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Taking photos at concerts is a bit double for me. Should I do it or should I put all my focus into enjoying the concert and put the phone away? I love taking photos at concerts, because you often get that smoke and cool light, like the photo above. But at the same time, when you’re at the concert your primary thing should be to listen to the music. I’m sure musician wants you to stay focused at what they do on stage than have your face planted at the phone screen to get a good shoot.

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Bruce :>

I wrote so much about Lars Winnerbäck, but I haven’t written a single bit about Bruce Springsteen! And there are news about him too! How did that happen?

Last week I found out that Bruce is coming back to Norway. Two concerts in June. The concerts will be in Oslo, but in Bergen (on the west coast).  It’s about 7 hour by train to Bergen, so quite long distance.

The “should-I-get-a-ticket-or-not-question” was a big mess and I’m not going to talk about that here. I’ll just give you the end-result. No tickets for me. And it’s really strange, but I’m not sad about it actually. Linda said it’s probably becuase we saw him twice last year and the fact that I’ve seen him six time since 2005.  It’s not that I’m full on him, but since I’ve seen him so many times the last years, I don’t have the GIGANTIC urge to see him.

But all hope is not out. I might get another shot at seeing him this year.  He plays in the Netherlands in May; the 31st. He kicks off his European tour in Landgraaf at the Pinkpop festival. The plan for me and Chantie, is to get tickets to the whole festival! The sale starts at the 7th of March.

It will be an expensive vacation that festival, but I really hope we will get the tickets. Three days festival is something I’ve never been on before. I’m sure it will be a hell of a lot fun. You know Depeche Mode is playing there!!! I love them!

The new Bruce album was released yesterday. Surprise, surprise (as one of his songs is named), I don’t have the album yet. The sell it for only 99 NOK on Elkjøp and I went to the store at Carl Berner yesterday, but they were sold out.  New ones will arrive on friday. I talked to mum today and she has bought the CD with the documentary DVD already. And she said I could get her copy and then I could just make her a copy of the CD. hehe. I agreed to that. So I won’t be able to listen to until saturday when I’m going home to my parents.  I think it’s the first time in many, many years that I haven’t bought Bruce’s cd on the date of the release.  Well, I found out it would be worth the wait, if I could save 70 NOK. Where I usually buy my CD’s the CD was much more expensive. And you know, I don’t have a money-tree I can shake whenever I need money.

I really wish I had a money-tree though. Because there are so many concerts I want to go to. I found out yesterday that Tina Turner is on tour again after 8 years of not touring.  She’s coming to Oslo. But the tickets are soooo expensive. The cheapest tickets starts at 650 NOK and it ends at 1200 NOK! Thank god, I’ve seen Tina before.  Others I would like to see is Maria Mena, White Lies and Bo Kaspers Orkester to mention a few. 

Oasis is playing in Oslo tonight, right now I guess. I wish I’d been there. I sais last time I missed them in Oslo that I wouldn’t miss them the next time… What can I say? Next time! Ahem… we’ll see about that…  

I’m getting really tired and should end this. I do have more to write about, but that will have to wait until tomorrow or some other day.

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