year, was two Swedish companies. Both Stampelkallen and Bildmålarna came and I was curious on what they would have to offer. I’ve been busy, so I hadn’t time to check them out before the fair. It didn’t matter, because they became a pleasent surprise. I loved them both and I’m pretty sure I will stop by their online shops to buy some more stuff in the future.

After I came home on saturday, I’ve been making Christmas cards. It’s important to start early when you got orders. This year, I so far have one order of 20 cards from mum and one order of 5 cards from my friend Linda. And I would need about 10 cards myself. Depends on how fast I work, I might take some more orders if someone is interested.

Here is what I did yesterday and today:

I’ve almost only used my new stuff on these cards. The round and square cardboard are plain coasters. I think they were meant to be used as that, but when I saw them I instantly thought I could use them this way. I’ve very happy with the way they turned out. I wish I had more of those coasters. Too bad I don’t remember which store who had them.

If I work in this speed, the cards will be finished in no time. But I doubt it. It takes time to make a card and I might not have a whole sunday to make cards. Well, we will see how it goes. I’m excited to continue with making the cards at least. Getting new stuff, always gives me a push; it makes me motivated and sparks my creativity. Now I got so many rubber stamps, it’s a bit hard to find what to use. There are so many nice ones, it gets hard to decide.

Stay tuned for more cards!

Back on the road again

For quite some some my inspiration to make cards was gone. I had a long list of cards I had to make (four birthday cards), but didn’t feel like starting on any of them. A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked for a birthday card. Even though my inspiration was gone, I said yes. I really wanted to help her out. And I thought that maybe I could retrive some of the inspiration I once had so much of. Luckily I did.

This is how my livingroom table looks like from time to time. I’m in the middle of making a card there. Various things I use for making the cards are scattered around the table. What you see here is only a tiny bit of all the stuff I got.

Here is the box with most of my tools, papers, paperflowers, pins, foam letters, glue, rubber stamps,ink etc etc. It may seem a lot, but you need a lot when you have a hobby like this. You can’t just have a few things, because it will limit you in how to make the card. As you see other cards, you get inspired and realise you need to have even more things. It’s very hard being modest when it comes to purchase things.

Well, all the stuff I have, made it possible to make these following cards:

Birthday card for a friend. It says ‘big boys also celebrate their birthday – happy birthday’.

Another card with the same rubber stamps, but made totally different. I like this card better.

This card I made for mum. She’s giving it to a friend, who is the mum of a friend of mine. Vigdis likes flowes a lot and spends quite some time in the garden. So a green card it had to be.

Pastel card. Made to a friend. That mouse is so cute! Its happy face makes me smile.

Now I’m going to contine make some more cards. Got two birthday cards I need to make. And I need to finish up a ‘best-friends’ card I’m giving a friend of mine. I’m very excited to dig into all those different kinds of pattern paper, rubber stamps, foam letters and make fabulouse cards.


Saturday mix: fruit, jewlery & wireless remote

Sunday morning. Woke up, took a shower, did some cleaning and then had breakfast (home made bread with liver paste, cucumber and cold milk) with todays newspaper and music. The sky outside where blue and the sun was shining.

I had a few photo ideas. I wanted to take pictures of my ‘jewlery tree’ and my new rings. And I also wanted to try out my new wireless remote. Last weekend I went online and bought a Canon RC-6 wireless remote. Karin tweeted me that it was her best photography friend. I begin to think it might be one of my best friends too. It so small and handy.

The wireless remote. Comes in a cute and handy bag.

So got out my gear (camera, tripod and remote) and started shooting both my jewlery and the tree. Then I moved on to one of the oranges I had in the kitchen. Using the remote is so much fun. It’s easy and less work than using the timer; run forth and back, click wait until the timer goes off.

Maria updated her blog today. Her blog is so lovely and she inspired me to update mine. I haven’t had anything to blog about lately, but now I have some photos to share. And here they are:

One of my fave necklaces. From this Charming girl.

Three new rings. They came as a set. I’m a sucker for rings and I thought these were lovely. They are very ‘me’ as Chantie said when I showed her them earlier today.

My jewlery tree. Lots of rings. And my fave necklaces. The camera I bought myself, the red heart is from my sister (bought some place in Argentina or in Berlin I think), the green one is from mum and the postcard/phone necklace is from Chantie.

Yummy fruit. Lovely orange. It matches my clothes today.

Stacked up side by side. Ready to be eaten.

I would like to blog on a more regularly basis. I’ve said that for a long time, but it never happens. Maybe this time it will work?

These yellow/orange photos makes me want to make some ester postcards, like I did last year. Since I’m not going to be in the country this easter either. As last year I’m going to see Chantie. I got a great deal on some flight tickes; 930 NOK forth and back! That’s even better than last time. I couldn’t not go. I will stay from wednesday to tuesday, so it will be almost a week.

So I’m planning to send out some Easter postcards to the friends I won’t be able to meet up during Easter. Before they get sent, Ill post some here for you to see. I have a few new Easter rubber stamps I’m eager to use and yesterday I bought some checkered paper which will fit perfectly.

Stay tuned!

A few new cards

I’ve made a few more cards the last week. It have been a lot of fun. My livingroom table has been covered in all kinds of scrapping things; rubber stamps, paper, paper flowers, half pearls, glue, scissors, pens, ink etc.

I have so much stuff, but it seems like I can’t get enough. My colleague Sigrund texted me today saying there is a scrapping fair in March; the 12th and 13th to be exact. I was so happy about the news. Last week I asked her if she knew if there were going to be any fairs this winter; it usually is. She hadn’t heard about any. I’ve checked out the place where they use to have a fair around these days, but nothing was anounced. But now it is! I’ve checked the date and I got no plans so far. So I’m definitely going and I’m looking forward to it. It’s the big fair, that was last September, but still – it’s a fair!

This is the owl card I mentioned in a previous post. This is something new. I’ve never used so many paper flowers in one card before, and not like this. It’s fun trying out new stuff!

A birthday card with a cow on. Mooo! I got a friend working at a dairy (at the sales office) and I thought a cow on the front was suitable.

This is a card for my friend Linda. We’ve started a two-months competition; to eat more fruits and walk more. We’re gonna get a penalty point for every time don’t make our goal. The one with the most points will have to make the other a three course meal.

I made this card to kick start the competition. It says ‘let the competition begin’. And the corn is saying ‘good luck’. I love to create and send suprise cards like that. It makes people happy and then I get happy. Win-win situation.


Chantie and I making cards

Chantie visited me last week; she came on wednesday night and left on sunday. Whenever we meet each other, we have gifts for each other. One of the gifts she gave me was a set with pattern paper, christmas style. It was beautiful! I couldn’t wait to try it out. And that happened sooner than I could’ve hoped for.

Chantie told me she wanted to have a look at all my scrapping things and try make a card. I was happy. More than happy actually to show her my scrapping world. So we took out all my stuff; placed some on my dining table and some on the floor. It was funny to see her reaction as everything got placed in my livingroom. She was quite surprised by all the things I had; something I can understand. I have a lot of things. Of course not as much as some people, but if you’re a newbie, you’ll find what I have a lot.

First we went through all my things. She asked questions about how things worked and I answered her. Then she wanted to make a few cards for herself. First she started with two Christmas cards; one for her mum and one for her dad (if my memory isn’t playing with me).

She also made a card her friend Dennis, who took care of her cats while she was here.

This is a really cute card. I love the colors and the cute cats. For being the first time she’s been doing this, she did great! She also made a card which she gave me.

It says: Friends, today, tomorrow, always. Such a cute one! It’s goin up on my fridge.

I managed to try out the pattern paper Chantie gave me. I didn’t use any other pattern paper than the set she gave me. It had several beautiful patterns! And they came in size 15 x 15 cm; the prefect size!

Pretty show pattern. Fell in love with that one!

The snowflakes pattern is beautiful. I love the hint of silver.

One of my new rubber stamps.

The candy canes are über-cute! I just love them!

Some more snowy paper <3 And some new rubber stamps.

I had a blast making cards with Chantie. I had never thought she would enjoy it. As I told her, I thought she would be too impatient and get bored after 15 minutes. But she didn’t. Woot, woot! She really loved it!

Im looking forward to use the rest of the pattern papers I got. It will be so much fun making cards now!

Creative kick: new header

Sometimes I got the urge to be creative, but I don’t know what to do. I had one of those days today.

After I’d come home, emptied the dishwasher, organized my pattern paper/cardboad, collected all my Christmas ornaments, played Cafe World on Facebook, met Geir downstairs with my sisters sowing machine and eaten chicken for dinner, I sat down wondering what to do.

I thought of several things:

  • taking a self portrait for what become a new flickr-project.
  • work on my book about the 202 doors I’ve shot.
  • make birthday cards

I ended up making a new header for this blog. I’ve wanted to do that for a while now, but haven’t gotten to it. Not before today.

It took me long to get it done. I’m always so indecicive when it comes to things like that. Just take the font. I had to search looong before I found something I liked. I really like this stitched font. It looks so cool. And it fits this blog I think.

To figure out what kind of text I wanted was hard. I tried to find a little something that rhymed, but found out quite fast that that didn’t work. Word that rhymes with photos, music or papercards is almost none-excisiting.

With a little help from Chantie, I managed to finish up at last. I’m quite satisfied with the result. What do you think?

New doorsign


I thought it was time to make a new doorsign. My old one was just my name written with blue inc on white paper.

I knew I had to use one of my new rubber stamps. This one, with the girl and the heart fitted so well. I like it a lot. It was fun to make and it looks good on my door.

I remember I wanted to buy a doorsign. Buy a special made at a store. I’m glad I didn’t go through with that idea and went for this one instead.

Creative kick

I’ve been quite creative these three last days. I started on wednesday when I decided to fix some rubber stamps I bought around easter. I bought some unmountanted rubber stamp and I needed some foam-thing to stick on the back, so I can use it on a acryllick block. I fixed one on wednesday, some yesterday and the rest today.


I wanted to test out one of the stamps. You press it on paper and then you paint it inside. I’ve never done that before, I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I ended up making a whole card.


I must say I’m happy about how it turned out. It’s not bad for a first atempt. The text says ‘a little sailor on life’s big ocean’, a quote I got from mum.

Sitting there watching the card, I started to make a poem up in my head. I wrote down what I thought of and suddenly I had a whole poem! It took me like three minutes to make it. It has never happened this fast before. It’s in Norwegian, but I’ve tried my best to translate it. It wont sound as nice, since I lost the rhymeing when I translated it though.

The sailor

You are a small sailor
on life’s vast oceans.
You’ll meet good moments
but also challenges and requirements.

With wisdom and love
on the great journey,
you are ready to meet
the big, big world.

Remember that your aunt,
always will be near you.
And be part of the voyage
in all kinds of weathers

This poem is going to be inside the card. And the card is for my nephew. My sister and brother in-law won’t baptize him, but in stead they will  have a ‘name-ceremony’ to celebrate him and his name.

As a gift for Emil, I’ve bought this tiny blue backpack (12 liters) and one even cuter lunchbox. It’s a Postman Pat lunchbox. I used to love Postman Pat! He was so cool. I remember when I was 6, I got a greeting on my birthday on the radio from grandma and grandpa. And I got to hear the Postman Pat theme-song! I was in heaven. Now I hope to pass on some Postman Pat love to my nephew!

Back to the card. I would love to have a rubber stamp that says made by Kjersti or something in that alley. When I give away card I want them and others who sees it to know it’s handmade by me. I’ve been thinking of buying such a rubber stamp for ages now, but never gotten around to it. Not until today!

madebystamp I went on ebay and found a really cute rubber stamp made by loongchai74. It’s 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm.  This stamp is soooo cute. I love it already, even though I don’t got it yet.  I hope it will be sent soon! It was cheap too! I’m very happy about this new stamp. I’m gonna use it on every card I’m making.

I’m gonna go use one of the other stamps now. The bbq-chef stamp. It fits my dad so I’m gonna make him an early birthday card. His birthday is in late October… it’s no harm to be finsihed early, is it? ;)

Baked bread

The only exiting thing I can tell from today, is that I baked bread. I got the urge to bake some bread yesterday, but I was too lasy to start. So I postponded it to today.

I started right after I came home. I knew that I probably would lose interest if I waited. I know myself that good, you know.

I wasn’t all fancey and did it from scratch. I’ve never done that before actually.  I should try it dough. I bought this package where you only add water and yeast. Easy peasy.


First I knead the dough in my mixer for quite a long time, about 7 minutes I guess. Then I put it in a bowl, filled the sink with hot water and put the bowl on a great over the sink. I covered the bowl with a kitchen towle and let it stay there to rise for half an hour.

After the 30 mins were over I knead the dough some again and put it two tins which were smeared in with oil. I put them back over the sink to let them rise again – this time until it was over the top of the tin.

Then, in the oven for about 40 minutes.

I had to taste the bread as soon as they were out of the oven. Heaven! The butter melted on the bread and the cheese almost melted too. I used brown cheese (goat cheese) which is so yummy on warm bread. I ate four slices of bread in total. Mmmmm!


That is the only thing I’ve made today. I have a lot of creativity inside me and wants to get out, but I have no idea in which direction to aim. I want to take pictures, but the weather isn’t the best these days. It’s so foggy / cloudy and that is not ideal weather to go shooting. No good light.

It’s been so bad I haven’t even bothered to bring my camera. Tomorrow I think I’m gonna bring it anyway. I might get lucky with the weather and I hate not to have the camera around when there’s something to shoot.

No more posts.